Wonderful Wordless World (192)

Flowers of Autumn 2

In my garden

Photos by me in the last days of September.



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4 thoughts on “Wonderful Wordless World (192)

  1. What a lovely garden you have. Thank you for sharing it. Great spashes of colour. My neighbour has just put up a black colorbond fence. It’s seven foot high, makes me depressed and, it of course attracts the heat, horrid heat no doubt will hit 45 degrees this summer. Already we’re several degrees above the norm. My hippeastrums, big bright red trumpets won’t flower for months and months but I indulge in my herbs and rampant passionfruit vine and birds that come into my garden


    1. You are right because we have to respect and accept others’ decisions even if we dislike them. Also you can think of growing semi-shade flowers, climbers… Thank you for your visit and kindness!


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