Recognize Your Dream In What You Love To Feel

Recognize Your Dream In What You Love To Feel

An inspirational perspective on the power and grace of emotions.

Story Waters

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We each have a personal dream; it is our fantasy about what life could be. I am not talking about a mental ideal that represents some outward pinnacle of achievement — I am talking about our hope of experiencing a reality that consistently feels good to us.

Although we enjoy fantasizing about the details of what would feel wonderful, the outward details do not matter as long as they generate the feeling that you are living your dream.

At the heart of your dream are the emotions you feel most drawn to. Opening the door to live your dream requires you to have a strong belief in your ability to feel these powerful emotions.

What flavor of wonderful do you want to feel? Maybe you want to feel loved, supported, validated, respected, peaceful, excited, nurtured, nurturing or part of cooperative group?

Our dream is constantly evolving as we learn about ourselves and the experiences that most satisfy us. Our dreams change because we change.

A dream that never changes is a prison.

Let go of any belief (and ignore any person) that tells you that your dream is not for today.

There are no obstacles except those which you create by carrying negative beliefs about the inevitability of struggle.

All that appears to separate you from your dream is a perceptual-illusion — a lie — you can release as soon as you recognize it. The face of that illusion is seen in the many names that we give our fears.

All that stands between you and your dream is your fears.
Face and transform your fears to be free.

This reality is a mirror that reflects your energy back to you, cloaked in the sensations of time and space. Your physical body is not a cage; it is an expression that births from the non-physical — from your spirit.

Release your wounds and you will experience the freedom of your spirit in ever clearer ways. We are much more than the physically incarnate aspect of our being.

In human form we are one face of an eternal-conscious choosing to experience another mortal life. If you will allow yourself to know this wider experience of your own consciousness (through the transformation of your fears) then you will find whatever it is that you may be seeking.

All that you seek is already within you.

It is time to remember that you are already whole.

The face of your dream is the outward manifestation of seeing and knowing yourself clearly. This is to see your dream and yourself as one — you are not separate things. Being yourself is the living of your dream because you are the dream of your spirit.

Being yourself without restriction is the living of your dream.

To know your spirit is to know thyself.

This is to awaken to the freedom of your consciousness.

Awakening is the realization that your consciousness is free and infinite, even though you are embodied within a mortal life. It is to know your spirit through your consciousness. However, to live your dream, you must ground the freedom of your spirit into your human experience.

This is the realization of All That You Are.

A reality of joyous freedom is but a realization away.

This is the life. The time is now.

Your dream starts here.

The spiritual-path is the path of becoming as familiar with your non-physical self as you are with your physical self.

This is experienced through your consciousness which, along with its capacity to think and reason, is the place of feeling and imagination. It is also where (whether you recognize it or not) you have awareness of your connection with your spirit.

Your spirit is the non-physical level of consciousness from which you chose to enter into the human-experience. Your spirit is in a state of unrestricted freedom which allows it to create from the unlimited possibility of whatever it can imagine.

Despite the teachings of religion, the purpose of human existence is not to awaken to our spirit and ascend to the non-physical state. We, from the freedom inherent in eternal-consciousness created the mortal experience because it is precisely what we wanted to experience.

All ideas that this reality is either a test we must pass or a punishment we must endure, come from the use of fear as a tool of control.

Any person who lives a joy-based life that flows from their heart — no matter what their spiritual beliefs are — is doing exactly what they birthed to do even if they die with no belief in life-after-death and a dislike of spirituality.

You are under no obligation or pressure to recognize your spiritual nature in any particular way or name. This means you do not even need to call it spirituality; you could call it “authenticity” or “living consciously with love” for example.

Learning to live from the feeling in your heart, rather than the fear within your mind, is everything that the spiritual path is.

Spirituality does not require that you call it by that name or dress it up in religious sounding words or rituals.

You are not here to ‘awaken to your spirit’; you are here to live your spirit’s dream.

It is about joy, not some idea of an external God.

It is about love, not sacrificing what you are.

It is about the experience of feeling, not mental construction acheived through an accumulation of knowledge.

The dream in your heart cannot be met through the idea that you “should” be spiritual.

Joy can only be met through the realization that you deserve to feel joy.

To be free is to free your dream because the first choice of a truly free person is to choose to live their dream.

“Today, I choose to live my dream.”

Story Waters


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