What I Am Thankful For

What I Am Thankful For

Ann Litts

One day you look over at the person sitting next to you and it all makes sense.

Every single bad date.

All the times you got dumped, ghosted, unfriended, or replaced by another woman.

All the lessons from every other single relationship comes home to roost and you laugh out loud.

You sit there and you count your lucky stars for all the Mr. Wrongs who have passed through your past.

You are relieved you were single when this one showed up. Not just single, but LONG time single and healed — past all the sludge of the train wrecks of the former relationships.

You marvel at the ease of what The Right One feels like. You had always thought it should be like this. However, it had always been so hard in the past.

You hear respect, kindness, concern, love — echo in the tones of the voice which speaks to you these days.

There are no doubts. There are no games. There are no half-truths.

There is only him. Wide — open. Vulnerable. Flaws exposed. Trusting you to see him and love The Real Him as much as he loves The Real You.

The gratitude seeps into your bones — your soul — your heart. You breathe it in with every breath. It walks with you and makes you smile for no reason even when you are completely alone in a room. It expands and fills up every single area of your life until even a bad day is not as awful as it could be.

Because This Man. This One. Is in your Now.

And he has brought with him a new definition of Love.


Ann Litts


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    1. Such a beautiful song and amazing truth (I like Clare Bowen singing it)! 🙂 You are right, for everything and everyone lead us to who we are now. Thank you for your visit and thoughts!

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