Close Chapters & Create Success With the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Beneficial Thought: Close Chapters & Create Success With the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Christine Beswick
January 17, 2019

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Friends, we are now at the mid-point of eclipse season, as we just enjoyed the New Moon in Capricorn and solar eclipse earlier this month. Now we are entering another eclipse phase, as this cycle comes to fulfillment with the Full Moon in Leo total lunar eclipse on January 21, 2019.

It’s interesting that we are starting 2019 off with an eclipse cycle, but it’s also an important one that sets a beautiful tone that will launch 2019. Many of you will have already begun feeling the intense change energy of the Moon cycles this month. Have you experienced big changes this month in your life? They will continue under the Full Moon in Leo total lunar eclipse. Let’s talk about this and give you the tools you need to navigate this last eclipse chapter successfully.

What is the Full Moon in Leo Lunar Eclipse?

Here we have a few energies to talk about. The Full Moon energy is like any Full Moon energy. It is energy that brings a chapter to completion or fulfillment. We see closures on projects, issues, relationships, jobs, and generally speaking, a cycle comes to an end. Every Full Moon every month is an opportunity to bring something to an end and launch more new beginnings.

A Full Moon eclipse is a turbo-charged Full Moon. The energy of change is a little heavier. The changes will be bigger, more profound, and have a more intense impact on our lives. Something big is happening! With this happening under the Full Moon, those changes could be emotional.

Eclipse energy also brings us information. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes directly behind the Earth and lurks in the shadow until it moves on. It’s slightly darker under this energy because the Sun is blocked, and the Full Moon does not look quite the same as any other Full Moon. It appears like it has a silver ring around it.

With this energy being blocked, and this light being blocked, the symbol from astrology is that information is blocked from the picture too. We need this information to move on in our lives in a specific situation. So while the eclipse energy is in play, this change is sprouting. Usually within about two weeks of the total lunar eclipse, by the time the Moon has moved on, there is more light from the Moon, and that information comes to pass. Eclipse energy is also about receiving information.

Then there is Leo energy. Leo is the Fixed Fire sign and is all about play, love, and enjoying the pleasures of life. If there has been an area of your life that is a little over the top luxurious or playful, this Full Moon eclipse may bring that to an end, or, resolve an issue that has been in play for the last few weeks or so.

So this is why an eclipse cycle is so significant. The Full Moon is the end of the chapter and ties up some ends from the beginning of the chapter, which were planted two weeks ago under the New Moon eclipse. That happens under every New Moon and Full Moon period every month.

But this month, and during any eclipse month, information is power, and the information is more turbocharged than usual. During the eclipse time around January 21 and for the next two weeks, expect information to be supercharged in your life and bring at least one major issue in your life to fulfillment. The impacts this information has could touch your life for as long as six months!

Let’s have a look at what you need to DO with this energy.

Your Full Moon in Leo Lunar Eclipse Checklist:

A Full Moon total lunar eclipse is all about purging and getting rid of what is no longer working in your life. Consider this when working through this energy.

  • Expect revelations, and write them down.

They will likely be significant later in the year. The light of the Sun once the eclipse has passed will illuminate internal and emotional matters, as well as key pieces of information you need in your life. It’s a very psychic time for many, so many of the intuitions you are having now will be important later

  • Embrace information.

The Full Moon in Leo total lunar eclipse is all about bringing something to an end. This is change, even if we want this change, and most of the time we do. During an eclipse, when the Sun is somewhat blocked, so too is information. Information is “eclipsed” from the picture. When the Moon and the Sun move on, the information comes to pass. We don’t always want the information. But if we embrace it, we increase our success potential. Be open to any new pieces of information that will come over the next few days. You are very likely to get a missing puzzle piece over this time.

  • At the same time, purge information that does not suit you.

Be prepared for emotional naysayers to try and do or say anything to change your mind on something you are fixed on. This is a Fixed sign Full Moon in Leo. That means it’s important to stay loyal to what you believe in, what you are committed to, and who matters to you. Loyalty is everything now, and you could be tested. Stay true to your principles and values no matter what. And purge the information that doesn’t meet your high standards.

  • Show gratitude.

Leo is a sign that is luxurious and fun, and also likes to be in the spotlight, while also being beautiful at the same time. It’s time to show off that beautiful you of yours. Be the courageous and gorgeous lion that you are. But at the same time, thank the Universe for all of the people and things that made you this way, and brought you to this point in your life. Show them your love and gratitude for helping you get here, and do so with the Universe as well. Leo likes to give presents, so don’t be afraid to give a present to somebody as your way of saying thank you!

  • Embrace self-care.

While you are doling out affection on others, do the same with you. Leo looks gorgeous all the time because they take care of themselves. You’ve spent the holidays and the first half of this eclipse season doting on others. Now it’s time to dote on you a little bit. And with the intense emotions of this eclipse, you probably need it more than usual. This Full Moon total lunar eclipse is about closing a very important chapter and getting very important puzzle pieces. It’s draining. So book that spa appointment, get that hair done, splurge on a nice little trinket or outfit for yourself, and close the chapter. Then reward yourself. Self-care is health care.

Concluding Thoughts…

The Full Moon in Leo and total lunar eclipse is going to be a heavy time emotionally. Embrace your intuition and allow it to help you. Listen to that inner voice. Purge that which doesn’t serve you, and don’t look back. Thank the people in your life that got you to this point and are still there with you after that purge – your friends, family, lovers, employers, and the little people you meet throughout your every day. Wait for those missing puzzle pieces of information to arrive, and then take care of you. You’ve earned it!

What are your Leo Full Moon lunar eclipse wishes?

Christine Beswick


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