Loving her Means Diving Deep within Yourself

Loving her Means Diving Deep within Yourself 

Natalie Sophia
February 19, 2018 


Her greatest ally is her grace. Her most effective medicine is love. Her best revenge is a life well-lived. Her sincerest hope is for all beings to find their bliss.

Her best attribute is her willingness to see beyond the veil of illusion.

Loving her means diving deep within yourself. She will not settle for half-assed promises and half-truths. Come to her in transparency, for she will see the façade. Come to her naked, for her wild and lusty nature will have you no other way.

She has spent too many nights in the arms of the wrong lovers. Ones who stood before her claiming that they were ready for her to take them under, but in the end could not handle her depths. Ones who thought they could handle the intensity of her fire, but felt scared when they saw all that would burn down around them should they choose a life with her.

She sees you as much more than just a peasant dressed in rags. She knows what you are worth because she knows her own. She sees your darkness because her light shines bright on those places. She wants you to discover the deepest aspects of yourself because she is tired of the man who dares not know his own heart.

And if you take that journey with her, you will find worlds you did not know existed. She will show you the beauty within the darkness, and the vibrant colors of the underworld. She will delight you in the most crystal clear parts of the water and you will vibrate in wonder at all that you never knew existed.

But here’s the thing: a woman like that isn’t just going to idly lounge around the shallow parts because it’s easier than swimming, for she knows the true treasures in life are buried deep. And you’d better be prepared to go deep with her, brave warrior, for she will no longer waste her time with small-mindedness and limitations.

If you are willing to take that journey, be prepared, for great rewards require great risk.

And if the day should come where you cannot bear the heat of her fire or the depths of her waters any longer, take heed that she will not shed tears over you from a perceived sense of loss. No, she will mourn your potential and wonder why it was that she could see so much beauty within your chaos and why you were too afraid to look at it yourself.

Her tears will represent the story she thought she saw with you, and she will let the saltwater that runs down her cheeks heal the shattered remnants of the idea of you.

Because when she chose to love you, it wasn’t based on need. She did not need you, dear man, she wanted you. There was something within you that begged her soul not to part from yours. There was something that defied logic, which made her third eye tingle at the mere mention of your name. She was the place you longed to be. She is freedom. She is depth. She is gratitude. She is growth. She is love.

She is everything you crave and she is everything you fear.

But that’s the thing about a woman like her, love will always guide her back home long after you have left. And she will let the sensations of love’s medicine fill her up once more. With grace as her ally, she will only wish you good things and continued growth, before she swims back down into the blackness alone.


Natalie Sophia


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