The Ways of a Wild Woman

The Ways of a Wild Woman

Zella Sage 
June 29, 2018


What is a wild woman? And by wild, I’m not referring to self-destructive behavior used to escape a less than fulfilling life.

The wild woman I speak of is born with a primitive urge to fully express the immeasurable and fiery passion pulsing through her veins.

A wild woman walks her path with fierce devotion and unwavering determination to live life on her own terms. She cannot be tamed. She will not make herself small for those intimidated by her undiluted disposition.

A wild woman dances to the beat of her own drum. She does not care about her reputation or adhere to age-old notions of how a woman should think, act, dress, express, walk or talk. She follows nobody’s rules but her own.

A wild woman does not play games. She has zero interest in deciphering your childish code of conduct. She knows what she wants, and will ride solo until she has met her match. Complete honesty, deep intimacy and personal growth are the way to her heart.

A wild woman does not want dick pics. She wants her lover to show up. In the flesh. Fully present. Emotionally available. Brave, strong, vulnerable, and ready to do what it takes to keep her satisfied in and out of the bedroom.

A wild woman is not afraid to be alone. She exudes freedom, and protects her solitude at all costs. Her world is full of wonder, joy, mystery, creativity, love and adventure.

A wild woman respects herself at all times. She does not marry for money or security. She won’t be seduced by lies, charm or stunning good looks, and never uses sex to get ahead or win a man’s affection. She can’t be bought or controlled, and is not looking for a father figure. Her body is hers and hers alone.

A wild woman values ancient wisdom over formal education. She does not subscribe to any religion, doctrine or dogma. She does not need a preacher, teacher or guru telling her right from wrong. She follows her intuition, and possesses an innate moral compass that guides her every step of the way.

A wild woman is strong and sensitive. She protects the innocent, and defends those who can’t defend themselves. She loves with her whole heart, and never with half of her heart. But do not mistake her kindness for weakness. That kind of ignorance will leave you in her trail of magic dust. Every… single… time.

Where does this wild woman exist, you ask? She is everywhere. She is the unassuming woman at the book store radiating a quiet confidence you can’t help but notice. She is the otherworldly, offbeat lady at the park dancing barefoot and alone to music only she can hear. She is the sweet but spunky goddess offering you a warm meal and a safe place to rest your head when you’ve lost your way.

She is the quirky, tell-it-like-it-is free spirit with a rare and everlasting fascination for life. She is the friend who listens to you with her undivided attention. She is the keeper of secrets she will never spill. She is the one who got away. Above all, she is magic.

Zella Sage


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    1. Thank you very much for nomination and all your appreciation.
      I have just found this comment in spam and I do apologise for my late answer.
      Best wishes and thank you for all your great work!

      1. I completely agree with you for it is something that everyone should see. Man have emotions and women are logical, too. All human brains have an emotional and logical side. The fact that women are more emotional and man more logical is the beauty of the gender. Man or woman, each of us is a whole universe. Yes, we all are the same. Thank you!

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