This Month is going to be very intense

This Month is going to be very intense

Natalia Alba
July 1st, 2018

Beloved Earth Guardians,

At present, due to Earth’s ascension, there are many changes occurring within Earth’s fabrics that are affecting us all, not just Gaia, for as you know, even though our Planet is a living organism on its own, we all are deeply connected to it, functioning as One. As our Beloved Gaia continues embodying its crystalline essence, a well as we do it too, it is vital that the ones whose mission is connected to the Earth’s grids serve as conduits for the reconnection of the Earth with its crystalline original structure.

Many of you are only or more familiar with stellar transmissions, for your connection with your star family is deep and it can be part of your soul contract to bring this cosmic information for All. However, Earth – another beautiful star shining within Creation – has also many precious messages to give us, when we are ready to listen.

36490768_1049232991868575_2738482216060321792_nArt by: Artur Rosa

As I share many times, I also work with subterranean beings, hybrids and other beings who live underground (Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain, where one of the Earth’s crystal resides) who work closely with Arcturians, for they are also being of great assistance to Earth. I have been informed, as many of you who work closely with Earth, that the crystal that resides in the Earth’s core is beginning to shift as Earth continues its own ascension process. As a result of this, everything else on Earth is shifting, from the weather to the Earth’s temeprature etc. and this is why for many of us are experiencing may physical sensations due to our connection with Earth, and our deep sensitivity.

This year, and especially this month of July, is going to be very intense, for our bodies are adjusting swiftly to both the cosmic waves received due to our new dimensional space, and from the Earth’s new frequency. This is why resting is pivotal to allow our bodies to embody, in their unique ways, these new light and let them heal, as our body cells continue their process of regeneration.

When we push our bodies to do more the body will let us know, in several ways, that it is not ready. Then we must shift our human perception of thinking that rest means “doing nothing” and remember that the more we do what the body needs, the more we are helping it to evolve, unlike our human self may think.

Some of the many physical sensations from this Earth’s shift that are common, at this time, are:

• Heart palpitations
• High/low blood pressure
• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Spasms in the spine

According to the beings I co-create with, our Planet is beginning to open, again, the interdimensional channels that connect Earth with other stellar portals and many dimensions that once served as intergalactic channels for communication. At this time, many whose main mission is to bring back the lost cosmic knowledge will begin to receive more wisdom about other dimensions that have been closed, so to speak, to us for eons.

As Earth keeps evolving and embodying its crystalline body, the opportunity for us to connect with it and begin to reawaken our Earth’s history memories, is there for all who feel guided to know, from within, instead from outer resources, the true story of our Planet, after all the manipulation it suffered, and hence, the lack of information or real one, that were offered to us.

During this month in which our bodies are going to experience a profound change, it is essential that we feed our bodies with lightly food, and drink plenty of pure water to allow our body conduits to integrate this new wave and allow the light to fully flow. If we read, but then we keep staying in the familiarity of old habits, then we are not truly bringing this change in the physical, for ascension is not a mental concept but something we descend into the physical, where true change can occur.

There are many challenges that, as always, are just opportunities for us to keep choosing the path of Divine Love and assistance that we came here to walk. Remember to stay in the Illumined Essence of your God Self when these challenges or other people and situations that our human self consider “negative” or of being of a lower frequency test you, for they are all helping you to regain your power and step out of what is not in resonance with your true soul path.

Thanks to all of you who are on a conscious mission not just to evolve from an individualized perspective but to assist the whole to do the same as well. Every kind gesture, no matter how tiny the human self thinks it is, every loving feeling sent with a pure intention to assist, helps All.

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba


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