Living in Harmony with Mother Earth

A few days ago I watched a video where someone was asking “why did the Prince of Wales fall in love with this particular place, Transylvania?” The answer was “I suppose it is because the local population still lives in total harmony with the environment, with nature. It is a perfect cohabitation of the man with nature.” What about the rest of us? Are we living in harmony with Mother Earth?

Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature. They respected and loved it. It is something we can still see in villages, where a man works his land with love. Actually, wherever you see parks and green areas they are proof of man’s love and respect for nature. It is his living in harmony with Mother Earth.

Inside us, we all like to live in harmony with each other and the place where we live.

However, where we do not, it is because we let the ego dominates us. Despite that,

We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations.

David Brower

Protecting human being

We protect a child and a lover with our being. What about if the man does not belong to our family? What if he chose to leave us? Do you hate him too much to care about him or her?

There is only one way to be a respected being and the way is very simple: Respect other beings.

Mehmet Murat Ildan

You want to be loved, but do you give love or look for revenge?

You don’t want to be hurt, but you hurt because you feel that way. It is the world we live in: hurting others, destroying, cutting down trees, throwing garbage randomly… Hurting the earth.

Do you want someone else to do for you what you don’t do? Then don’t cry because it hurts! We have done our spiritual wounds and we will do as long as we do not change the way of doing things differently. Receiving without giving? Is it our way to love life?

Protecting life

Saying you love life, that includes everything around you. Not just the things that you think they belong to you. Although, nothing belongs to us. I wrote in the last post that we come with nothing and leave with nothing this life. We are tenants on this land and everything is only rented for the time we spend here. Well, loving does not mean owning. It is respecting everything and offering that respect. It is not in vain that saying that giving is receiving.

Life is not just the man next to you. Life is everything that surrounds you. It is a tree and a flower …

They grow, bloom, enjoy our eye and soul and help us with what we need to live our life. Their life is an act of kindness, love, altruism of the earth.

Life is all life – even if it is in a cat, a dog or a human. There is no difference between a cat and a human. The idea of ​​difference is a conception created by man for his advantage.

Sri Aurobindo


We take everything from the earth to build or destroy. Yet, the earth continues to give us everything we need for living. It is because the earth is a living being respecting Ayni, the principle of equality, respect, and action of giving and receiving.

Ayni is responsibility and respect. It is love and compassion. It’s everything. And it is us. Reciprocity.

J. Wilcox

It is known that everything is just a pulsing field of energy. It is a thing that the shamanic tribes have agreed upon over time. Whether we talk about trees and rivers, birds and animals, computers and cars, clouds and rain, our minds and emotions – everything is energy.

Start to consider yourself as a being of pure energy.

Dr. Bradley Nelson

Being pure energy is being like a child. His energy is making us happy and loving to spend time with them. Their pure energy is love.

What ancestors are we going to be?

Children love unconditionally and share their love with us.

According to Ayni, we are all interconnected. Through unconditional love, we are offering kindness, respect, and positivity and it is what you will get back. Giving more, you are getting more. If you want to receive

Being all interconnected, doing something good for someone, it will return to you.

We, in the selfishness we were taught in, are waiting for the return of the good back from the person whom we believe we have given it. Being hurt by someone, we think at the reason of that, without seeing who we did wrong to, in our turn. Thus, the one hurting us becomes only the tool of the universe in paying us what we have done wrong to someone else.

Maybe we could think about how much we hurt the earth. Then, we would not be surprised at all of the disasters we are experiencing.

Living in Harmony with Mother Earth

We do not come to this world at once, nor do we leave it together. However, in this life, we are together and we can do something for the world we live in. Living in harmony with each other and with mother earth is the legacy we leave for the next generations, for

We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

David Brower

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  1. Am citit pe nerăsuflate aceste gânduri profunde din partea ta, dar și citatele sunt deosebit de importante..
    Îți Mulțumesc din Suflet pentru iubirea ta mare pentru oameni și mediu,
    Multe Salutări Manuela Dragă și o săptămână frumoasă îți doresc !!!


    1. Eu îți mulțumesc pentru prezență, pentru timpul petrecut ca să citești postările și pentru căldura sufletească pe care o așterni în urma ta!
      O săptămână precum îți dorești și toate salutările de bine din partea mea, Ștef!


      1. Mi-a făcut și îmi face plăcere și ador Oamenii care lasă urme frumoase pe drumul lor, astfel încât cei care le calcă pe urme nu se rătăcesc, nu se împiedică, nu se lovesc și nu doresc să se întoarcă înapoi,
        Noapte Bună !!!


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