Your solution is YOUR truth

Your solution is YOUR truth

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We live for generations in the same way, following the same truth – “be careful what you say” regulation invented by someone and reviewed by others who like being ”someone” (please see “someone” as people with more or less studies but members of “PCR” -in Romanian translation you can see it as piles, relatives and relations with high positions).

What solution can we find in a society where everything is a bill and everything needs someone else’s approval? Where everything seems to be monetised and known by those above you?

It is one, and it is not war, gun and blood.

It is speaking your OWN truth

I remember one day, when being student in Pedagogical High School, and my father came home telling to my mom that he was warned by PCR (the Romanian Communist Party) local president to keep his mouth shut otherwise “his daughter is going to be expelled from school”. Why? It happened because he had courage as a simple worker to tell his opinion about conditions people were working and living in, he had courage to be himself in front of “someone”. The same thing happens now, too. Well, it is different ( 🙂 ) for I am older with thirty+ years and … there are more parties.

It happened for me, too. I told my boss I am not going to sign and use my own seal on papers for her “rights”. What happened? I have not been entitled to apply for the same job anymore.

However, on one side, telling your opinion (your own), you can be ignored, punished in different ways. Though, “It is right to write and say what is right at the right time” (Elijah Onyenmeriogu)

On the other side, you keep your mouth shut and say nothing to change yourself and  your life because you are afraid of losing job, money. How many times has happened to you to say or to want speaking your voice and feeling a strange pain inside you for you were afraid of not telling what was right for you just because you were afraid of being judged, being bullied, being punished?

“Sometimes you can’t speak, not because others won’t let you, but because you are afraid of what you’ll say.” (Ally Condie)

Actually, is it courage to say what you think? Or is forbidden telling your opinion, your own truth, for the person in front of you has a “high position”? They have what you have: head, body and legs. Their power is an illusion only and we feed it for we do not speak our truth. Everyone has the right to tell his opinion. Where is my freedom when being punished for what I say, what I do, without hurting anyone? Saying for years what others wanted me to say, I felt like a “puppet”, but saying my real truth, I am myself. If my interlocutor feels wounded, it will be his problem only. I am not going to say what you want to hear just for making you comfortable for “What you think of me is none of my business” (it is a wonderful book by Terry Cole-Whittaker). Moreover, if I don’t agree with you, it will not be for I do not respect your opinion but for I am not your copy, I am myself.

Look around you at trees and flowers. They all share the same light but they follow their own truth. From olive seeds an olive tree will grow up. From a crocus bulb, crocus grows up. Why should you follow someone else’s truth?

You find the solution of your life when you are who you really are for You respect yourself and respect others, too. Being really free, you cannot live in limits, but being yourself and saying what you think, what you feel, speaking your own truth. Do not ever be afraid!

Speak your own truth and you will be really free!

With love,


Ps. Being free, you are entitled not to like what I write, and not to follow my blog. What I write was/ is my truth for it is my reality and if you do not like it, I will not change it to make you feeling better. I am who I am – myself!

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