Sun Enters Virgo

Sun Enters Virgo (August 22–23, 2018)

Bill Attride

The Way of Sacrifice

The integral unfoldment of the Universal Energies, what you know as the Signs of the Zodiac, form a complex Melody of Life, the Song of Spirit that is the Love-filled Heartbeat of Spiritual Awakening for you and your world. The serial ordering of the One Energy, Love, is divided into these Twelve Mansions of Life. The One Spirit is modulated through Four Modes of Being, Fire, Earth, Air and Water; and each of these is apportioned into three Modalities of Activity, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. These Four formed by Three, this Threefold Beat of the Four Fundamental Energy-Forms, together resonate as the Heart of your Universe, each Element brought into focus through the three phases of Spirit:

Creation — Preservation — Transformation

For the Three, first come the Initiators, the Cardinal Signs, (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn); then follow the Holders, the Fixed Signs, (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius); and finally, you move through the Signs of Transition or Mutability, (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

Of course, you must know and understand, at every moment in the ever-unfolding Life of the One Spirit, in every moment of the Eternal or “The Now”, that all these Twelve Energy-Forms are active in every speck and mote of creation ranging on up through all the orders of beings and life-forms that fill the starry firmament.

But today, here on our Earth, let us acknowledge and celebrate a change in our special corner of Space. Today you move into the Sacred Realm that is Virgo, and you have arrived at another luminous moment of your awakening. Virgo is here to help bring you to a more Integral balance within your Sacred Temple of Body and Heart, of Mind and Spirit.

For you are here for one thing only, you are here to learn how to become a better human being. You are here quite simply to Grow. And to do this, since you “as Human” have become self-aware, you must ever strive to consciously stay upon the path of Righteousness, to keep to the Noble Road of Sacrifice formed by Integration, Adjustment and Healing.

You have come once more through the realm of Fire that is Leo, whose space is there to provide the experiences by which you reveal and shine as “you”. In Cancer you met the Self at the Center, and you anchored yourself in the Waters of your Roots. You drew upon this inspiration to bring forth in Leo some greater part of that truth of you; in Leo you strove to shine and release your Self through various vehicles of self-realization, to find a more perfect role, to act upon a truer stage in the grand theater that is Life.

But after every performance…there comes “the review”. Yes, you did reach beyond what you were before in the latest “performance”. But you will always feel, (you must know this by now), that you could have done better, that you could have been a better you.

By Virgo, (and we all have Virgo somewhere in our own chart), you are offered the gift of Discernment and Discrimination. This Critical Faculty is precisely what you need to separate the wheat from the chafe of your life. You must begin to take in your harvest now, and so prepare yourself for the challenges that lie before you, and the longer nights that lie ahead.

You can only grow by trial and error, through striving to do better and by learning from your mistakes. Failure and Growth are inseparable; you are here to learn what not to do and how you might become better. By self-correction and adjustment, through humility and service, you will slowly but surely lift yourself and one another a little closer to the fulfillment of your destiny. You will move away from being unable, to becoming ever more capable and ultimately you will be known as an adept; you move from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from being reactive to being masterful and purposeful. This is your pathway to perfection; and this is the Gift of Virgo.

You are an apprentice working on your greatest masterpiece…you. You will need teachers and masters to show you “the way”. The most sacred of these is your own higher self, who elicits the elevation of your understanding through your intuitional faculty. Listen to this loving, kind and gentle voice and you will remain on the path. But also know that each and every encounter you have in your daily life, whether with family or with friends, with colleagues and most importantly with those you think of as a stranger, all of these will also serve you (as you will equally serve them). For it is by these exchanges with one another that you are helped to polish away the misunderstandings that lead you into error. We are here to be a light to one another, and by revealing what is right and what is wrong we can help one another to move towards a greater wholeness.

As you may outwardly or formally at some point be brought to study with a master, you may then necessarily find that you will be called upon to extend yourself to those who look to you. Yes, you the apprentice will become a Master too. Offer them what you can, but most importantly offer yourself with love, give what you will with kindliness, guidance and encouragement. This is also “the way”; it is the Ribbon of Life and Love, the Hierarchy of Compassion that stretches through all the Kingdoms of Life-Consciousness-Spirit.

We are here to become what we have within us, the Love of the One which is our true Heart and our abiding strength. We are here to become complete human beings like the “great souls” who have walked this same path that you follow today: Confucius, Krishna, Zoroaster, Pythagoras, Buddha, Christ, and so many more who labored in the shadows and who serve without recognition nor seek it. Their story is repeated now so that we may remember and learn. Their example and teachings are there to remind you that there is a purpose to your life, and it is to become awakened.

You are here to learn to be a better human. You are here to live, love and follow the Noble Middle Path, “The Way of Service and Sacrifice”. This path flows from your innermost sanctum to the Heart of the Universe, and beyond. It is quite simply your true nature, it is Love.

Yes, it is in Virgo that you let go and you grow. To be in the realm of Virgo, to be Virginal, means to make yourself whole, not perfect. You must continually, every day and life after life, give up the lesser and discover and so become the greater within and between you. This is done by Sacrifice. True Sacrifice means you make your life and your actions Sacred, it means you give up the lesser as you align yourself with the greater within and around you. You are at peace, you are one, and you are one with one and All.

What you are made of is Love and what surrounds you is Beauty. To be who you are, to become what you are here to be is your destiny. So, follow the sacred prayer, follow the path of wholeness and love, and repeat the sacred injunction of the Red Road of Truth:

As I walk, as I walk
The Universe is walking with me
In beauty it walks before me
In beauty it walks behind me
In beauty it walks below me
In beauty it walks above me
Beauty is one every side
As I walk, I walk with Beauty.

Bill Attride


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