Faces of Love (106)

Let YOUR Love Snow

In every season, nature gives us lessons about the way to love.

No two snowflakes are alike, but sticking together to their love, they give a white and warm counterpane to earth. 

In the same way, no two individuals are alike. We have been separated by ego, power of fear, money, colour of skin, background, borders … Think what can billions of individuals do, when sticking together to real kindness, respect and love.

It has not been difficult to be separated, for there are many tools of fear. They all are created to control and manipulate humanity.

It should be easier to be united by love, for it is your true nature. Look inside you for, and let it snow everywhere. 

We differ like snowflakes, and we can stick together as they do!

Let YOUR Love snow everywhere!

let your love snow.001PHOTO CREDIT: Pixabay

With much Love,