Trust YOUR Angels

Trust YOUR Angels

Megan Mulligan
August 3, 2018

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There comes a time in our mystical life when we learn to trust our angels. The words seem obvious, but the decision, I’ve found, takes focus and grit.

For to trust in the angelic realm means letting go. It is a departure from ego structures, and a return to the body and the intangible. It is a journey back to the heart. The heart, after all, is where all truth is stored. The body knows.

When a subtle energy or wave of a gut feeling washes over you, listen. Listen to the truth inside of this energetic presence. Step by step, this listening is how the path is revealed. Each moment provides answers and insights, when one is tapped in.

Similarly, the angels speak by way of the body and in the present moment. Try asking your angels a question and then feel into the body’s response. There may be a cooling sensation, or peace and tranquility that washes over the body. This is the reply. Trust it. On the other hand, your stomach may cramp, or your nerves may fray. This, too, is a reply. Listen.

In addition to body sensations, angels can speak in symbols, like letters and digits. Look for reoccurring number sequences, generally in three’s, and start to match meaning with your experience. Animals and other folks may also act as messengers and bring angelic communication. Tap in and you will start to see it.

There is a code for how angels and guides may share, I’ve found, and this will be specific for your journey. For example, my eyes see everything, and pick up on the smallest of details. So my guides speak to me in a system that’s natural for my eyesight.

Similarly, your angels will speak to you in a way that’s perfectly designed for who you are. They would never hide truth in buried treasure as they’re not in the business of acting sideways or in shadows. They exist for our greatest good. Ground yourself on the inside, and the messages will become clear.

To start working with your guides, simply ask for their help. Because of free will, they’d never interject. Tell them you are here to listen, and desire a relationship. Try asking a small question first, then close your eyes. Sometimes the first vision or word that pops into your mind will be their reply.

Be aware, the ego has a tricky way of working its way into the conversation. This is where true self-awareness and feeling into the answer will reveal the angelic wisdom. Be honest with yourself. In other words, when speaking with your angels, don’t see what you want to see. Be open and willing to hear the truth.

Remember, the world will keep tapping us on the shoulder until we are ready to listen. The angels will keep showing up until you are ready to see them and work together. Once the beautiful relationship starts to unfold, do your part to let the ego dissolve, then simply trust. Easier said then done, but the lightwork is worth it.


Megan Mulligan


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  1. I was trying to comment on the – how hair protect our energy article and I must share that this is so well put together and so enlightening – this is something my grandmother has always told me – a brilliant read! Amazing !

    1. Wonderful! It is right that we can learn lots of things from the elderly. Thank you for your read, comment and appreciation! 💐

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