What is your GPS map?

What is your GPS map?

I remember a girl I was mentoring. She was very upset about the educational system that does not teach children important things about life. Among other discussions, she told me once that if she wants to go somewhere, she uses a GPS map.

What is our GPS map?

Is the map given by fear controlling you or it is dictated by your soul?

Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived from fear of punishment.

― Mahatma Gandhi

We live in a broken system including the lawyers and police. Actually, our GPS is

  • G guilt
  • P punishment
  • S sin

and is based on ego. It speaks about the fear of punishment.


Being guilty means doing things differently than the crowd does. As a result of that, you must be punished.

If you do not learn how your parents want, you are guilty and punished. You are also guilty if you do not have a certain education or social and financial situation. If you are single, divorced, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite, you are guilty. You are guilty even if you do not have the religion of those around you. All guilt comes from fear and must be punished.

When hatred judges, the verdict is just guilty.

― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Do you live with the guilt? “The feeling of guilt – hardens the heart, slows down the bloodstream and prevents normal blood supply to the whole body. … the feelings of guilt attack the heart and it becomes weak … ” (Luule Vilma). In addition, it is the guilt and the fear that contract your DNA and make you live in anxiety and depression, and become ill.


The idea of sin comes from fear. Being a sinner means you do what you feel, and what you like. Thus, you become a sinner and you must be punished. If no one on earth can punish you, you will be after death, right? In life or afterlife, you are going to be punished anyway. It’s like you don’t have any escape from being free and living as you want. 🙂

You don’t do what you like because of fear of punishment and that fear underlies ego. Hate, wickedness, revenge are its relatives. When following your dreams, you do not care about the punishment. Others will see and consider you a sinner because you do have the courage of following your soul’s desires.

You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.

― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray 


Though, if you are seen as guilty or sinner, the world is ready to punish you. It is the easiest thing people do to find you guilty and let you go with that. It is what makes the ego to enjoy living.

You are punished even if there are fake proof or witnesses.

Moreover, with or without evidence, we always punish each other. When we talk badly when we argue or envy each other. We punish ourselves when we use the law to punish others especially innocent children or people of color. We punish because we are not the same and because we feel we have power.

However, every form of punishment destroys a child, a man, and his dreams. Besides them, it destroys entire families and their dreams.

Another GPS map

It is based on love and it speaks about actions because

You were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed or unworthy. We were created to be victorious.

― Joel Osteen

This GPS map is

  • G guiltless
  • P power
  • S sinless


You cannot be guilty of making mistakes, because you learn from them. Eventually, you are guilty that you do not want to learn.

The child does not like what he does but you force him doing so because this is the model of the society. You do not get along with your spouse but you two stay together for the sake of social convention. You don’t like the job you do, but you keep it because you feel comfortable. So,

To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.

― Federico García Lorca, Blood Wedding and Yerma


In my opinion, you are not guilty of following your soul. Eventually, you are guilty of lying to yourself and others, and not trying to overcome your fear. When you understand this, your power belongs to you. However, you must make it clear to yourself that people do not shut you out of their hearts because you are guilty of sins. It is the way they know it to live. It is part of their GPS map.


Living from your heart desire is respecting and loving yourself the way you are. It is living guiltless and sinless and it is the way that makes you have your own power.

This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. The power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy.

― Susan Polis Schutz

Living from your heart, and taking control over your life is your real GPS map. Follow it, for nobody can do it for you!

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay 

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The only chance you have to be yourself

The only chance You have to be Yourself

Last week I found the following quote:

Instead of being a period of unusual behaviour, Christmas is perhaps the only time of year when people can listen to their natural impulses and express their true feelings without feeling self-conscious and maybe crazy. In short, Christmas is about a man’s only chance of being himself.

– Francis C. Farley

In my opinion, the quote expresses the truth. Maybe, the rest of the year you just try to please others, to respect the rules made by others or to do what you have been educated to do. Most of us do not do an important thing, to be ourselves.

Christmas is the season of the year when being yourself, you feel good. Probably, you feel happy. So, who are you for the rest of the year? Why are not you happy?

To be happy, in our society, you need something to motivate you. If we do not have a reason, or we do not have things or people we consider needing them, we are not worthy. Thus, we accept what others want us to, and we are not ourselves but the desired variant by others or our ego.

Is Christmas de only chance you have?

Is Christmas the only chance we have to be ourselves? The truth is that at Christmas time we wish the best to everyone, even strangers. We also feel that every person deserves to be happy.

It seems as we really live only during Christmas time. What about the rest of the year?

From my own experience, we cannot be ourselves because of the fear of facing our own fears. And these can be many …


Anxiety is just a bunch of fears and it is natural to make you feel the need for something or someone in your life. Their presence in your life makes you feel worthy. Otherwise, you feel incomplete and unhappy.

There is also the fear of losing a person from your life. But every person who comes into and leaves your life helps you become the person you are today.

There is a fear of being alone on holidays. Thus, you feel unloved because no one wants you in his/ her life. Consequently, you enter into toxic relationships and consider that you love without being loved.

Anxiety is the poison of human life.    

– Blair

So, you need to confront your fears. The more you do it, the happier and free you feel you are.

Another kind of Christmas

This Christmas I lived like any other day of the year, without anything festive. Actually, it is the way I live for several years now. I mean, the way I never thought before I’d ever do it.

This year was also the first time that the only companies I had were my dogs and a cat. I was far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the rush holidays bring with them.

Thus, I enjoyed the pine tree I planted in the yard, but without decorating it. I enjoyed the food I have without doing anything special. I enjoyed the loyalty of the dogs and the cat purr.

It does not mean that I do not like the other people’s company or a man’s presence, but I do not want the company of one just for not being alone. It does not mean that I do not love my child, mother or siblings. They are always with me because I have them in my soul all year long.

Gratitude for everything

Going back to fears and anxiety, they are what brought me into my toxic relationships I have experienced. The good part is that they taught me to love myself first. To be grateful for every minute I live and for everything I have in my life. They taught me to be grateful for what I have and to give others what I have.

I learned that You do not need anything or anyone in your life to be happy. You find that happiness within and when you have found it, no one can take it away. It is part of yourself.

Do we need a certain time of year to be ourselves? Do we need many people around us to know that we are worthy?

Love and gratitude for everything is part of ourselves. It is because

love and gratitude are fundamental to the phenomenon of life in all of nature.

― Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water

How would the world be like if?

Living By giving

A gift to everyone every day of our life? No, you do not need to go shopping for gifts every day.

A GIFT can be a kind word, a thank you, please or forgive me. You can like or comment on someone else’s work. These are gifts we can offer every day to anyone. Thus, we can bring Christmas into someone else’s soul any day all year long.

Christmas gift suggestions: to your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.

 – Oren Arnold

Living Beyond ego

The ego is the one that distorts and limits the way we live. Your chance of being yourself you have it every day. You can choose to face your fear or to live with them.

It is living by letting be Christmas every day in your life or only once in a while.

Living With gratitude

In my opinion, the Christmas spirit can be a way of living for each and every one of us. You do not need to belong to some specific church or religion. You can carry that spirit all year long with you because you can find it within you.

I wish we could put some of the Christmas spirits in jars and open a jar of it every month.

– Harlan Miller

With Christmas in your heart, you keep it all year long and share it with others. Thus, you have the chance to be yourself in every single day of your life.

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year!

– Charles Dickens, Ebeneezer Scrooge, A Christmas Carol

I wish you Christmas in your heart and to keep it all the year!

Photo by Oldiefan from Pixabay 

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Learning about people, you love dogs

Learning about people, You like dogs

Ever since I moved to the village, I have seen people crossing the road with a stick in their hands. I asked someone, why he carries it with him. The answer was “to protect me if a dog attacks”. There is the lesson “fight or flight” because of fear but even using a stick to hurt a dog, that will still be there. The lesson I learned from my father is that unless you run or hit the dog, he does nothing to you. This thing made me love dogs even more.

It happened to me that some people coming to my gate, tried hitting my dog over the gate, in my yard, with the whip or the fist. Although, he only does his “job”. He barks because he defends his yard and owner.

That is why I agree with Mark Twain’s words:

The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog. 

– M. Twain

Learning about people you like or hate them

Unfortunately, in the society we live in, you can be easily fooled. Especially if you do not listen to your instinct, do not know the body language, or do not look into people’s eyes.

Many times we are afraid to look into people’s eyes. We don’t look into ourselves, so how can we do it with others? We’re afraid of what we might find there. Maybe, what we see resonates with what we feel. And we just want to feel good. Thus, we prefer lying than to think beyond the barriers we live in. However, the wrong part is still part of our life and by not accepting it, we do not accept the whole. It destroys our comfort for we do not like change.

In addition, we are taught to listen only to the voice of rationality and to ignore our instinct. Then, many times we cry or are sorry for we did not.

Moreover, the man lies to you and can do it with much nonchalance. Some do not think they can hurt through lies or their actions. Maybe, they don’t care.

Learning about dogs, you like them

Instead, the dog will look you in the eye. He communicates with you in this way. He feels what you feel. He knows if he can trust you or not. It is because he is just his feelings. I said he just loves or tries to defend himself. When he loves you, his gestures make you feel loved because he offers you his unconditional love.

If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.

― Woodrow Wilson

The dog doesn’t lie to you. He eats what you give him because he trusts you. I saw a dog beaten, with his teeth broken, another one with one eye removed and yet they returned to their owners. It is because they know loyalty, respect, and unconditional love.

you like dogs

I posted again because it is very dear to me. On the one hand, because I love the beings in it. On the other hand, for me, it is the bond formed between two beings who do not belong to the same category but share respect and love.

How do we treat dogs?

We are those who are trying to humanize them, using clothes and accessories. Also, we are those who hurt, starve or kill them. At the same time, there are people living in the canals or on the streets. They do not afford clothes that others allow for a dog. Where is our humanity?

I said that I moved to the village and the first impediment I reached was waking up with uninvited guests in the yard. I actually found one in the house and he was an unknown person. It was the first time that happened to me (and the last). I was shocked at that time.

Also, here in the village, I discovered that some people can keep a dog but do not love it. In addition, if they come to your door they take care to have a stick in their hand and to hit your dog if he barks.

A dog’s life

We are talking about a man who lives badly as he lives a dog life. If he is sick, we say he suffers like a dog.

Actually, a dog suffers because the man makes him suffer. We keep him tied, beat him, starve him or kill his puppies. He is a free-born being that adapts to the conditions in which he lives. If he has no food, he looks for it, if he has no shelter, he looks for. If he meets a man who offers him little food, he loves him.

They teach us about friendship, selflessness, and loyalty. They also teach us the way to communicate without words, to listen more than hear, and accept death with grace.

Difference between a person and a dog?

It is not our rationality. It is his loyalty:

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.

– Mark Twain

It is also his love:

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

– Josh Billings

Athena (my dog in the pictures) does not bark at some people who pass my threshold, although she is “a bad dog”. So, I believe my dog ​​when she barks because she listens to her instinct, and that is not a lie.

Learning about people, I respect the man, but I love my bad dog.

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person. 

– Bill Murray

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Living in Harmony with Nature

Living in Harmony with Mother Earth

A few days ago I watched a video where someone was asking “why did the Prince of Wales fall in love with this particular place, Transylvania?” The answer was “I suppose it is because the local population still lives in total harmony with the environment, with nature. It is a perfect cohabitation of the man with nature.” What about the rest of us? Are we living in harmony with Mother Earth?

Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature. They respected and loved it. It is something we can still see in villages, where a man works his land with love. Actually, wherever you see parks and green areas they are proof of man’s love and respect for nature. It is his living in harmony with Mother Earth.

Inside us, we all like to live in harmony with each other and the place where we live.

However, where we do not, it is because we let the ego dominates us. Despite that,

We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations.

David Brower

Protecting human being

We protect a child and a lover with our being. What about if the man does not belong to our family? What if he chose to leave us? Do you hate him too much to care about him or her?

There is only one way to be a respected being and the way is very simple: Respect other beings.

Mehmet Murat Ildan

You want to be loved, but do you give love or look for revenge?

You don’t want to be hurt, but you hurt because you feel that way. It is the world we live in: hurting others, destroying, cutting down trees, throwing garbage randomly… Hurting the earth.

Do you want someone else to do for you what you don’t do? Then don’t cry because it hurts! We have done our spiritual wounds and we will do as long as we do not change the way of doing things differently. Receiving without giving? Is it our way to love life?

Protecting life

Saying you love life, that includes everything around you. Not just the things that you think they belong to you. Although, nothing belongs to us. I wrote in the last post that we come with nothing and leave with nothing this life. We are tenants on this land and everything is only rented for the time we spend here. Well, loving does not mean owning. It is respecting everything and offering that respect. It is not in vain that saying that giving is receiving.

Life is not just the man next to you. Life is everything that surrounds you. It is a tree and a flower …

They grow, bloom, enjoy our eye and soul and help us with what we need to live our life. Their life is an act of kindness, love, altruism of the earth.

Life is all life – even if it is in a cat, a dog or a human. There is no difference between a cat and a human. The idea of ​​difference is a conception created by man for his advantage.

Sri Aurobindo


We take everything from the earth to build or destroy. Yet, the earth continues to give us everything we need for living. It is because the earth is a living being respecting Ayni, the principle of equality, respect, and action of giving and receiving.

Ayni is responsibility and respect. It is love and compassion. It’s everything. And it is us. Reciprocity.

J. Wilcox

It is known that everything is just a pulsing field of energy. It is a thing that the shamanic tribes have agreed upon over time. Whether we talk about trees and rivers, birds and animals, computers and cars, clouds and rain, our minds and emotions – everything is energy.

Start to consider yourself as a being of pure energy.

Dr. Bradley Nelson

Being pure energy is being like a child. His energy is making us happy and loving to spend time with them. Their pure energy is love.

What ancestors are we going to be?

Children love unconditionally and share their love with us.

According to Ayni, we are all interconnected. Through unconditional love, we are offering kindness, respect, and positivity and it is what you will get back. Giving more, you are getting more. If you want to receive

Being all interconnected, doing something good for someone, it will return to you.

We, in the selfishness we were taught in, are waiting for the return of the good back from the person whom we believe we have given it. Being hurt by someone, we think at the reason of that, without seeing who we did wrong to, in our turn. Thus, the one hurting us becomes only the tool of the universe in paying us what we have done wrong to someone else.

Maybe we could think about how much we hurt the earth. Then, we would not be surprised at all of the disasters we are experiencing.

Living in Harmony with Mother Earth

We do not come to this world at once, nor do we leave it together. However, in this life, we are together and we can do something for the world we live in. Living in harmony with each other and with mother earth is the legacy we leave for the next generations, for

We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

David Brower

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