Faces of Love (194)

LOVE Language

What is Love?

There are so many explanations, definitions, and so many people have tried and still try to define love, but everyone has his own language to do it: his own feelings. We can feel the Love but it is not going to have the same intensity or to be for the same things/ people, for we do not feel and live it the same way.

No matter how hard you try to define, explain, describe Love, you will never have enough words for, for it is something you feel deep inside you. Real Love is filling your being and it does not need words or translation to be expressed, for it has its own language and it is a common one, no matter where you are coming from or what religion you believe in.

A smile, a touch, a smell, a sign, a blink can be part of the Love language. 

What is Love? You know it very well, for we all are born with that feeling, and it is the language of your Soul.

love language.001Photo credit: Pixabay

With all my Love,


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