She Can Feel her Inner Flame Rising

She Can Feel her Inner Flame Rising

Caitlin Climes
February 21, 2018  

There’s a flame rising within her.

She can’t see it, she can’t touch it, but she can feel it engulfing every cell of her body.

This flame whispers to her in the quiet moments of the winter solitude, in the sparkle of the light that reflects off the snow at sunset.

It’s a reminder of the light within her and the power that lies embedded in the DNA of her existence.

Her concern is, she can feel the flame within, but she can’t see where the light is guiding her.

She stumbles in the darkness beyond the light, but when she chooses to dance with her flame, she isn’t worried about the destination.

She feels her flame’s quiet sense of trust, she dances with its fire under the starlit skies, and gets lost in the ecstasy of its warmth.

But when she steps backs, uncertainty steps in.

She knows she should chase those moments when she feels alive, the moments when she can feel her inner flame rising, a light, a spark in her eyes, a crackle of joy in her laughter.

She can feel her inner flame rising, but she can’t see where it’s taking her.

It’s terrifying, exhilarating, it feels like falling in love.

She wonders, “Could this be what it feels like to fall in love with yourself? To fall in step with the Divine and allow yourself to be used as an instrument for a higher purpose?”

When these questions surface in her mind, a response arises vividly in her awareness: follow this flame, trust it deeply, and let go of control, so it can illuminate the space around you in ways you never knew could be possible.

Her mind fights every step of the way with thoughts of what she should do, the path she should follow, the life she should live.

Despite these hesitations, when the inner flame rises once again and holds out its hand, she smirks with a sparkle in her eye, quietly accepts the invitation, and begins to dance.

She loses herself in the radiance of the universal song.

This is the way she has chosen to live her life, creating space for the inner flame to dance.

She’s not sure where this path will take her, but she has a deep knowing that wherever it is, it’s going to be beyond her wildest dreams.

She bows to the flame when it arises, she welcomes it into the space she’s been creating within herself, and each time, allows the dance to take her to a higher place.

Because of this trust, now when the inner flame arrives, it takes less and less time to let go and enjoy the moment without worry of what will come after.

She meets people she never saw coming, explores experiences that take her deeper into herself, she becomes more alive.

By letting the fire rise within her, she becomes a guiding light to the people around her.

They don’t know where they’re going, but they know with her trust in the inner flames rising, it’s going to be good.

She allows her flame to rise, her light to transcend her life and touch those around her. She is a torch guiding them towards their own inner light that she intuitively feels, but they have yet to experience for themselves.

By dancing confidently with her inner flame, she subtly grants others permission to do the same.

Dancing with her own light, her own higher potential, she brings others closer to theirs.

A world of light, a world where we flirt with our own highest potential and allow it to lead us to places we couldn’t have known to exist, a creative unfolding of the Divine.

She has no idea what that destiny will look like, but it’s through the dance of trust with the inner flame that we begin to make our way there.

Maybe this is the destination she is searching for, that we are all searching for — a world in which we fully express our own radiant light.


Caitlin Climes

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