Take the chance

Some take a chance because they believe that life gives them what is the best.

Others take the second chance because they already missed the first one. Some people never get second chances.

Most do not take any chance because they are scared of mistakes, hurt or embarrassed.

However, behind your mistakes, there are steps outside of your comfort zone. They are steps to take your new chances.

Look around you to any flower. They all take the chance of growing and following the light. They do not know how long they will live, how soon a person will pick them up. Yet, they take the chance they have: to live as they know.

Take the chance of living your life as you wish!

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Words, Fear & Love

The words spoken express thoughts in a more or less honest way. You choose what you say, yet your words can express more than you want to say or even something else than you want to do. However, what others understand depends on them. That is, through what your words make resonate in them: fear or love.

I am responsible for what I say, but not for what you understand from my words.

Don Miguel Ruiz

Sometimes you hear a lot of words, and you seem to understand something. Sometimes, just a few words and catch your attention. Sometimes even silence becomes louder than words. Words spoken or not may say a lot.

Many Words

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You can talk a lot and not capture the interest of those around you. Thus, an avalanche of words can make you take refuge in your thoughts and move away from your interlocutor.

The one who has heard far too much in his life

Does not want to listen to meaningless words. … 

He runs away when he senses the wave of long speeches, 

as far away as possible. … 

Aura Popa

You put the message you hear on hold, and your mind rushes to what aches you. That is not because the one in front of you is stupid, as it is said. It is because the words you hear do not resonate with you. They do not raise any interest in you. When they do resonate with you, you prick up your ears and pay attention to the speaker’s words.

Without Words

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You can talk a little and say a lot. Sometimes it happens to be silent. Thus, your silence also becomes an answer. This answer will be interpreted by your interlocutor, according to what it makes resonate inside him.

Sometimes not speaking says more than all the words in the world.

Colleen Hoover

The words and their vibration

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Nowadays, we communicate through all kinds of devices. Although we do not always see the face of the person we are talking to, we feel sadness, joy, boredom, fatigue. You feel the sincerity, and you feel pride, anger, revenge. There is no need for negative or “ugly” words. On the other hand, you feel when beautiful words come from the heart.

We learned about words that are groups of syllables, but we are not taught that words are vibrations. That they transmit with them your level of vibration, low or high, and those who listen to you resonate with them or not. Thus, the energy given to your words makes communication.

Dr Masaru Emoto explains in his books how words with their vibration can influence water. His experiments show that water exposed to the words from any languages but with the same meaning will form crystals with similar appearances. Due to the fact that water is 70% of our body, it influences us because it takes on the energy of words.

Words and Fear – Low vibration words

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You can talk more or less, but if you do it out of fear, the vibration of your words is low. You can do it for fear of upsetting the person in front of you or fear of not reaching someone else’s ears because you do not dare to tell him straight what you are thinking. Yet, the vibration of your words speaks for you.

Out of fear, ego, you speak with hatred, with malice, with desire for revenge, and the energy is just right. Gossip will convey your low mood, and for that, you do not have to use ugly words. They deliver your state, a negative one, a state of fear.

It is useless talking, 

which is aimed only at the chatter of words, 

wants, non-wants, many nothings,

not the meaning of warm mosaics… 

Aura Popa


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Arguments are made of words sheltered in your mind that want to come to light. You let them go out because it is the way to prove that you are better than those around you. These words are thrown like stones and loudly. Thus, everyone wants to prove that he is right. In addition, the longer the quarrel is, the angrier persons are, because the ego wants superiority and power.

It is said that when people can no longer hear each other they yell louder and louder because their souls move away from each other.

Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.

– Patrick Rothfuss

Words and Love – High vibration words

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You can talk more or less. Sincere words, coming from the heart, offer a state of well-being. They make you listen with pleasure to what you hear and try to understand as much as possible. Sometimes you may not recall much of what you listened to, but you feel good and calm. The energy of those words is made of beauty and warmth of the speaker’s soul …

It is a reason that those who love each other prefer don’t like noise, they prefer soft words They prefer whispers. It is because their souls are side by side. It feels like they’re merging.

Words, Fear & Love

Words are vibrations, and the way we use words has a strong influence on the way we live. While negative words have negative effects and even destructive influences, positive words, help health and well-being.

The energy of words is reflected in the formation of crystals, and depending on the words used, the crystals are beautiful or not. From thousands of photos taken to the crystals by Dr Masaru Emoto, the most beautiful are those exposed to the words “love and gratitude”. Love is what we give and gratitude is what we receive. Love and gratitude are the words with the most important form of energy we have on earth.

The words you hear, make you decide whether to listen to them or not, due to their vibration. The words you say give your emotional charge to the world. They transmit your vibration, for your words are the expression of your emotions. They are what you give to the world: fear or love

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.

– Hermes Trismegistus

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With Love,

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Whose mission is important?

Whose mission is important?

We live in a society where you are “worthy” if you will have a diploma, a pile of documents or a large amount of money. A value that can be seen and experienced daily through the way we treat each other. I call it a false value…. Besides, do we have a mission? How important is that?

Why false value?

Most of us say that we are created in the image and likeness of a god, that we come from the same source and return when we leave this life. However, you may consider yourself better or worse than others. You think that you know more than others, and you are smarter than others. Your education is to look at the clothes, at work, at home, at the bank account. It is a false worth, and a hierarchy ruled by money and ego.

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Is it difficult to see that we all are different beings carrying other life experiences and our perception? That we all have other beliefs, another religion, a different skin colour. We all are worthy in another form.…

Where is our worth?

The worth is in each of us. First of all, we all are born being worthy because we are all created the same. Then, we are valuable in what we put into “fighting” for the good of all. That is, what we do with pleasure, passion and offer to those around us.

We are all born naked, and when we leave this world, we do it without a job, without money, without anything material for which we have strived on this earth. The only fortune will be the traces left in everyone’s hearts because of the mission we all have in this life.  Each occupies a place in the lives of those around him. Directly or indirectly, everyone has a mission to “teach” something to those around them.

Each is the keystone for the others;

– Emerald Tablet

A world with or without you?

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Could you imagine what the world would have been like without you? To think that you would not have been a part of the lives of those you love. In my opinion, it is like an element of a whole is missing, and then that whole would have had a completely different shape or size.

You can balance the beautiful moments and the ugly moments you went through. You will see that every time, some people have entered your life for a short time, and you have had others for longer or for a lifetime. That’s because everyone has a mission in each other’s lives, as long as they need to be with them.

You, man, are your brother’s helper.

– Emerald Tablet

For example, think of an actor or a great singer. Each one got to where he is primarily because of his work, but we cannot deny that someone else came into his/ her life to “discover” him/her. That “someone” entered his life to guide him on the path he wanted to walk, to help him open the gates to achieve his dream. That dream was his mission in this world because he gave a state of joyfulness to many. 

At the same time, you can think that the process of filming a movie means so many people, costumes, screenwriters, image, sound, many details that make up a whole – the film. To exist, it needed all the people who contributed with their time and talent. You might think that in the absence of a category, that movie will not exist, it would not become a whole. A missing element in a whole deforms it, makes it seek its balance in another form, but it will never have it as it should be when all the parts are in place.

The example of nature

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Each flower beautifies the place where it is. It does so by height, colour, smell. Despite that, it doesn’t mean that only one or only a few are valuable. Each of them is worthy and has a role in a garden or a field. Each one is offering its dose of beauty and colour on this earth. The same, each tree gives its fruit or shade to everyone, wherever he is.

Likewise, you man, you can give to everyone, everything you know or can do, without thinking about who deserves and who does not. To do it without making a difference.

You are a jigsaw puzzle

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A puzzle is complete when all its parts are in place in their entirety. If one piece is missing or you put a block from another one, the whole thing is no longer what it should be. Moreover, little things make a big difference. We are all “little things” of our humanity, like puzzle pieces. We are different pieces in shape, size, colour but we have a place of our own in this life. Without your mission, the world becomes a puzzle with a missing piece.

With or without a diploma, you are important in someone’s life. You make him pass a test of life. Think of a chair with legs. It will not have balance if one of them is missing. 

A house does not stand if a wall crushes. Every construction needs all its elements equally because all of them have their mission to support its balance. By the absence of any part, it loses its balance, falls, collapses.

Whose mission is important?

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There is no balance where some take everything and many nothing. A nation cannot exist through those who put personal interests above the interests of many.

A country cannot be on its feet as long as we don’t put our shoulders for making things work.  And that doesn’t mean I’m better than you or you’re better than me. It means that everyone has the responsibility for what they know and can do for the good of all.

A pyramid exists due to the bottom base made it of the many who support it. When some seek to destroy it, they do with the base that supports the peak where they stay and consider themselves powerful and invincible.

Everyone has his mission in this world, and there are not small or large roles. No one and nothing should have the right to decide whether or not a person has an unworthy mission, because we each have our role for each other. Each one has its value in the existence of the whole that we call humanity, and each mission is considerable for building a balance of the world. We all have our worth mission and contribute to the worth mission of the others. 

I am made for a purpose. And it is worth expending everything that I have to find it, for I will waste everything that I have if I do not.

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

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LOVE letter to my soul

A LOVE Letter

Love letter to my soul

To my Soul,

I love YOU. I do not know if I will ever say those three words enough. Unfortunately, I think you have not heard of them at all for a long time, and I am sorry about that.

You and I have been through so much together. You know me with mascara running across my face, and my nose running. You know me crying and screaming out my lungs. You know me smiling and laughing until my stomach hurts. All are because you are the only one allowed to see my true self. Therefore you know me better than anyone in the world. You are the most valuable piece of “I”.

I have been overwhelmed with my ego, and I always said I do not have enough time to give you much attention. Now, I can say that I hated being apart from you, and I almost waited a lifetime to remember that I love YOU. That has changed. Do you know why? Because I love YOU!

With Love,


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