What genre is YOUR Happiness?

Each of us is looking for “a splash of happiness”, for we all are the same: human beings. 

In the same time, happiness has a different meaning for each of us, for we all are different. That difference is not in the colour of the skin, and religion. It is in the way we live and perceive everything around us. It is in the genre of our happiness.

Japanese people have the word “Ureshii” for happiness, which is written in two parts in Japanese.

The first part means woman, and the second part means luck. Perhaps the ancestors who created the writing system used in Japan knew how important it is to make other people happy, especially women.

Masaru Emoto

We use to say that having more time, friends, forgiveness, money and/ or something else, we are going to be happy. Is it true? You can have piles of money and hundreds of friends and be unhappy.

In my opinion, happiness has many ingredients. The harmonious mixing of them creates our genre of happiness. Creating and living that balance, you live your life happily.

The Time

It is one of the ingredients we use to live with because we are attached to it. Usually, we are attached to the past. We would like to live again what bring smiles on our face or forget what makes us sad.

Unfortunately, You cannot change your past. The deeper you are attached to the past, the more depressed you are. Yet, you can change your present. For that, DO accept that your past was a present at a certain time. Let it go, for it will not be anymore your present.

It is important to realize in a simple and right way that you live here and now. You do not know for how long you are going to see another present tomorrow. The day of “today” is all you have. Tomorrow is another today and every “today” may be a happy day of your life. Let it be!


How happy are you thinking that you are not forgiven? You try your best every day to be forgiven. As long as you do not forgive yourself, can you do it for others?

You are not your struggles as you are not other’s struggles. You are you. Accept your failures as being yours only, and not anybody else’s. Accept them as being part of your growing. You learn that failure is a failure only as long as you do not learn its lesson. In that way, You will start forgiving yourself and the others around you.

Accept mistakes, dry your tears, and go forward. You make a new step with every lesson.


Forgiving yourself and using the lessons you learn from your mistakes and failures, you become able to move forward. You can follow your goals and make your dreams alive.

Waiting for others to do it, you will be disappointed. Nobody will do it and nobody will be willing to do it the way you do. Moreover

Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals. If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more.

Roy T. Bennett

There are no small and big goals. They are goals of your life and you are the only one who knows them the best.


Working for goals you fail and make mistakes. Sometimes you have a family to support you. Unfortunately,

ties of blood did not assure fidelity or love

Barbara Taylor Bradford – A woman of Substance

Most of the time, you will have a true friend who resonates with you. He could be the one who helps you get up. His shoulder is there to support you.

He knows how to show you that weakness exists. That you are strong enough to start over. He is the man who pushes you to move forward without compromising and without stepping on your feet. It is because,

Friendship means compassion and kindness.

Masaru Emoto


We use to say that life is a struggle. That it is a battlefield and only those enough powerful will make it. Actually, “fighting” for the life you want, should not be called a fight. From fights you get scars, and you never get scars from happiness. Usually, we “fight” against us.

Here, I agree with Sultan’s words:

1. “Fight is about fighting against what is inside you.

2. A true fighter is not one who wins medals. The real fighter is the one who fights the game of life and wins.

3. No one can defeat you until you let yourself be defeated.

You follow your path of life and need to learn that there are not only roses. You need to get stung by thorns to see how far you came from and how much you can bear. To see that your today version is better than the yesterday one.

What genre is your happiness?

Time, fights, friends … None from above can make the real genre of your happiness. They all are some ingredients in your life.

Happiness is not something ready-made or to make. It is not someone who has to be part of your life.

Happiness is not coming from something or somebody, for it does not come from your exterior. Moreover, you even cannot buy your real happiness.

Happiness is what you wish and think following your heart. Therefore, You are happy when you live in harmony with yourself.

Look inside you, where your treasure is waiting for you to be discovered. Children know it, grown-ups re-find it either earlier or later in life. The day you discover it, you start living your life in the whole of its beauty.

Do not put its responsibility in other people’s hands. Taking its responsibility, you take it for your happiness.

The very act of living is a joy in itself.

Masaru Emoto

YOUR Happiness is inside you and has YOUR genre!

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With Love,

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  1. Superbe citatele care parcă m-au ancorat și mai mult în sfera fericirii mele, iar un fragment – bine, au fostai multe – însă unu mi-a plăcut cel mai mult și sună așa:
    “Fericirea este ceea ce îți dorești și gândește urmându-ți inima. Prin urmare, ești fericit când trăiești în armonie cu tine însuți.”

    Mulțumesc mult de aceste superbe citate alese, o săptămână superbă îți doresc, Manuela.!!!


    1. Mă bucur că ți-au plăcut și că astfel de rânduri ajută “sfera fericirii tale”, Ștef.
      Îți mulțumesc pentru cuvintele frumoase pe care le lași la trecerea ta pe pagină și îți doresc ca fiecare zi să îți fie superbă!


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