Faces of Love (102)

Born to Stand Out

To stand out is your birthright as human being, not a long life achievement, not a financial or material gain.

Although, in our society you can stand out with your political and/ or job position, as human being you will never stand out because of those. No matter of your colour, religion, background, you are a human being with the same human rights as everyone. Nobody and nothing can take it from you. It is not in your papers or diploma, it is not in your job description. It is in your DNA!

We are taught to fit in a society where all can blame everyone and everything, where all can be wrong or bad, people can hurt each other verbally and physically, for they do not fit in the model some want to; a society where you should belong to a special faith, religion, otherwise you are a sinner, where real God is money and power of ego. Is that the real you born for?

You are born to stand out, so why should you fit in?

A flower stand out because of her beauty and/or smell as a flower. A bird, for its beauty as a bird. A tree, for its beauty as a tree. You do not stand out because of your outside mask/make-up. You do it because of your inner beauty, the way you make people to feel when touching their life.

And, you know what? It is not difficult to do it. 

Smile, for it is the way of sharing your inner light/ beauty to everyone and everything, as a flower/ bird/ tree does. Think how others smile back to you when you smile to them. Think how you smile to life …

Be grateful for what you have. Always think that in this world, others have less than you. In the other way round, you will feel bad because you become a victim of lack.

Forgive everyone and everything for not fitting in your way of thinking or feeling. 

Think how beautiful, smart and abundant you are. It matters what you think and feel about yourself.

See yourself in THE BEST light, as YOU are.

And remember:

Always walk with a smile on your face & faith in your heart,

for YOU are born to stand out!

born to stand out.001Photo credit: Pixabay

With much Love,


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