Sun Enters Scorpio

Sun Enters Scorpio (October 23, 2018)

Bill Attride

Scorpio2108At play in the Fields of the One…

It is time to face the Truth. You are on a never-ending journey of Spirit-Life-Consciousness, moving through worlds, forms and lives; it is a journey of unfoldment and self-becoming that takes you from a mere spark of unself-conscious divinity to a fully awakened co-creator of Creation.

But the question remains, who are you? It is natural to look upon oneself and it seems quite simple really; you perceive/experience your body and it is that which defines the content and circumference of your nature. You perceive the truth as, “I am this; and you are that.” But you are here to learn that this is one of the most important illusions you have fallen into by taking on this mortal form.

You are not this body, oh no, you are much more than this…You are a host of energy-forms, a weaving of fields that together form what you know as yourself. And most importantly, and equally, you are making your way through innumerable fields of energy-forms around yourself too. For this is the nature of the One True Reality; it is not composed of discrete things or parts. You are a sparkling field of energy-forms who with innumerable others moves through the luminous “Fields of Life and Love” that is the One.

Reality is a Field, it is “the One”, who is in turn composed and formed by the many lesser wholes ranging from the fields known as atoms and molecules and elements and compounds, to plants, creatures, worlds and stars. All of these are not as you imagine or perceive; all of these are not “things” or “particles” as seen in the Atomistic view. In the Ancient Wisdom as in the New Science, all of reality is formed by systems, a great Hierarchy of Wholes; what is real is not a thing, but instead it is vibrations or waves. Truly, Creation is “the Word” made manifest; this beautiful melody of Light is the Song of Spirit.

Reality is formed by this Hierarchy of wholes. Each lesser whole, (in human terms, one such as yourself), is seemingly discrete for itself, but it abides in, as it is informed and shaped by all the greater and more encompassing wholes (for example of family, friends, communities). These innumerable wholes in every kingdom or realm, like wheels within wheels, ultimately resolves into the holiest of wholes, the One.

That is why, whether approaching this question from “the West” with Quantum Physics, or from “the East” and the Ancient Teachings, Reality is understood as a Field of Wholes that form a complex array of relationships with one another. Or, as I am fond of saying, this entire Creation is the body of The One, and what we are moving through, and what moves through and around us, is the Life and Love of the One, it is the sacred and luminous Song and Dance of Spirit.

Throughout your life-journey you will go through many realms that challenge you to become more complete, to be more whole, to be more the you that is becoming, and none is greater than this space-time you enter by Scorpio. You prepare yourself for this by what you learn in the fields of Libra.

In the space of Libra, wherever that may be in your chart, you learn how to create ever more socially intelligent forms of relationship. You are reminded that whomever is before you is “another you”, so to be with any other you have only one truth to guide your way: “That you are to be as equally fair to them as you would be for yourself; that you must do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. But now comes the time of Scorpio, and the greater challenge and the greater reward is now at hand; now you must utterly break your illusion of being separate and apart from one another, now you two must become one.

Yes, it is in the realm of Scorpio that you confront the greatest illusion and experience the truest of Truths: You are here for one another, you are what you have become because of one another, and you cannot be or become what you are to be unless you love and join with one another.

You have been formed and informed from your first breath, (and in your turn, you have done likewise) by all with whom you journey, from Fathers/Mothers, Aunts/Uncles, Sisters/Brothers, Grandparents, friends and strangers too. Your sense and sensibilities, your thoughts and principles, most of what you call “you”, is the consequence of moving through those spaces, the fields of energy transfers with all with whom you travel. Their sensibilities, feelings, thoughts and truths became yours, and yours theirs.

But here in the realm of Scorpio you must consciously, willingly and lovingly find the way to join with one another in Union. One human being, alone and by itself, is meaningless, impossible to imagine or even be, for we are nothing without one another, and could not become human without our shared shaping and creating of one another. The individual or “I” comes out of the many we or “us”. Though we may believe that “I made me”, it is fundamentally true that “we made we”, and we made every “I” too.

In the space of Scorpio, when two (or the many) are joined in common purpose and intention, when we each surrender the lesser within us so that we might build upon, expand and transform the greater that is within and between us, it is then that we truly move closer to our true nature, we take another step in becoming full awakened humans.

To forge our greater Union, we each contribute what we can and give up what we must. We elicit from one another the quickening of our potentialities, molding, transforming and revealing more of what we are through our combination with one another. We move closer to one another, become more one with one another, and yet we also by this come closer to our true self too. We reach out to one another, only to see the greater truth of who and what we are through one another. That by drawing closer to them, by letting go of the lesser of us we discover our truer self too. Yes, we two become one and yet we are also, each of us, revealed as one of kind too.

Scorpio is the Realm of Alchemy, it is the space where we let go and grow. In Scorpio you face the Fear of Rejection and Loss, and you learn to be fearless. You learn you are not, nor can you ever be alone or lost. Here in the space of Scorpio we unite, we are re-born through love and sacrifice, and by self-transcendence we free ourselves from fear. We know we move through mortal forms; but our laughter and love, our dancing and songs, this spirit will live on and on forever.

Scorpio is the shining heart of Life-Spirit-Consciousness; it is the space where we break from the shadow, as we dance and play in the Fields of the One.

That is what and who we are…we are Singers, we are Dancers, we are the Creators of one another and we have just begun to shine.

We have made who we are, and it is by and through one another that we will make our truer selves revealed.

We are the ones of the One, dancing and singing our Creation song.

We are all for one, and One for all.

And we will Shine on.

Bill Attride