Live YOUR life’s opportunities

“Everything around you is your life and your opportunity”
― Sunday Adelaja

What is more beautiful than your life? Many will say that somebody else’s life is, for they have, are, do … what they like. Who stops you from doing what you want? More than anything your mind does, for it is being afraid of taking the opportunities your life opens for you. You never know where a way leads you to if you will not follow it. You never know what is behind a door if you will not open it. 

Live every NOW moment, for each one is a new opportunity your life is giving to you. Think that it will never come back. No matter how long you are going to cry, no matter how many people you will blame, no matter how much medicine you will take, nothing will change the past, even a drop of it. Take it as it was, accept it with the thought that you have done your best at that moment. You have done all you knew, for you have been your best version at that moment. 


Most of information that media share is from past or linked to an uncertain, painful future and you live regretting what you have done or what you wish to do but feeling unsure of either doing it or not. Every now moment that is spent thinking at the past or future means a missed moment, a missed opportunity of your life and none returns for you have forgotten to live them.

Why do you remember what people have done right only at their funeral? Why do you remember your beautiful moments only there? Why do you regret for not telling your loved ones how much you love them? Why to think what Paulo Coelho says (see Brida)

“How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it.”

How to use oportunities?

Take the opportunity each moment offers &

look around you NOW,
take attitude Now,
smile to people Now,
talk nicely Now,
laugh NOW,
do what you love Now,
tell your loved ones how much you love them, Now.

Respect and love people around you for they are part of your life, NOW! 

All my Love for you all,


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