The Way of Happiness

Sun Enters Aquarius

(January 20, 2019)

Bill Attride


The Way of Happiness

Do you know the purpose of your life?
Why are you here? And, where are you going?
What are your Hopes and Dreams?

Today you leave the space of Capricorn and enter the realm of Aquarius. The last 30 days have been about understanding the purpose of your life. It is from this understanding that you are able to assume your responsibilities and take your proper place in your community and the larger world. And, by “doing your duty” you are equally able to enjoy the rights you may claim by the fulfillment of those responsibilities.

You are part of a great Hierarchy of Spirit-Life-Consciousness, where you find and fulfill yourself in a vast and interdependent structure of caring and being cared for. You are here, in life after life, to reach deeper into yourself so that you may reach a little higher in each life, as you slowly but surely approach self-mastery through an integral balance of wisdom and humility.

Along this path of purposefulness, it does not matter “where” you are going; but it very much matters “why” you are going there. You will find that your journey is not about being “successful”; it is about being true to who you are so that you remain on the path of Self-Fulfillment.

But, of course, you do not, you cannot, walk this path alone. You could not be you or become what you will be without a host of other souls who walk this path too. You are human, and so you are formed and forged by all those with whom you walk on this path of becoming.

This is the Truth of Aquarius, that you are here to be someone special, to shine and sparkle with the light of Individuality. But the very materials you form into that individual that is you, that special essence that shines through as “you”, are formed by those building blocks that come from all with whom you have shared this life (and many lives before). What you have, (your feelings, thoughts and spiritual sensibilities), and what you share with all with whom you journey, comes from your parents, siblings, classmates, friends, colleagues and of course, most heartfelt, from those dearest to your heart too.

You are all mixed up in one another, and your true Happiness comes from this being one who is part of many other ones too. You are part of many circles of life, and they are in you, and you are most certainly part of them too. Here is what I wrote in my 2019 Forecast – Part 3 about the nature of the “Age of Aquarius”:

The principle of Aquarius is Fellowship, it is Brotherhood and Sisterhood, it is Companionship and Community and the Spiritual Truth that we are all made of and by one another. We cannot be, Life cannot be, without blending, mixing, combining, and then sharing and growing together. Life, Consciousness and Spirit are forged and formed by Interrelationship, Diversity, Complexity and our essential Interdependence with one another and all Life-Forms. Every Particle of Creation is a Spark of the Divine, formed in its core by its own Quintessence. Every tree and every leaf on every tree, every being and each cell forming that being, everything is formed by “ones” formed into a greater One. All of life is part of something greater, yet it is preciously and wondrously its own unique instance of that Greater Whole.

Aquarius is all about the One and the Many, and we are each a precious part, a unique one of a “Kind”, but formed and held and made possible by that Kind, by that whole, and then the next greater whole, which ultimately forms the whole of this entire Creation or the ONE.

We are made of one another, and we see ourselves in each other, as we share our love for this life and for one another. We cannot be happy by ourselves; that is just not possible. That is most simply but profoundly because we cannot be ourselves, we cannot be or become human without one another. Our true Happiness (our smiles and laughter) are essentially human and social experiences; we shine with the light of spirit as we share and show our love for one another. Our hopes and dreams are made of and by one another. And our well-being, our true Happiness, comes from being with our fellow-travelers in this amazing Journey of Spirit.

Yes, your Happiness comes from your Self-Fulfillment; but you can only and truly experience this when those whom you love and care for have their Self-Fulfillment and Happiness too. You find and extend your happiness by helping one another to preserve your way of life in your family, through your community and out into the larger world too. Then you turn your attention to your dreams of a better life, as you join together to improve your world and one another. And then you look even higher, and you dream of what might be, and you look to that far horizon and say, “Let us strive to make a new Golden Age, let us build that Shining City on a Hill, and let us live and love and laugh as we make a better world for one and for all.”

This is really the deeper message of Aquarius: That until we create a world where self-fulfillment is possible for one and for all, none of us will be fully or truly happy.

This is the dream of Aquarius, this is the faraway look you see in an Aquarius’ eyes, (and in your own Aquarian nature that each of you has somewhere in your chart). Humans are dreamers and creators, and we yearn to live (once more) in a golden age where the value and worth of each individual is celebrated, honored and fulfilled.

We know and feel in our sacred center and by the light of our highest self, that we are here for this: “We are all for one and one for all”.

Your Happiness, our happiness is found in one another. We feel it in our smiles and laughter. Because what makes us happy is the happiness of our family and friends.

And our life is good, true and beautiful when it is lived with and for one another.

For this is why we came, this is what we are here for.

You are what you are because of love.

And all you have to do,

Is Just love one another.

Bill Attride