Sun Enters Gemini

Sun Enters Gemini (May 21, 2019)

Bill Attride


The Path of Awakening 

When did you “wake-up”?
How do you know what you know?
What does it mean to be “Intelligent”?

The story of Spiritual Fire, the Light of Consciousness, is found all over the world. Many, many ages ago the so-called “gods” walked among us. They came at the appointed hour, for it was their honor and privilege to pass on the precious Light of Self-Awareness. As it had been given to them in an age long before our own, it was now their turn to pass this gift down to us; it was their sacred duty and honor to pass on the “Fire” that we know as our most precious gift of self-awareness.  

Their names are numerous, but the story that is told is much the same around the world. We call them “myths”, these tales of Prometheus, Lucifer, Quetzalcoatl, Loki and the Kumaras. The heart of this story reaffirms and reminds us that we humans are part of a great ribbon of Light, Love and Consciousness, that stretches backwards and forwards, through Time and Space. All of Spirit-Life-Consciousness is on this never-ending journey of self-becoming, and one of the most critical steps in that journey was reached by us humans in this moment that heralded the beginning of our self-awareness. 

Their Light was passed onto us, and so they partly live on through us; just as you and I are made of one another too. In all the realms, from the physical, through the emotional and the mental on up through the Spiritual, throughout all these hierarchies of Energy-Forms, you will constantly find that the greatest illusion you will need to break is the one which makes it seem as if everything is separate and apart from everything else. 

The Truth is One; that there is but One Spirit and each and every part of creation is in some way formed, shaped, fashioned and brought into ever higher self-realizations through the complex web of relationships that form the entire hierarchy of Spirit-Life-Consciousness. 

You certainly have made you, but you are really made and composed by a host of others too. From your parents and your siblings, from your classmates and your colleagues, and most certainly by your dearly loved ones too, all of their feelings, thoughts and actions have become part of you, as yours has become an integral part of them. We are all made of one another; we all need one another to be who and what we are, for without one another we would not be. 

What you know and how you know is formed by all with whom you journey, in the present life, and all those many lives that came before too. You are made of all these stories that we have told one another since we woke up. We told our stories of where to find food, how to make fire, and how to avoid danger. We laughed and cried, and shared our stories and our love with one another. We made one another and are all in one another in large part because of these stories we shared with one another. 

Yes, you and I made one another and this most certainly includes our thoughts, our ideas, and that wondrous faculty we call our Intelligence. Many may think that Intelligence is founded and formed by experience and knowledge, and so that the more you know, and the more that you can do is the way in which measure how intelligent you are. But this is not intelligence at all. 

Our Intelligence, which is an essential part of our Self-Awareness, is one of the gifts we honor at this time of year, as we move through the realm of Gemini. The real essence of true Intelligence is this: It is the ability to consider the matter/question/situation or object being observed from multiple points of views or perspectives. It is quite simply the facility of your mind to move its focus around and consider whatever you are trying to understand from more than one angle. 

I like to say that our awareness is like a light illuminating the matter before us. We shine a very bright light, and it seems we are seeing so very clearly…but we are also, from assuming a particular point of view or perspective, equally creating and casting some very dark shadows of what we cannot see, of what we cannot know or understand. We are in fact blindsided again and again by our particular point of view. 

That is where “Intelligence” comes in, and by it we are able to move our mind’s eye around to consider matters from over here, and then over there, from above and below (and even from inside), and in so doing we slowly but surely eliminate the shadows and come to a more complete knowing. 

When we are shadowed, we often become stuck. The issue or challenge seems almost binary, there is only “this way” or “that way” to address the issue, and often neither of them are “good”. But when we break out of our self-cast shadows and move our mind by intelligence to consider matters from many angles, often the problem goes away or an elegant solution is revealed. 

This is the Gift of Gemini, the gift of curiosity, the adeptness formed by being contrary and thinking “outside the ordinary”, the essential need of an awakened mind to Question everything…it is the Gift of Intelligence and it one of the principle instruments that drive your story of the Self-That-Is-Becoming. 

We all have Gemini in us; somewhere in your nature there is that need to question, to not settle for the ordinary or expected point of view; to consider a matter from a different angle; to adopt a point of view and debate the issue, and then, to turn “on a dime” and be able to argue the exact opposite point of view too. That is what Gemini and your Intelligence is about; what a gift of spirit to be open to the wonder of it all. 

This is the time to celebrate Gemini. To ask why, and why not. 

The ability to hold two, exactly opposite points of view, and then somehow to find another. 

It is the gift of Intelligence, and it is the key to your awakening. 

Always and forever,  

Keep shining. 

Bill Attride


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