Ode To A Soulmate

Ode To A Soulmate

Ann Litts

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According to Anne Wade in “The 4 Types of Soulmates”:

“…the purpose of human life is to return to unconditional love. We feel affection and fondness (Storge), friendship (Phileo), and romance (Eros) as we learn how to love unconditionally (Agape) in any circumstance and in any type relationship.”

Soulmates help us to learn to return to Unconditional Love.

It’s been a hell of a long time since I cried Real Tears over a man. But in the last six months, I have cried. And the Thing in my chest which I was sure had been turned to stone lifetimes ago has melted layer by layer.

I have My Soulmate to thank for that. And for — even now — wanting to stay in My Life through all the difficult lessons we learned together.

We didn’t meet — My Soulmate & I — we recognized each other. The Universe kept throwing us together until we stuck and walked The Path of Her making. We are connected still. The thought of severing this connection even after The Talk is not something either one of us is willing to do. We have defaulted into a deep friendship. We opted to hang on to each other.

We will always be here for each other. And THERE for each other. Where ever THERE is. Space and Time are Man’s constructs. Souls know Reality is an illusion. A mere bedtime story we tell ourselves so we can sleep at night.

I’m not fooling myself; I have leagues to walk on This Path before I can rest. Before my frozen innards have been completely restored. I owe my Soulmate a deep debt of gratitude for the lessons given me since Our Paths crossed and intertwined.

Our relationship had been built on a false pretense. For him and for a lot of people looking in — it seemed as though I was the one doing the helping as he faced a rough patch. The whole set-up couldn’t have been more ass-backward. It was really all him — helping me find myself layer by layer. He has belayed my climb out of the abyss and into my Humanity.


Ann Litts


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