The Real Meaning of Romance

Open Heart Overload: The Real Meaning of Romance

Paige Manginello
February 8, 2019 


Do you really know what love is?

I know, I thought I did too. It’s the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see the man/woman of your dreams. The flutter in your stomach when you see a text or missed call from this person you want to be with so badly and speak to a thousand times a day and dream about when your head hits the pillow at night.

What we or most people think of love is the mass consciousness of the word love. It’s the this person can fill the hollow space that’s missing within me or love is out there. This misconception has led many to search constantly for the love of their life, or the one, online searching, bars, social events, etc.

Our perception or lack of self-love, our spirit, is the lack of love in our life. There is no one person who can uphold such a high place for this spiritual love. It is only Spirit, or as some may call it, Self. Yes, you… you’re it. You are the love of your life. I realize no one ever told you this, and for me to tell you now could be a bit of a surprise or shock, for me it was just that: shocking.

I look back at the many relationships with men that I have had, looking and feeling loved. I am not saying that some or all of them didn’t love me, but that’s not really my business. I was not 100% in love with Meand for this reason none of these partnerships worked out for very long.

I appreciate the fact that I can admit my past faults and mistakes in my life of romance, noticing that the foundation was my idea of romantic love, based on the beliefs that I would be saved, complimented, adored, made to feel secure by someone other than myself, was delusional to say the least.

The reality of love is your perception, Deepak Chopra says, that we are trapped in a definition of love that is far too limited. We must expand our definition, and allow our conception of love to go beyond our emotional needs, and our whole perception will change.

The only requirement to love is a shift in perception, for those who cannot find love perceive themselves as not being lovable. This is not true, but they make it seem true by linking their perception to a powerful belief system.

This particular belief system is ingrained in us when we are young, growing up, seeing what is outside of ourselves. How our parents act or react to us. These beliefs are with us. Those who are connected with Spirit and have self-love are those who know that being lovable is not a superficial quality, it is a quality of spirit. They also know that the someone waiting for you is always a reflection of yourself.

Is this real? Is it really a perception of our spirit, soul that is the key to being love? No more loneliness, or feeling unlovable? Is this the cure for self-loathing? If so, why wouldn’t we be working to be complete with Spirit? It is human behavior to seek outside of ourselves for something that is lacking.

The real meaning of romance is when you can show your soul to another; this is much more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers.

“In our inmost being, we are all completely loveable because spirit is love. Beyond what anyone can make you think or feel about yourself, your unconditioned spirit stands, shining with a love nothing can tarnish.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Love based on the experience of Spirit gives rise to the possibility that we can return to our true nature, throwing aside our unloving behavior as a bad and very long dream. Spirit can only be called on when it is real, and it can only be real if it is real for you.

Stop wishing, hoping, and turn your efforts to what is real. There is nothing but love once we are ready to accept it. The path to the Divine is real. Beyond all illusion is the source of love, a field of pure potential.

That potential is you.


Paige Manginello


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