The Gardens of Love

The Gardens of Love

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Flowers are beautiful and, as the lines of a song loved by the little ones say, “The most beautiful flowers/ Blossom in the gardens of love”. In my opinion, it is a song that expresses the most beautiful truth, because creations, miracles are born in love, and man is one of them.

Why not in fear and ego?

Because from fear and ego you will not create, but repeat what others have done or told you to do.

From fear and ego, thoughts and emotions change our DNA, because our DNA chains shrink and block many of its codes. They contract on their own. It is the reason it is not uncommon for us to feel isolated from the rest of the world when we live in fear, anger, anxiety, depression. Moreover, we feel drained, tired, stressed, nervous.

I have lived in anger and fear, and I have always felt isolated from the rest of the world, and I did not know at the moment that my attitude is the one that keeps apart people from me, that I receive what i give into the world, that I condemn myself to an undesirable loneliness, and create my own hell.

“We create our own hell, which is the sum of all our decisions – we are not condemned, we condemn ourselves.” – Gabrielle Estres

Moreover, when we criticize, our brain does not make any differences to the person to whom criticism is directed, and we are the ones that we will get it back from elsewhere, from someone else. What we send to the universe is what we get back.

Why Love?

Because as we all know, when we love, everything seems to be perfect in our world. Nothing seems to bother us and nothing seems to be wrong. The world looks better, the sky is blue, the sun is brighter, people are better … Probably, it happened to everyone when walking to smile at a random thought and the person coming from the other way to smile back to you, or vice versa. And we all laugh in the same language! 🙂 No matter how dark your day is, the laughter of someone can make you feel as if you just awake, feel lust for life. Because smile and laughter are energies with positive charge. It is not uncommon for a joyful man to be open to the world and loved by the people around him, for in love, DNA chains grow, they open.

Furthermore, it is scientifically shown that our feelings influence our DNA and because we are connected with each other, they change our world. It happens because our DNA feels in less than a nanosecond (0.000000001 second) change of our emotions (for those interested watch DNA experiments). It was thought that 95% of DNA do not have any use, but it was shown that this 95% is actually what we use in our communication with each other. It is part of the process that loads us with energy and the more energy we have, the more positive we feel. If we consider that the heart is an electromagnetic field 5000 times higher than the brain has it, it is another reason why the wishes coming from the soul become real and that our healing comes from love rather than ego. When we follow our heart, we live in our heaven.

It seems our ancestors have known what science shows to be true.

The path of the gods is not easy, but never forget that man can embrace in his love more than he can encompass in his hate, the heat rises more than the cold can descend, the one who is above sees more than the one underneath, the softness stretches more than the hardness does, the light crosses more than the darkness does, the power that unite is greater than the power that separates …. (Zamolxis* Laws)

When the sun shines, everything looks prettier and brighter: flowers, trees, birds, insects, people because every cell lives with light and light is life. The sun gives its light and love to anyone, anywhere on the earth, without restrictions. Everything is born and strengthens in light and love.

In fact, we all have the power to love, to express love, and to share it, and in the same way we will get it back. We are the ones who make our own hell or heaven because we are the ones who create our reality and the world as we see it.

“One word
Frees us of all the weight and pain of life:
That word is love.” 
― Sophocles

You decide what you want to live fear or love, in heaven or hell, because your choice belongs to you.

My lesson: To follow my heart because as the lines of the song say “the most beautiful flowers/ Blossom in the gardens of love”.

Ps. If you want to feel yourself like a child (2 min) listen to:

* Zamolxis – Geto-Dacians’ ancestors divinity (ancestors of Romanians)

With all my Love,


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