Life After Love

Life After Love

Ann Litts
Feb 21

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

I went to see Cher perform last month. Her hit “Believe” is one of my favorite songs. It’s an acknowledgment of the fact that Life changes after you have Loved. There is a Before — Then there is an After of Love.

If you’re lucky (or not so lucky) you experience this more than once in Your Life. Or so the story goes for Love.

Love changes you. It changes nearly everything about you. For whatever transpired in The Relationship is now written into your emotional memory banks for all times. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

You will hold The Ones Who Come After Love up to the standards/mistakes/abuses — even — you suffered at the hands of Love. You will spend countless hours dissecting Love with your close friends or maybe even your therapist. Because in the Life After Love — you don’t want to repeat this particular moment.

After Love —The Lesson — The Transition — The Nudge — Love will use this time to move us into the space which is Life After Love.

Who do we become in Our Life After Love — in this The Purgatory — immediately following the End of Love and the beginning of Life?

Do we discover the Real Relationships in Our Lives — Our Tribe? Do we find Our Strength or maybe just the opposite, do we unearth Our Humanity?

What do we do with the seeds of bitterness and pain left to be sown in Our Life After Love? Do we choose to plant them? Or do we tend to the blossoms left behind when Love Lived? Happy memories, sweet caresses, warm moments of complete acceptance.

As with every story about Our Life — we get to tell it. Like any other Fairy Tale Of Reality — we construct it and it all begins with four little words and the intention to Live Authentically or In Suffering. We always get to choose.

Once upon a time…I believed in Love. And I still do.


Ann Litts