Stellar Kids

Stellar Kids: Using Astrology to Harness Your Child’s Potential

Stephanie Gailing
September 6, 2018


Being a parent is a very intertwined combination of satisfying and frustrating.

On a good day, nothing brings you more joy than your child. On a bad day, it can be quite challenging. It’s on those days that we all wish we had a manual — not for children in general, but for our particular child, one that would help us hone in on what she needs based upon her temperament and personality.

This is where astrology comes in.

Through the lens of astrology, you can gain great insights into your child’s unique character. By just knowing your child’s sun sign, you can better understand the nuances of her individuality, including what stresses, motivates, inspires, and nurtures her.


As much as Aries children are quick starters, they also can be quick quitters. They thrive on beginnings, yet perseverance isn’t necessarily their forte. Don’t make them stick with something they hate for too long, although it’s a good idea to push them to keep their commitments for a reasonable amount of time.

To help them finish tasks and feel a sense of completion, break larger ones into smaller pieces. This will help them feel a sense of conquest.


As Taurus is a sign connected to money, your child may be exceptionally aware of the family’s financial situation. And while she likes nice things and has expensive tastes, she is mostly concerned with making sure that there are enough resources to support everyone and that the family is on steady ground.

What might look like an over-preoccupation with money may actually be about her desire for solidity and security in life. Helping her better understand that will be beneficial.


All parents think that their kids say the cutest, cleverest, and funniest things. But in the case of a Gemini’s parents, they may actually be right. As the sign of Gemini rules words and language, your Gemini child is likely to talk and talk and talk from a very early age.

They have good memories and are excellent mimics. For example, don’t be surprised at hearing your five-year-old son do a spot-on imitation of your mother-in-law. However, like all other parents, you will eventually get worn down by so much talking.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which makes those born with this sign very emotional, sensitive, and moody. Like the moon, they are cyclical creatures, whose moods and energy levels may wax and wane during the month.

Helping your child understand her rhythmic nature, her ebbs and flows, can be calming to her. This allows her to see that it’s not necessarily that she is unpredictable, but that she has a special rhythm all her own.


You should give your Leo child lots of love and praise, while also gently helping him see that he is not necessarily the center of the universe. A Leo who is able to think of others can use his powers of charisma and charm for good, gathering up the neighborhood kids and infusing them with genuine joy and play.

He can also be generous beyond compare, and will give away more than you expect of his personal possessions and allowance to those who are more needy.


One of the things that Virgos worry about most tends to be their health. They are definitely the hypochondriacs of the zodiac. Therefore, you want to go out of your way not to make health, illness, bruises, or scrapes a big deal. They don’t like their bodies being cut or breached in any way, it makes them very anxious. The more you downplay and normalize scratches and scrapes, the more they will too.


Libras are the ones who won’t put down their phones. Even if it’s just a toy phone and they are pretending, they are busy calling everyone in the neighborhood and organizing the next get-together. As you might suspect, Libra is very social and actually very socially sophisticated from early on. They can read the room from a very young age, and are very aware of how to act in every social situation.


Here’s an important rule of thumb when it comes to your little Scorpio: tell her the truth and you likely won’t go wrong.

You can tell your other kids white lies and bend the truth a bit and they likely won’t notice and/or might not even really care, but Scorpios have excellent BS-detectors and will know if you are lying to them, and what’s more, they will never forget. As this sign doesn’t forgive and forget very easily, it’s best not to give them too much to have to forgive you for.


Sagittarians are fun kids. Perhaps, you may sometimes think a little too fun. After all, Sagittarians say Yes — a big Yes — to everything. They are very interested, curious, and most of all, game. Your Sagittarius has a lot of hobbies and interests that he wants to pursue, which is generally a good thing.

The hardest part of raising a Sagittarius is teaching him about containment and limits. He wants to go on every play date, take every class, and travel to every country.


Capricorns rule business, and your little one might grow up to be an entrepreneur or a titan of an industry one day. But you don’t have to wait until they are grown up to foster this inclination. Encourage them to follow through with their business ideas. While other kids’ lemonade stands may be larger or more colorful, your Capricorn’s is likely the only one that actually makes money, and lots of it.


The kids you see sporting tiny mohawks or wearing their Halloween costume in January are probably Aquarians. Let him win the battle of self-determination: he might not look exactly how you want him to, but asserting his independence is a large part of his identity, and his identity is very important to him. Aquarius rules the unusual, the different, and the odd.

Aquarians thrive on their ability to express their quirky selves.


Natural and willing caretakers, Pisces are always the ones taking care of the world, checking in on friends and family to see if anyone needs anything. It’s very sweet and very loving, but they might need your help in understanding that it’s also important for them to take care of themselves as well. Remember to teach them not to feel guilty for not stepping in and volunteering every single time.

This is an excerpt from ‘Stellar Kids: Using Astrology to Harness Your Child’s Potential’, co-authored by Stephanie and Aimee Hartstein. See here for more about Stellar Kids.

Stephanie Gailing