Transformation of Value

Uranus Enters Taurus (May 15, 2018 — April 26, 2026)

Today Uranus moves into Taurus. This is what I wrote in my 2018 Forecast about this important shift of Uranus from Aries into Taurus:

Uranus in Taurus – Transformation of Value

Uranus in Taurus, (2018–2026) will bring startling transformations to the realm of Values. The previous times for Uranus in Taurus were 1935–1942, 1851–59 and 1768–75. Those periods were characterized by upheavals and rapid changes in Society and Culture and brought about new orderings of Economic and Political structures. These Uranian shocks and turnings break old identifications, leading to revolutionary breakthroughs in Ideas and Technology, in Society and Culture. Uranus leads us beyond our self-created Saturnian boundaries, and in Taurus it creates a new Fabric of Meaning. Uranus in Taurus will usher in a new Value Hierarchy, and a so new kind of Human too. The self-limiting attachments to outworn ways and values are broken, and a new way of being emerges.

One critical observation of Uranus’ three previous passages through Taurus should be apparent to those who study history. Each of these prior periods were followed in US history by our greatest conflicts, World War II, The Civil War, and The War of Independence.

The past is never a perfect predictor of the future, nothing ever remains the same in these very complex, interpenetrating cycles of the planets, and we should understand that no pattern can ever truly “repeat”. But there are most certainly revealed here resonances or rhymes. These Signs and Planets hold the forms and meanings that can reveal to us the heartbeat of spiritual growth in our self-transformational journey. These “Songs of Spirit” echo down through the corridors of history and they should give us pause now to consider what may lie ahead.

Perhaps it is in the very nature of Uranus, which is to break up the old orders of Value held by Taurus, which lead to these great conflicts between peoples and cultures, both within and between nations. The historical record would certainly seem to indicate that this is so for the USA. But does this mean that our future is fated; that we are merely witnessing now the beginning of the next great world-wide conflict?

I for one do not believe that history “repeats”. The human kingdom is on an ever-rising path of spiritual awakening. There is within all of us an abiding faith and hope that we will find “the way” to more perfectly align ourselves with our divine essence, and that we will remain true to our higher self who lovingly calls to us to remember from whence we came, and why we are here for one another.

We are on a Journey of Life-Consciousness-Spirit; we are here on Earth for one reason, we are here to learn to be fully human. We are to become ever more centered in our Spiritual Essence and Truth to live with a Freer Mind, Unconditional Love and a righteously Centered Will. It is by this self-made path that we will rise above our earlier errors that were founded in misunderstanding and fear. These dark echoes, flashing forward into our present circumstances, remind us that we have fallen before.

We need not repeat our past mistakes; we can take these gifts of the spirit, offered at this time by Uranus in Taurus, to break our identification with the misshapen husks of value and reveal the deeper truth of beauty, grace and love that shines through our world and in one another. We are luminous beings; let us shine for one another. Let us love one another.

It is our ever-unfolding realization that we are part of a greater story, the story of spirit, the journey of the Divine to become fully manifest in our world and in one another. We will heal the misunderstandings between one another and come to the truth that all our errors, all our pains and sufferings, have come from this greatest illusion, the illusion that we are separate from one another (and from this creation too). We, and all of Creation, are one in Spirit. We are here to be Creators and to live our lives in Love, Beauty and Truth.

For each of you, look to where you have the Sign of Taurus in your own chart, (and equally, if you have any planets there, that will make this an even more significant passage for you). It is in this realm of Taurus that you experience and reveal your deepest experience of Value and Beauty.

Understand that as Uranus moves through Taurus it will elicit from you the necessity that is at the heart of Spirit. If Spirit is Life; and Life is Spirit, then we are here quite simply to grow. You are here to become a fully awakened human and you must be open to Change. Let go of the lesser, more circumscribed reaches of your aesthetic, moral and spiritual values. It is in your essential nature to become more than what you were, to lift yourself and humanity closer to the Divine which is shining there within you.

A new humanity is coming; but it is upon one and all to lovingly make this so.

Let us shine together!

Bill Attride