Motivational and Inspirational Movies (14)

Woman on Top (2000)

“Woman on Top” is a passionate love story.

Isabella is a charming chef in Bahia, a small Brazilian seaside resort and suffers from motion sickness. She marries Toninho and they are happy. Unfortunately, based on the issue of Isabella’s sickness, Toninho is frustrated and makes a “fatal” mistake. Isabella discovers and chooses to embark on a journey. She receives many jobs as a chef in the USA and chooses to try her luck in San Francisco.

Isabella becomes the favourite chef at a cooking school. While Toninho is lonely in Bahia, she is discovered by a young producer and becomes a success.

A funny romantic adventure full of love and magic. A movie about marriage and the persistence of love.

If you are a fan of latin music, the soundtrack is great.

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What does faith mean to you?

What does Faith mean to you?

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I have often heard the expression “you are not doing well because you do not have faith or because you do not believe in something or someone” outside you. We all come from the same Source and return to it, a source driven by Unconditional Love. What does faith mean to you?

None of us knows what might happen in the next minute, but we are still moving forward. It is because we have confidence. We have faith.

– Paulo Coelho

What is faith?

There are a lot of synonyms of the term faith such: trust, conviction, confidence, help, dependence towards something or someone. The term is defined as “strong trust or confidence in something or someone”. Something or someone outside of you. Yet, do you have faith in you?

Faith is at home in a child who is drawing, singing and dancing. Appreciated and encouraged, he will become an adult with confidence in himself, in his strength. He will become a man with self-confidence and self-love.

Without encouraging, he will lose the confidence he has, becoming an anxious adult. Thus, he will continually seek confirmation in something or someone around him. He will look for confidence and faith outside of himself.

Where is faith?

You can not know, you can only believe – or not.

– C.S. Lewis

When I say the words I believe, I can not see, hear, touch anything, I only feel. It is something that makes me feel good and know that everything is fine.

Usually, people with a particular faith blame those who do not have the same faith. But how do you know if your faith is correct? If so, why do you blame and judge others for their faith? It means that your faith is also limited. It makes conditions. True faith does not do it nor punish anyone.

For me, true faith is in what I feel, in the message of my intuition. We all are part of that Source from which we all come. Your soul knows it for it is part of the Source and of its unconditional love.

And then you need something or someone to believe in?

Do you need a guru to make you believe in yourself?

Have Faith in Your Instincts. They will escort You for your best

– Shivali Sarawagi

When you believe in someone or something else only, you live life according to the concepts formulated by those. You do not think about how you feel.

Every guru like every person walks his path, and his life defines him who he is. It does not mean that his way is good or bad for you. It is the best path for he who walked on it. And you can only walk on your path.

Also, Every person you meet on your way leaves their energy footprint in one way or another on your path. You decide how much you take from that imprint, but you will not be able to copy it, because you are YOU.

You are the only guru you need to have faith in.

The way to believe

Neville Goddard says in “The Power of Awareness,” that all transformations begin with a strong, burning desire to be transformed. The first step in changing the way you think is desire. To want and intend to be different before you start to change.

That desire is something that only you feel because it comes from within you. Only you can believe in your heart and intuition. Trusting them, you do not need confirmation to do what you feel. And this life is to understand that we all need to love, for life means love.

As Bill Attride says: We are here to forge a New Path; we are here to preserve, protect and love all creatures great and small. For Love is Life, and Life is Love. We, humans, are here to love and be loved. We are here to be ones of the One.

Where is your faith?

I have worked abroad and returned to my mother country. I did this because I listened to my intuition. I believed in what I was feeling.

When I put the apartment up for sale because I wanted a house and a garden, I have been told that I will not succeed. I succeeded because I believed in what I was feeling. If I had listened to those around me, I would have been in the same place and just dreaming.

No matter how many people you listen to, you can agree with everyone, but none of them will feel what you feel. What your heart tells you, it will not tell others, because only you are YOU.

Your faith in your intuition/ soul is what makes you see steps where others see nothing. Also, it gives you the courage to walk your path and overcome your fears.

What does faith mean for you?

Man is what he thinks he is, a brother of darkness or a child of Light.

– Emerald Tablets

Each piece of advice comes through someone’s perception and experience. Follow them if you like doing it, but let your heart guide you. Listen to your inner voice and believe in it! A voice that does not urge you to do wrong, but only to do what you want. If your mind finds lots of obstacles, your heart sees none for it guides with love. It knows that anything is possible.

It believes in your way. Your heart knows that your path is for your highest good and contains your truth: the love from which we all come.

You are the only one who can find your faith. Search within you, in your heart. You will find the love you may have been looking for for a long time.

For me, real faith means love. What about you?

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Happy New Year!

May each day of the coming year
fill your heart with 
new dreams, new joys
much Love!

Happy New Year!

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Download Happy New Year card for free here.

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Motivational and Inspirational Movies (13)

King Arthur (2004)

King Arthur movie from 2004 deserves a fair approach, for it has little to do with the traditional legends of King Arthur.

This movie revolves around Arthur as a centurion and his men in an earlier period during the Roman times. They are sent on a mission to save an important Italian family before they are captured and killed by an invading Saxon army. For stopping that army, Arthur and his men make an alliance with the locals called Woads.

It is a movie with a bit of romance, comedy, drama and a lot of action. Therefore, it is a movie about courage, loyalty, honour, duty and values. A movie about a man who is loyal to his beliefs even when those around him dismiss those beliefs.

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What? That some people are born to be slaves?

No. That isn’t true! All men are free, equal. … Each of us has the right to chose his own destiny.


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