Faces of Love (104)

Stick to Love

To stick to love in a world where everyone demands to be loved by others? 

It seems to be difficult to start loving when everything around you has been controlled by others, no matter who they were. Everyone needs someone to love him, but can you love someone if you do not love yourself? 

Look into the mirror at the miracle you are, and love what you see, no matter your look, your age, your height, weight, no matter … whatever … , for you are … YOU and you need to love yourself for what you are: a beautiful Creation. You are the first who needs to love you. Do not expect others to give you what you do not give yourself, for nobody can do it as long as you do not do it.

Listen to your inner voice, for it is an important step in loving yourself. You can feel that voice, for it is the voice of Love you are, and Love cannot be seen, but felt. 

Look around you, and think that everything surrounding you has been and is created in love and to be loved. As you want love and to be loved, every individual, every plant, tree, pet is longing for love. You have to give in order to receive, for giving is receiving.

Be grateful for every moment of your life, every person walking along with you, every smile, every touch, every sunshine, every cloud, for everything is part of your life. 

Stick to love … Sticking to hate will make you feel heavy and everything becomes dark, for hate is a burden you will bear. Sticking to love will make you feel light, everything becomes easy, for love gives life a meaning.

Start loving YOURSELF &

Stick to Love!

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With much Love,


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