10 Horror Movies filmed in Romania

Many movies you might not expect are filmed in different locations in Romania. Reasons? On one side, there is beauty and a variety of scenery. On the other side, Film Studios from Bucharest, Rumania, is the largest and longest established film studio in Europe.

All ten films I have chosen for today, are horror movies. Personally, I am not a fan of them, but I know many people love watching them. Here is the list:

1. Cold Mountain (2003)

If you could see my inside, or whatever you want to name it; my spirit, that’s what I fear.

Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain is a real mountain located within  Pisgah National ForestHaywood County, North Carolina. The film is about an epic war, and the rural scenes were filmed almost entirely in Transylvania, in the village of Reci in Covasna county, and Bucharest.

2. Seed of Chucky (2004)

Glen : But, isn’t violence bad? Chucky : No, son. “Violins.” Violins are bad.

Seed of Chucky

Glen is a young doll, the son of Chucky and Tiffany. He brings his parents back to life, causing chaos.

3. Bloodrayne (2005)

I thought they would be afraid of me.


They only fear what they do not know.


It is a fantasy action horror film, set in the eighteenth century. Rayne is a Dhampir, half-human, half-vampire, and she escapes from a freak show. She strives to avenge her mother’s rape. In her journey for revenge, she meets two vampire hunters and joins their society.

4. The Cave (2005)

At first, I thought it couldn’t survive outside of a cave environment. Now, I’m not sure. I think it wants to get out.


A group of cave-divers and scientists are trapped while exploring a cave system in Romania. Inside the caves, they find not just a new ecosystem, but new species altogether.

5. An American Haunting (2005)

This horror movie is based on the novel “The Bell Witch”, and tells the story of a spirit that causes a man’s death.

6. Mirrors (2008)

Detective Ben Carson starts working as a night security cop at a department store. He discovers a spirit lurking in the mirrors.

7. Ghost Rider:

Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

Why does the devil walk on the human form anyway? I have no idea. Maybe he doesn’t know either. Maybe he passes on from body to body, down through history, waiting for the perfect fit. But I know one thing, on Earth, he’s weak. His powers are limited. He needs emissaries to do his dirty work, so he finds them or makes them, using his greatest power, the power of the deal.

Johnny Blaze

Hiding out in Eastern Europe, Johnny Blaze is struggling with the curse of the Ghost Rider. No longer the Spirit of Vengeance, but the Spirit of Justice, Blaze races off.

8. The Ritual (2017)

A group of five old friends meet at a pub and discuss a trip to a forest in Sweden. That forest is possessed by a demon monster that kills people who do not submit to his authority.

9. The Nun (2018)

It is a horror film. A young nun takes her life. A priest and a novitiate are sent by the Vatican to investigate. They uncover the order’s unholy secret.

10. No One Gets Out Alive (2021)

And in the darkest places only kindness matters

No One gets out Alive

Ambar is an immigrant in the search of the American dream. Being forced to take a room in a boarding house, she finds herself in a nightmare she can’t escape.

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  1. În ultima perioadă am început să vizionez filme horror. Din ce ai menționat în acest articol, am vazut doar The Nun, care m-a cam dezamăgit. Consider că este cel mai slab din Universul The Conjuring. Foarte fain acest articol!

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