Sun Enters Leo

Sun Enters Leo (July 22, 2018)

Bill Attride


You have spent the last 30 days in the sign of Cancer, finding your way to the center of you. You aligned your self with your roots, to your family, to your loves, to your culture and friends too. You felt your way back, to those many touchstones that evoke the deepest truths in the very heart of you, to those stirrings, those feelings of origins and hints of destiny. You made you way to your center and you remembered once more the golden chord that anchors you to your past and points the way to your future too.

But now you enter the time of Leo, for having met your self at the center you have no other choice…you must be You!

Yes, in Leo you stretch beyond what has been. You are “the Creator”’; and your greatest creation, through all your many worlds and lives is you.

Your journey has taken you from your beginnings, as a mere spark of the divine, as an un-self-conscious, self-unfolding entity cycling through countless worlds, forms and lives. Ahead of you awaits your destiny as a complete human, to the final initiation, your Apotheosis as a fully awakened divinity.

As you become more aware of who and what you are, as you realize and reveal the distinctiveness of you, what is your Quintessence (or what is known as your Swabhāva, the germ or essence of you), as you do this you move into ever more truer forms of being, creating, leading and loving. You become what you are, you are “THAT”, and by this you bring out the best in you and in those who are with you, and they become inspired by your example to be their better selves too. You become ever truer to yourself and you shine; you are the self who becomes, the Self-illumined with the light of Truth and Love.

When you do this, when you Lead with right intention, when you become one more example, one more proof and inspiration for others to be their better selves, it is by your being true to yourself and aligned with your higher self that you inspire others to live and love with that same noble bearing too.

We do not need, nor do we look for leaders who tell us what to do; we look to those who inspire in us the shining proof that we can, and we will, overcome our present limitations and be the creators of a brighter future for us and for our children too.

Leo is about what abides in the heart of one and all. It is about the light that shines in the darkness, the eternal flame of spirit that will not fail.

Leo is about what is in your heart; It is about Unconditional love.

That love, which is Spirit-Matter, is the source, preserver and promise behind the whole of Creation.

We are one; you are one.

We are here to be who we are.

We are here to love ourselves,

And we are here to Love one another too.

This is Truth; this is the Heart Doctrine.

And, this is the Light of the Universe that will not fail.

Bill Attride


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