Motivational and Inspirational Movies (40)

Freedom Writers (2007)

Based on the true story of Erin Gruwell and her 1994 freshmen class, the movie “Freedom Writers” focuses on reality and has a powerful message.

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With or without a mask…

Looking around you day after day, it sometimes seems as if you are at a masked ball. Since we live in a society where everyone wears a mask… more or less. We use them to hide our anger, our ignorance, our fear, our greed… to hide, to put on a false face, but one that we believe fits society’s requirements. Some with masks are seen as worthier than those without…

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How good is your Life Path?

We say that some people do not choose the right path in life. Of others, we say that they have chosen the wrong one. Each of us is unique and makes or should make our own choices. Every opinion is based on what we as humans live and experience. But how does one know whether a life path is good or bad for others? What we see as good, others see as bad, or what we see as wrong, others see as good, or regardless of whether it is good or bad, their choice is the only way they can find it at the time.

In my opinion, everyone chooses the most suitable path for them.

Life is our greatest teacher. We don’t shape a life — life does this based on what we are here to learn and what we have signed up for.

Twin flames
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