What is the best way to live your life?

A few weeks ago, I read one of Diana’s (a MasticadoresRomania collaborator) reviews. Although I did not read the book, the message caught my attention. The reason is that I (and maybe many of you, too) have faced that message
“what would my life be like if I had made another decision at some point”? In addition, each of us faces the problem of the main character. Like he, we all have to answer one question before our time “expires”. It is, “what is the best way to live your life?

The path of others

Life offers us a bag full of opportunities. Most of the time we choose to live our lives as we are taught. We do not ask too many questions, listen to our souls, and accept new opportunities that life offers us. And unfortunately, all just because of fear…

At other times, we may refuse to take a piece of what we are taught and apply it in another way that would be conducive to our lives. We don’t do it, also because of fear or maybe because of selfishness…

As I said before, every teacher/ guru has had his way in life to get where he is. No one is perfect and no one holds the universal truth. However, everyone is right on his own in the light of his experience. Moreover, we can learn something from each other without absolutizing the justice or perfection of anyone’s path, and without feeling lost.

People travel different paths in search of fulfilment and happiness. If they’re not on your way, it doesn’t mean they’re lost.

– Dalai Lama

Why don’t you make a path?

To follow your path may be hard. Everything that does not fit with the ideas of society means that you could be judged. Our subconscious knows judgment as a “sentence” of isolation and death. So, rather than hearing that others laugh at you or isolate you, you prefer to do what many do. Even if your soul wants something completely different.

Last week I have posted “Scent of a Woman” as a Motivational and inspirational Movie. In the classic final monologue given by Pacino’s character, Lt. Col. Frank Slade admits,

Now I have come to the crossroad in my life. I always knew what the right path was. Without exception, I knew. But I never took it. You know why? It was too damn hard.

– Pacino’s character, Lt. Col. Frank Slade

Who are you relying on?

When you do something imposed by the ideas of others, you will feel that they bother you. At some point, frustration boils inside you. Instead, when you do what resonates with you, you feel good. You feel free and happy.

Also, you could believe that if someone or something does not motivate you, you are not good enough, and you are not worthy. Thus, you accept what others want you to do, and you are not yourself but the desired variant by others or your ego.

No one can give you the chances that you do not offer to yourself! No one can create your life the way you want it to be, but yourself! You have everything you need – mind, body and soul, so you are never lost!

No one will do for you what you do not do. So why not give yourself the chance to follow your path, to live your own life?

There are so many examples in this world. People without hands or feet have found their way to live their lives. e.g.:
Swapna Augustine has no hands, but she paints with her feet.

A man without hands plays the guitar perfectly with his feet.

In other words, you are the one born for your path.

What is the best way to live your life?

What we take from others applies more, less or not at all to us. That’s because we don’t have the same past and the same dreams. By taking what resonates with you from what others do or say, you can follow your desires and experiences. In this way, you create your path.

It is a path with many intersections and many obstacles, and you meet many people on your way. Even if some are transient, they can lay a stone at the foundation of the path you are creating in this life.

Look around for nature. Every flower or tree grows if the man has given them the chance to live, regardless of the environment they grow in. They will make their way to bring their head to the light. Flower or tree, they do not know how long they will live but use the chance they have to do it.

We feel the fire of hearts – like a dream. We live deep emotions – we fight with our hearts. Everyone is waiting – waiting for a beginning

– Modern Talking, Take the chance

You have your chance: a start and yet an end, for this life is only here and now. It is the only chance to live the way you want, and for that you need to take action in that direction.

Your life path belongs to you. Listen to your soul, for it always guides you in the right direction.

Following YOUR heart, you follow your path, and it is the best way to live your life!

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15 thoughts on “What is the best way to live your life?

  1. I wonder about this, and about introspection in reference to the past. It only is worth doing in the case that you use it to learn and apply it to the future…but wondering what might have happened feels a bit like time not well spent. It is too late, and remorse is something that sucks the life out of you one drop at a time. Totally agree with what you say though on the lesson–life for yourself, not for others.


    1. You are right, past is history and remorse sucks the life out of you. Nothing can be changed, yet you can see the positive side of everything: you have done what you knew the best in every moment of your life. You have been your best variant at that moment. However, the way you live your life is up to you… Thank you for your visit and comment!


  2. Carlos Usín

    This is a very interesting subject, full of edges and nuances, but as I do not want to extend myself too much, I will give an example and I will use an aphorism.
    Many years ago, a close friend of mine confessed to me just after her divorce, that she had followed the steps that had been instilled in her conventional education, in the firm belief that by doing so, she would be happy. She was not, and there came a time when she found herself living someone else’s life.
    And that brings me to the aphorism: “Be true to yourself”.
    The thought is attributed to several classical Greeks, but the author is the least of it.
    You are the only person who will have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. So, you better feel comfortable inside this skin, this suit.

    Your character is your destiny.


    Interesantísimo asunto el que planteas lleno de aristas y matices, pero como no quiero extenderme mucho, pondré un ejemplo y echaré mano de un aforismo.
    Hace muchos años, una íntima amiga me confesó justo después de divorciarse, que ella había seguido los pasos que le habían inculcado en su convencional educación, en la firme creencia que haciéndolo, sería feliz. No fue así y llegó un momento en que se encontraba viviendo la vida de otra persona.
    Y eso me lleva al aforismo :”Sé fiel a tí mismo”.
    El pensamiento se atribuye a varios griegos clásicos, pero el autor es lo de menos.
    Sólo tú eres la única persona que tendrás que vivir contigo mismo el resto de tu vida. Así es que, es mejor que te sientas cómodo dentro de esa piel, de este traje.

    Tu carácter es tu destino


    1. Your words are true. it is a subject full of edges and nuances, and everyone lives them through his experiences. In my opinion, following only what we are taught does not bring us happiness, for the educational system does not teach us to be true to ourselves. To be true to yourself you need to look within.
      Thank you very much for your visit and elaborate comment!


  3. Ai mare dreptate cu tot ceea ce ne-ai prezentat în acest articol! În viață încercăm uneori să ne încadrăm în standardele create de lume. Însă, ar trebui doar să ne ascultăm instinctul și să nu ne lăsam influențați de părerea altora.
    Mulțumim pentru încă un articol minunat!


    1. Cu mult drag, Diana! În primul rând eu îți mulțumesc pentru recenzia oferită pentru MasticadoresRomânia, de la care a pornit articolul. Adaug mulțumiri din suflet pentru cuvintele frumoase lăsate în urma ta.


  4. Paths are never still or permanent. They keep winding from here to there. It’s ourselves we should primarily depend on. Others have their own personal battles. Comfort can be found in words and feelings, but acceptance can only be found within.
    Your thoughts and words are lovely. 🙂


    1. You are right! As someone else was saying, there are a lot of edges and nuances. Moreover, as you say, everyone has his personal battle. Therefore, to be true to yourself you need to look within.
      Thank you very much for taking your time to read and comment. Thank you for your kindness!


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