A World War OR a Wonderful World?

Warm, well, wise, wonderful, word, world, worthy, … All those words start with “w”. Combining them they become expressions we use and they make us create a different image in our mind: e.g. “world war”, “wonderful world”. What do they both have in common besides that capital letter?

World war

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Slavery is the foundation of the rich people…

George in Poldark

Slavery was and still is a sign of how power, control and manipulation are used over others. Besides, they are all forms of ego manifestation. Forms which lead to hate, anger, fear, discrimination and …wars.

Every conflict leads to someone’s feelings being hurt. Feelings of not being worthy enough,  feelings of being humiliated, feelings of not having enough power or… money.

However, any conflict starts inside a person because of hurt feelings. They are people who consider themselves worthier and better than others. People with a desire to have and own more for being above the miracle of life.

War is never simple. Nor human nature. You have been to war. What is it that drives men to act like savages?

Refusing to see the fellow men as human. To view them instead as a symbol of something they hate.

Ross in Poldark

Questions like: “Why should I say hi? Why should I thank you? Why should I forgive or say I’m sorry?” are questions only the ego with its desire for power can ask. 

The answers will come as: “because I am better than others, he doesn’t deserve it, I can’t, I don’t want to, I won’t forgive”.

Thus, we look for someone else’s fault or guilty in order to harm him or others, and to satisfy our vanity, pride, thirst for power, and control, … We kill each other with words, thoughts and deeds, but at the same time, we also kill something within.

As I said before, we all are energy in motion. That energy transmitted by us is absorbed by others around us and passed on. Everyone becomes a link in our world. Each one is a piece in the puzzle called humanity. This, as a whole, reflects our general condition. With each thought, word and/or deed directed at malice, vanity, negativity, and pride the ego is amplified.

Every war becomes the reflection of humanity’s inner war.

Wonderful world

Image: Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

The day when I found my smile, was the day I stood in my own storm and danced with my tribe.

Shannon L. Alder

When searching within for his own rage and trying to change something inside him, a person changes a part of this world. Each of us is a fractal and by changing ourselves, we change the whole design.

Thus, a simple thank you, I’m sorry, I apologise, and a smile, change someone’s day, for the better. In turn, he will change the state of others around him. All the words above are charged with positive, beautiful energy that is passed on to another, who in turn will pass it on.

The heart does not ask the question of why to do something. It urges you to do, to despise malice. It overlooks what others do or say even if ego shows its teeth. The heart sees the other in front of you as a creation like you; as another image of yourself in the mirror of humanity.

A heart knows that no one can be changed from the outside. Everyone starts to change when accepting that he is not above anyone and tries to end their own inner war.

Any heart knows love if we open its door, and that love does not involve conflicts. It means faith, gratitude, respect and forgiveness.

Love is simple. In such wise, everyone’s inner harmony contributes to the harmony of the world, to a wonderful world.

D: We must not be afraid. Where is our faith? Where is our gratitude? We are here, we are alive. We have blood in our veins.

R: And the past is gone. Tomorrow does not exist. All that matters is now.

D: And we. Two hearts – one beat. Can ask anymore than that? There isn’t anymore to ask.

Demelza and Ross in Poldark

Image: RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ from Pixabay 

What about billions of hearts in one beat for a wonderful world? Both the “world war” and “wonderful world” starts inside each of us. Do we let our hurt feelings lead to a “world war” or let our love build a “wonderful world”?



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  1. I love this beautiful piece Manuela. So many gorgeous truths wrapped in a lovely package and accented with lovely quotes and photographs. I love the wildflowers. This paragraph can make the difference in a completely ruined day with a couple to a day of kindness, forgiveness and moving on. Thank you for sharing this, so impactful.

    “Thus, a simple thank you, I’m sorry, I apologize, and a smile, change someone’s day, for the better. In turn, he will change the state of others around him. All the words above are charged with positive, beautiful energy that is passed on to another, who in turn will pass it on.” Happy Holidays to you and those you love. Hugs, Joni

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    1. I am glad you like my post and pictures. I am also glad if I my words can touch any soul. Thank you for your read and kindness, Joni!
      Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones, too! ❤ 🔆 🌈


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