Purpose for Pain

Purpose for Pain

April 26, 2019

Pain is in this world to transform you.  It exposes things that are weak about you.  You can not set out on a journey if you are not ready.  Pain hardens you and that is good.  It uncovers the illusions.   If it didn’t hurt to touch a hot oven would you keep touching it?  Problem most people have with pain is they start blaming others.  Pain is your best friend. You just need to learn how to grow from it.  If you don’t experience  pain, it means you are dead. 

Life is your journey.  It is about finding joy in your personal experience.  Experiences are transitory.  You have to let go of pleasure.  Pleasure is great, but you can’t be attached to it.  How are you going to learn anything without pain?  If there was no pain you would ever learn?

Ever seen someone who when they experience pain blame everyone but themselves.  It is another persons fault, gods fault, the universes fault, the governments fault, etc.  Anyone else but themselves.  They punch something or someone, start yelling and some even get so emotional they cry.  Most people just start feeling sorry for themselves.  We as a human race have the total wrong perspective of pain.  We seek pleasure and want to eliminate pain.  Im not telling you to eliminate pleasure and seek pain.  That would just be stupid.   The challenge is that if you are not willing to go through pain in your life, you will just get depressed and go into just coping with life. 

Pain is necessary.  If you are not willing to have pain in your life you are just a reactive person.  You don’t make things happen you just react to what is happening around you.  This is the secret the media uses on everyone.  They know 99.9% of people are reactive.  Does not matter if what has happened is real or not.  They will use your reactiveness to move you the way they want to move you.  They know people hate pain and don’t want to accept it.  So they put the pain in your mind to move you in the direction they want to move you.  That is how scared we are of pain.  We just have to think about it to want to avoid it.  When you  let go of that reactiveness and false concepts, you start to live. 

Everyone in this world is in a continual state of ups and downs.  When things go good they are really up, but when things go bad, they are really down, pissed off or in victim mindset.  Im going to let you in on another little secret here.  As you move up and your vibration gets higher, life will put pain in front of you.  It is all about how you respond to the pain.  Are you going to vibrate higher or are you going to vibrate lower?  We will all feel the pull of pain.  Are you going to let it pull down so far you abuse yourself and others or are you going to cease that mental dialogue and use the situation to grow?  Realize that so much of your thought patterns is an illusion.  Happiness and pleasure is not an end goal, it should be seen as your foundation.

The ups and downs are what make life.  Living in pleasure all the time would be hell.  Sorry religions your fake heaven is really hell.  What do I mean by this?   Think of your favorite hobby or food.  If you did it all the time or ate it all the time, would it cease to be your favorite?  Would you not get tired of it?  Remember you have to keep doing it or eating it even when you get tired of it because there is nothing to get you to stop.  There is not pain to get you to change.  Even if you favorite food has no vitamins in it or your favorite activity has you sitting all the time.  No pain to get you to eat something else healthy or do something healthy.  Same thing over and over and over.  No pain puts you in a trance.  Pain slaps you out of it.

Pain brings what really matters to you to the forefront.  It brings your priorities and values to the surface.   Pain shows you things could be way worse.  Governments, corporations and media have studied psychology to the point that they know the average persons thoughts.  This is what the average person thinks day in and day out…

“I want status, I want to be cool, I want sex, I want more money, I don’t want to feel pain, I don’t want to work for what I want,  I don’t want to take action, I want it all and I want it now, I want people to be attracted to me, I want to eat what ever I want… ” They know every person has these loops going in there head. It is all about me, me, me!  I want it and I don’t want to work for it!.    How do they know this?  It is all social conditioning, ego gratification, fear of not fitting in and biological wants.  They move people around like puppets on a string.  They know that whatever thoughts one had yesterday will be the same thoughts they will have today, tomorrow and in the future. 

Pain gets you to quit chasing the things that you think will make you happy.  You are chasing things outside of you.  Pain gets you to turn within.  Anything outside of you that you think will make you happy, wont.  You may get excited for a little while, but then you will just search for something else to make you happy.  Pain will force you to realize that the only happiness you will find is within. 

Examine your inner dialogue and inner emotional state.  Now take a look at the world around you.  How many things are going wrong?  As within so without.  For the majority of the people in this  world, their minds are on auto pilot.  There is very little consciousness within them.  Most people will never change.  Human beings don’t like to change.  They want people to think they are, which is why the self help industry rakes in billions, but ultimately they don’t do the work to change.  They are just lazy  No one wants to be conscious of their own thoughts and get their mind off auto pilot.   There is nothing wrong with your mind being on auto pilot as long as its authentic and not someone else’s thoughts ruling your mind. 

Once you get your mind off the mainstream auto pilot, you realize everyone is living in a dream state.  They are just reacting to outside events.  No one is thinking for themselves, they are just parroting what they have been told.  Everyone is in a zombie like state.  They don’t want to come out of their comfort zone.  When pain comes your way, you can either go into a victim mindset or use it to grow.  Be responsive to what is happening and take action in the right direction. 

Pain forces us to realize we are in a dream state and it is not working.  Pain propels us out of it.  Live your purpose.  Push what you are capable of doing.  Pain is exactly what snaps you awake.  Pain will cause you to go into a lower vibration, but it depends how long you stay there.   It is okay to grieve.  Grieving is healthy.  Use pain to help you move up.  Your life is your journey.  Don’t sleep through the whole journey.  Pain will help you look deeper, help you grow and find your passion. 

Humans need a meaning for life and with that they need to know what is the meaning of pain.  This is why we create worlds outside of this reality.  Everyone is working towards another reality.  It is only an escape and seeing this world as inferior.  Humans just want to rid themselves of pain.  The only thing this keeps from happening is to keep people from falling into Nihilism.  If most people didn’t have a utopia to look forward to outside this world then they would just give up.  I think that we as a human race have outgrown this.  

Arthur Schopenhauer wrote, “There is only one inborn error, and that is the notion the we exist to be happy…So long as we persist in this inborn error and indeed even become confirmed in it through optimistic dogmas, the world seems to us full of contradictions”. 

Pursuing pleasure is like trying to grab a shadow.  What one really needs is a meaning for their life.  Jung wrote, “meaning makes a great many things endurable – perhaps everything”.  Having a meaning in your life is how you put up with this world.  You will never find meaning in outside things like money, goods, status or relationships.  They can make the quality of our life better, but never give us meaning.  Your inner existence will stay desolate and devoid of meaning.  What are your strengths?  You will never find them with pleasure.  The only way to find your strengths is through discipline, struggle and exertion.  Set goals but don’t think that reaching your goals is what builds character or strength.  It is the striving towards the goals that builds your character.  Striving towards your goals will be filled with pain.  See the fulfilling of  your goals as the ending of a growing stage and start a new one.  Be goal oriented.   It is the functioning toward a goal that is important, the goal is secondary. 

Pain gives your a life path.  I get just as frustrated with pain as anyone.  Especially when it comes in waves.  I am like WTF!  But I catch myself and try to get out of the mindset the pain is tying to drag me down too.  Hunter Thompson said it best, “… who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life or he who has stayed on the shore and merely existed?”

We live in a world of duality. You can’t escape pain.  Pain is made worse by the resistance to it.  Pain makes you change.  See it as a gift.  Life has problems and life contains pain.  Not one human being has not experienced pain.  Pain is not something you endure.  It is a sign for change.  This is why the world is in so much pain.  It’s time for the world to change.  You have the power to change.  Take back your own ability to influence your own thoughts and your own life.  To regain self mastery.  Once you do this everything will start to flow.  Reclaim your inner power. Then you will see how all the things you were chasing will come to you.  Start the new chapter in your life by reclaiming your power.  We are who we have been waiting for.



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