Your Truth or Mine?

«It is not right! Wrong! You are lying! You do not know what you are talking about. You are a fool!» Your truth or mine?

We use many words to express our anger because the one in front of us does not believe our words. Maybe, we do it because his words do not agree with our truth. Yet, we want to prove to others that they do not know what we know. That we say something true, but they do not. I know that I am saying what I know, just as you know that what you are saying is true. Yet, sometimes we can not agree. Therefore, we argue and hate each other. We stop talking to each other for a while or the whole life. Maybe ignorance and pride will not leave us to accept that we have the right to different points of view. However, I tell my truth, you tell me your truth.… Which one is better? Your truth or mine?

Truth is a matter of perspective

Truth is a matter of perspective
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Truth is a point of view about things. 

Marcel Proust

Your truth is your perspective on things. It is a reflection of your experience and your belief system. But because your life is not my life, you have the truth that you live. At the same time, you do not know or want to accept that I have my truth. Maybe you understand it, or at least you understand snippets of it. Maybe, you do not understand anything, or you do not want to .…

Many times, we dissect everything not just for the sake of a conversation, and an exchange of opinions from which everyone may learn. We do it for the sake of controversy. We do it to show that my truth is superior to yours or others. Yet, every man lives according to his beliefs and perceptions. Each man has his truth, which can intersect with the others’ truth. However, it does not mean that any of us have the absolute truth.

The beauty of truth

The beauty of truth
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The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.

Lao Tzu

These words remind me of the rulers and those who consider themselves the chosen ones. With beautiful words, they give us only words. But their words are the polish of their lies. Most of the time we find that we are left only with the words. Those people do not offer us a truth, because they only have one big truth for themselves – money.

When you tell the truth, it comes from the soul. You feel it and know it. At the same time, you can accept that everyone has their truth because they have their perspective. It is their perspective to see the world and live their life. We know that truth belongs to everyone through his perspective because we see it as a reflection of the uniqueness of that person.

Everyone wants the person next to him to support his truth. But do we support it whenever we feel compelled to do so? Or do we hide it in the depths of our souls because we are afraid? Afraid that others will laugh, isolate us, and they will not see us being worthy?

Why laughter or isolation?

Why laughter or isolation?
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It happens because I can not accept within that we are unique and that everyone has his truth. When laughing or pointing the finger at you, I do so because of malice, selfishness, fear. I am also afraid that I will become isolated like you, too.

It is also what those who lead us base on: we do not dare to tell our truth and stand up for ourselves. They know that most of us accept their «lies», as fake truth.

The lack of the truth makes you feel hurt. You also feel hurt when others do not believe you. It is like they mutilate a part of your being. Yet, you let them do it because of the fear you live with. Only when you step on your fear, you dare to stand up for your truth. You agree with others and admire them for telling their truth. You do not feel the need to argue with them anymore. Also, you tell people your truth without wanting to impose it on them.

We all have our place on earth and do not take anyone’s place. Everyone has his truth, as everyone has his place on earth.

Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.

William Faulkner

Your truth or mine?

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My truth belongs to me, and your truth belongs to you. No one holds the absolute truth! Each of us is a piece of the universal consciousness, and your truth and my truth are parts of the same universal truth.

When we accept that your truth can become my truth, and my truth can become your truth, we will live in harmony. We will accept that we come from the same source, and are all born being worthy. We will accept that we share the same truth, the Love of One.

This is what is meant by “As above, so below”, because in the heart of every particle of creation, there is shining the undying Light of the One. This is the One Truth from which all others come, that “Spirit is Life; Life is Spirit, and all of this is held by the Love of the One.

Bill Attride



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7 thoughts on “Your Truth or Mine?

  1. We seem to have a similar perspective on truth. I do chakra mantras most days and part of my mantra for the fifth chakra is “May I choose words that speak the truth from my perspective. May I listen to the truth from others’ perspectives without judgement of the speaker.”


  2. The truth will always be your perspective on things and the society is generally composed of individuals seeing things the same way. You consider yourself lucky if you are like the majority of peoples. If you are not, you will feel a continuous burden on your’s shoulders…


    1. In my opinion, it should not be a burden. Everyone has the right to stand up for yourself or trying to be a copy of others. I cannot be what I am not, only for the sake of others.
      Thank you for your visit and comment!


  3. Nici nu se putea mai frumos !😇
    Cu toată unicitatea noastră, și totuși am creat o lume și civilizație; mi se pare atât se fascinant și complex, omul.
    O săptămână frumoasă îți doresc, Manuela dragă ! 😇


    1. Ai foarte mare dreptate! Unicitatea este cea care oferă frumusețe, fascinație și complexitate lumii noastre. Și totuși, ea are la bază … simplitate.
      Mulțumesc din suflet pentru tot ce transmiți și îți doresc o zi frumoasă în fiecare zi, Ștef!


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