A little bit of Heaven (182)

Banat Village Museum

In an old post, I was telling you that Romanian isolated hamlets or self-sufficient villages, with medieval fortifications or wooden churches, makevillages encapsulate the romance of rural Romania“. For lovers of history and traditional culture, you have the option of visiting villages and/ or visiting the village museums.

I have already written about National Museum of the Village Dimitrie Gusti, located in Bucharest, and the Astra Museum located in Sibiu. Now, I invite you to have a short read about Banat Village Museum.

The Museum is an open-air museum, located in Timișoara in beautiful, green surroundings. It is the only village museum in the country that features an entire village centre (a town hall, a school, a national house, an inn and a church).

Your visit will include old houses, beautifully arranged with fully equipped interiors. Almost every house has information displayed about it that helps you to decide if to enter or not to see its interior, because some of them are open to visitors.

A great place to visit in a couple of hours, the museum “gives you a glimpse of the past and a “smell” of eternity“.

Going to the old post I was talking at the beginning about, I repeat the affirmation that “visiting Romania would be like being thrown back in time“.



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