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Each flower is an expression of creation and beauty. One is tall, other is short, with a different colour, and smell. No two are alike. No two paintings or two poems are identical. Each is unique in its way. At the same time, there is no fear of sticking its head out in the light to be seen. What about you? Do you allow yourself of being seen?

To be or not to be?

To be or not to be seen?

We learn to see the man who has a position or money. We know to identify people with the value of money and job as if without them, we are born unworthy. But if everyone had only certain professions and functions, who would do the rest of the work? Who would build the buildings? Who would clean the places after a workday? Moreover, who would delight our souls with lyrics, rainbow colours or laughter?

Each creation has its energy charge left by its author. Every creation form is seen by those who resonate with it. Through these you, the author, offer what only you can do in your way to the world. Therefore, you let yourself of being seen.

For that, you need to accept yourself as you are. To see that you are more than a clerk or worker from 9 to 5, for others. You need to do what you love to do. Express your emotions on paper, on canvas, or in the colours of laughter.

Inside you is a split world. The person you want to be and the person you suppress. We all have this split inside of us. We are attached to an idea of ourselves and all the stuff that we think is bad we disown. We think that many of the material things we want or the approval we seek will make us happy. In reality it is driven by this split that we have.

With or without fear?

When you do not allow yourself to be as you are, you suppress everything your soul desires.

With fear

Everything you like to do, but you do not do, it is because you are afraid:

  • by unknown
  • that you are not good enough
  • you are not worthy
  • you will not achieve what you want
  • of living up to the other expectations
  • being guilty in other eyes
  • people will laugh at you
  • that you gain nothing
  • you will lose what you have

If we want to be honest with ourselves, most of us go to the job we have, for money. Thus, what we like to do is postponed for an uncertain future. Therefore, you do not know when you will do what you want to or if you will do it, because of fear. Yet, you hope that one day, something will change.

For the sake of money, many parents still stop their children from following the call of their soul through painting or music. For the same reason, low emotions are promoted and manipulate the mass. Thus, there are all sorts of ways to criticize or suppress real creation. All kind of professions is invented only to find a knot in the rush of that and destroy it..

Fear takes you off the path. It is because man is a creation and in turn, he needs to create in the form he feels vibrating inside him.

Because of fear you are not trying to do what you want. Yet, if you do not try, how will you know what you are capable of or not? Do you think that someone else will change something in your life if you do not?

Without fear

It’s not dying I’m afraid of. It’s dying without ever having lived that I’m afraid of.

Craig D. Lounsbrough

By doing what you love and how you love it, you will vibrate with joy and happiness. Thus, you will go from low to high emotion. Others catch them, and our world is changing for the better. 

For that, you may have to make your way. Many of the so-called friends will leave you. Yet, you live without fear. You allow yourself to be the real YOU. You come out of the crowd, and allow yourself of being seen.

Other professions?

Compared to art, all other professions are but chores.

T.L. Rese

In my opinion, any work you do is worthy, and you are born being worthy. I also said that working abroad I was a support worker, a care assistant, a kitchen assistant for the nursing homes. Each job showed me that I do whatever I want, but at the same time that I do not do what I like. They showed me that I am not happy just having a job for money. However, no matter how hard I worked, the soul desire was different. But I was afraid to listen. I was scared to see myself and to allow of being seen as I am.

Why creation?

Every man comes into this world with a gift of his own. Everything that is done with pleasure and without being bound by rules and limits becomes art. Everything that leaves the soul and transposes into reality is something created.

What you like to do comes from your soul, and no one can take it from you. That is why a child is so happy when he paints, draws, sings. He does what he feels and likes.

Allow yourself of being seen

Your creations carry on your legacy longer than your kids will ever do.

Amit Kalantr

I learned that my life now and here is a visit to this earth from which I can leave at any time. 

You can leave it happy that you lived your life as you liked, without fear. You can leave it sad because you did not give yourself time to do what you want. However, you open the door of your soul and do what you like doing only without fear.

… keep holding your own vibration high by being true to yourself. Keep your thoughts aligned with what you wish to attract into your life. Hold space not just for what you want to manifest, but for the life you want to see for everyone on this planet.


Allow yourself to be who you are without fear of being seen!

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With Love,

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13 thoughts on “Allow yourself of being seen

  1. “Ceea ce îți place să faci vine din sufletul tău și nimeni nu ți-l poate lua. De aceea un copil este atât de fericit când pictează, desenează, cântă. Face ceea ce simte și îi place.”

    N-am putut să nu mă exprim, văzând acest bogat articol, plin de vibrații pozitive care pe mine mă încarcă ca pe un acumulator..

    Numai bine îți doresc, Manuela, și Mulțumesc mult pentru răbdarea de a culege aceste teze deosebite ! 🤗🙏

    1. Mulțumesc din suflet pentru tot ce îmi transmiți! Mă bucur din suflet că rândurile mele te încarcă pozitiv. În opinia mea, de pozitivitate este nevoie în lumea noastră.
      Îți doresc să ai parte de tot Binele pe care ți-l dorești!

      1. Cu mult drag, mi-a făcut plăcere, și îmi face placere de fiecade dată când citesc astfel de gânduri profunde ! 😇

  2. Thank you Manuela!
    All above are possible in a world without money and where the people are aware and awaken. I hope that this day is not far away …
    Have a nice evening!

    1. Thank you very much for your visit and opinion, Cristi!
      In my opinion, all the above are possible day by day, when people allow themselves to do what they like even if they work for others. With or without money, we all have 24 hours and the way we use them belongs to us.
      Have a nice day every day!

  3. Maria Daniela

    Multumesc foarte mult pentru acest articol draga Manuela !
    Esti persoana care m-a inspirat si indemnat intotdeauna sa-mi ascult vocea inimii si a sufletului,
    sa fac ceea ce-mi aduce fericire si implinire sufleteasca.
    Te imbratisez cu drag
    si iti multumesc ca exisiti!
    <3 Namaste ! <3

    1. Dragă Daniela, m-ai lăsat fără cuvinte!
      Îți mulțumesc pentru toată frumusețea sufletească pe care o lași pe unde treci și așa cum ai spus, îți spun la rândul meu: mulțumesc pentru că exiști!
      <3 Namaste! <3

  4. It opens the eyes to the fact that we are doing things we think we need to not what we are passionate about out of fear. Once fear is conquered we become liberated indeed.

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