The Purpose of Soul Lessons

The Purpose of Soul Lessons

Megan Mulligan
May 13, 2019   


There are deep lessons our soul calls into its lifetime.

Remember, you are your soul, and your soul is you. So the lessons it wishes to learn are those that your earth feet plot out.

They are not always easy lessons. In fact, it seems most are not. That’s because the soul wants to feel what it is like to learn. The learning takes place in the form of experiences — these can be sad, traumatic, frightening, warm, loving, or tender.

Whatever form or way the lessons express themselves is the way that your soul and Source co-conspired to bring that experience into your orbit, always for your greatest good.

Taking this high road of experiences isn’t always easy. Some of us look back on our lives and see the traumatic landscape of childhood and terror that has in some ways paved the way. But even then, in these experiences, our soul was at the helm, guiding and protecting us with the support of our angels and guides, to make it and persevere through even the worst of hardships.

So when looking back, use caution to step outside the alluring web of victimhood. Instead, stand fierce like the God-being that you are and seek the truth. The truth is what truly sets us free. And the truth is, again, that these lessons exist for us to learn from.

This is the question we want to ask ourselves anytime we are in the midst of a breakthrough: “What does Source want me to learn from this?” And from this conscious perspective, the truth filters through like sunlight across freshly pulled shades.

Welcome in the warmth and creativity of the Creator from this knowing. Drop into your heart and receive, for in the receipt of knowing that you are supported, loved, and guided comes the strength to grow even taller toward the sky.

Some of us have grown so tall, we wonder how much more we’ll be offered. But the truth is, this is not the kind of strength you find in a gym. The purity of light doesn’t build by looking outside. This is the inner strength that an Empress or Emperor holds. Regal and assured posture shaped by commitment to healing and the lessons of life experiences.

This is strength derived from compassion that only those who have seen hell and touched its hot flames can offer, for in the cooling return to love and light we let go of each and every resentment with sweet forgiveness, and bless every soul we have encountered on our path of awakening.

That is the soul’s true purpose in each and every incarnate being. To awaken and experience life in the true presence of its form. So on your journey, remember this: Life is not here to serve us, we are here to serve it.

Ask in your daily meditation how best to serve Source, Creation or the Universe, and remember that this is the highest hallmark of life. To serve yourself and others by the healing journey of the life that only you can tell the tale of. Sat Nam.


Megan Mulligan


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