Dreams come true …

Dreams come True …

I have lived most of my life using the statements “I will have something I wish, I will do … one day”. I have heard so many times “if I was younger, … richer … I would do this and that”.

When is “one day” coming? Who can guarantee I am living tomorrow or that “one day”?

In my opinion, our mind can find thousand of limits, thousand of doubts, and going back in time, I can see that I used “one day” as an excuse to post pone a lot of my dreams using ” time and money” as main excuses. 🙂

On the other side, I used to be bond to academic studies and one of my dreams was to study a Master programme in Oxford. At the time I am speaking about, I was working in the UK as a support worker for children and young people with epilepsy. All I had was a big wish but it was tiny compared with my fears, for my mind did not believe I could make my dream comes true and was torturing me with the limits I lived in … “I am old to be a student again, I will not have enough money for” …  All those thoughts were there because I lived my life being anxious and believing I was not good enough. I was afraid of making mistakes, and being rejected. In my mind a lot of questions “if” related were dwelling: what if I cannot do it, what if my application will be rejected, what if I fail the interview … .

It took me a while to understand that every day is “one day” when I could start taking action toward my dream and the question with “if” only hurts me. Actually I was thinking too much and avoiding to take action. At one point, I realised that nobody could act and find what I wished (MRes in Psychology in Oxford). I started looking for the programme, reading about the requirements and applying to other universities, for at the beginning I was avoiding Oxford universities. The programme I wished was found at Oxford Brookes University.

When I received the first email from the university with the confirmation that my application has been accepted, I was “wow”. After that, everything flew smoothly: interview by phone for I was living far away from Oxford, a loan to pay my studies, accommodation in Oxford.

In that way, a woman in her mid-40s became a student.

I can tell you that it was not a road paved with roses, for I worked hard as I have never done before and I cried a thousand rivers, but at the end, when I received the recognition of my hard work, I could smile, for my dream came true!


(My picture and my thoughts on the leaflet for MRes Developmental Psychology)

I was afraid of making the steps toward my dream, I was afraid of failure, but I followed my wish and acted for.

My lesson: Dreams do not know age and I want to die with no regrets. Therefore, I work for my dreams to make them true now, in this life. 🙂

You can do it, too!

With all my Love,


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    1. Yes, you are right! Actually, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Lao Tzu) 🙂
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