May 4, 2019

We all experience moments of frustration and regret.  The moment when we feel life has passed us by or we want to hit the reset button.  We want another chance to say what we wanted to say, to be the person we wanted to be, to show courage when we were fearful, to handle a situation differently or to make a different choice.  All choices are correct.  Life is either a playground or it’s nothing at all.  It’s your choice.  

This post will not be about making hard choices easier, it will be about realizing that every choice and every path is the right path.  Everything could have been anything else and it could have just as much meaning.  Reflection and turning within on what you can really choose is the key.  Even if you think you are on the right path there will be mistakes and sorrow.  If we truly act from the heart and base our decisions on our own inner voices, we will find that no matter what choices we make they will be right.   Moments when it becomes clear that our lives our perfectly meaningful.  

People always have anxiety about making choices.  They base it on if it’s better than, worse than or equal to something else.  They worry about if they took enough information into consideration.  Im going to let you in on a secret.  You will never take in enough information or data.  It’s all external.  Any choice you make is infinite.  People worry about all the variables beyond their control or what might happen.  We are our choices.  If we make a choice we think is bad, it will all work itself out. You may find down the road that it was the right choice after all.  If you find you keep making what you think are bad choices, its because you are letting something outside of you influence your decisions.  

You struggle with choices because you lack self confidence.  When you are self confident you trust your own intuition.  You must know you are superior.  We just play complicated games to doubt ourselves.  When you think it’s a mistake or its not, you are right.  Your choices are like your thoughts.  You don’t know where they come from.  People hate making choices.  Some will do anything not  to make or choice or make as few as possible.  Think of the last time you had to make a quick choice or decision without thinking about it.  I bet it turned out pretty well, eventually.  People make their choices on external forces instead of looking in.    

Alan Watts says, “There are only 2 reasons you don’t know what you want.  One is that you already have it.  Two is you don’t know yourself”.  He is exactly right. You struggle to make choices because you want to be in control.   Letting go of control gives you control.  Making choices logically and analytically is not bad.  It is just most make choices with the rational mind only.  The variables are infinite. Krishnamurti said, “Freedom is precisely the state of not having to choose”.  He is talking about using your intuition.  Not thinking just doing. This has nothing to do with not making a choice to leave all options open, which I will get too in a bit.   When an athlete thinks about doing something they will miss, but when they just do it they are perfect.  Every time!    I think you will find out that when you make choices and pull in all this data to see which is right.  You eventually go with what feels right.   Once you figure out to go with what feels right without thinking, then you will feel the magic of the subconscious.  Just like star athletes don’t think about what they are going to do they just let subconscious take over, let your subconscious take over.  She is never wrong.  

You can’t make a mistake.  But you have to watch out not to over do it.  Don’t overcompensate.  When you over do it, you don’t really believe that you can’t make a mistake.  Balance is the key.  You are just going to the other extreme.  

Hard choices are not hard because we are stupid.  Fear of the unknown is why hard choices are hard.  So we always take the least risky option.  Ever know someone who just flips a coin when making choices?  They get it!  Each of us has the power to create reasons. Reasons from outside of you are created in the ego mind.  Making decisions on outside reasons  is being a slave to your ego mind.  When you use your intuition you create your own reasons from inside.  When you choose from within, from your heart, you make your own choice.  When you choose from outside reasons, you let others choose for you.  You let mechanism of reward and punishment, fear or how easy something is to make your choice.  

Choose existence over nonexistence.  If you knew your future, why would you choose to live it? Knowing what will happen is just as paralyzing as not knowing what will happen.  If you were not afraid of the unknown, what would your choices be?  We suffer from the fear of missing out.  They only thing you miss out on by not choosing is life.  

Kierkegaard wrote, “Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom”.  Choosing is living and there are no wrong choices.  

This is why we long for immortality. We want every chance to try to get it right.  This is what has brought about the ridiculous notion that if we don’t choose all options stay open.  If you don’t choose, you are nothing.  When you choose, you choose to live.   You choose to be a player in the ultimate on going process of creation.  When you choose you are in the now.  The now is the only place life can be lived.  When you think about acting before you act, you will usually fail.  Your will doesn’t have a part in the thing at all.  When you use your will you are forcing things.  You must act and choose all at once.  In Zen they tell you that you must release the bow string without choosing to release it first.  All this goes back to trying to be perfect.  When you already are perfect.  

In sports are any occupation, if you do something over and over enough times your subconscious takes over and does it for you. That is magic!   In life how can you practice things over and over for your subconscious to take over?  In life it’s not done that way.   In life once you figure out that something is not working and you give up trying and give up not trying, you do it.  That is how the subconscious takes over.  The more you use your subconscious the more it becomes a habit to use it and then magic will happen.  You are not acting on the world and it is not acting on you.  You are in the unfoldment of a process which as you understand it you become more intelligent and act more intelligently.  Choice is how we become more intelligent.  

Truth be told Im a work in progress.  I often second guess my decisions and get stuck not knowing where I am on my journey.  I have moments of clarity and understanding.   They become the rules to my game.   We live in a duality but its not a conflict.  They are different degrees of the same thing.  No matter what choice you make it will all work out.  Some may just take longer. Quit being defensive.  The moment you quit making choices to make things conform to your ego is the moment you quit wasting energy.  Then you have that energy behind you and available to you.  It is not energy because you took it, its energy because you let it be.  This is what the ancient Egyptians meant by weighing the feather of knowledge against the heart.  Do you have the knowledge of nature to let your subconscious make the choices?  That is Magic!  We are who we have been waiting for.  

Notice in the video above that the announcers call him genius, brilliant, scientific, magical, work of art, not from this planet, extraordinary, wonderful, etc.  These announcers know his subconscious is taking over and that is magic.  Let your subconscious emasculate the ego.