Whose mission is important?

Whose mission is important?

We live in a society where you are “worthy” if you will have a diploma, a pile of documents or a large amount of money. A value that can be seen and experienced daily through the way we treat each other. I call it a false value…. Besides, do we have a mission? How important is that?

Why false value?

Most of us say that we are created in the image and likeness of a god, that we come from the same source and return when we leave this life. However, you may consider yourself better or worse than others. You think that you know more than others, and you are smarter than others. Your education is to look at the clothes, at work, at home, at the bank account. It is a false worth, and a hierarchy ruled by money and ego.

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Is it difficult to see that we all are different beings carrying other life experiences and our perception? That we all have other beliefs, another religion, a different skin colour. We all are worthy in another form.…

Where is our worth?

The worth is in each of us. First of all, we all are born being worthy because we are all created the same. Then, we are valuable in what we put into “fighting” for the good of all. That is, what we do with pleasure, passion and offer to those around us.

We are all born naked, and when we leave this world, we do it without a job, without money, without anything material for which we have strived on this earth. The only fortune will be the traces left in everyone’s hearts because of the mission we all have in this life.  Each occupies a place in the lives of those around him. Directly or indirectly, everyone has a mission to “teach” something to those around them.

Each is the keystone for the others;

– Emerald Tablet

A world with or without you?

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Could you imagine what the world would have been like without you? To think that you would not have been a part of the lives of those you love. In my opinion, it is like an element of a whole is missing, and then that whole would have had a completely different shape or size.

You can balance the beautiful moments and the ugly moments you went through. You will see that every time, some people have entered your life for a short time, and you have had others for longer or for a lifetime. That’s because everyone has a mission in each other’s lives, as long as they need to be with them.

You, man, are your brother’s helper.

– Emerald Tablet

For example, think of an actor or a great singer. Each one got to where he is primarily because of his work, but we cannot deny that someone else came into his/ her life to “discover” him/her. That “someone” entered his life to guide him on the path he wanted to walk, to help him open the gates to achieve his dream. That dream was his mission in this world because he gave a state of joyfulness to many. 

At the same time, you can think that the process of filming a movie means so many people, costumes, screenwriters, image, sound, many details that make up a whole – the film. To exist, it needed all the people who contributed with their time and talent. You might think that in the absence of a category, that movie will not exist, it would not become a whole. A missing element in a whole deforms it, makes it seek its balance in another form, but it will never have it as it should be when all the parts are in place.

The example of nature

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Each flower beautifies the place where it is. It does so by height, colour, smell. Despite that, it doesn’t mean that only one or only a few are valuable. Each of them is worthy and has a role in a garden or a field. Each one is offering its dose of beauty and colour on this earth. The same, each tree gives its fruit or shade to everyone, wherever he is.

Likewise, you man, you can give to everyone, everything you know or can do, without thinking about who deserves and who does not. To do it without making a difference.

You are a jigsaw puzzle

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A puzzle is complete when all its parts are in place in their entirety. If one piece is missing or you put a block from another one, the whole thing is no longer what it should be. Moreover, little things make a big difference. We are all “little things” of our humanity, like puzzle pieces. We are different pieces in shape, size, colour but we have a place of our own in this life. Without your mission, the world becomes a puzzle with a missing piece.

With or without a diploma, you are important in someone’s life. You make him pass a test of life. Think of a chair with legs. It will not have balance if one of them is missing. 

A house does not stand if a wall crushes. Every construction needs all its elements equally because all of them have their mission to support its balance. By the absence of any part, it loses its balance, falls, collapses.

Whose mission is important?

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There is no balance where some take everything and many nothing. A nation cannot exist through those who put personal interests above the interests of many.

A country cannot be on its feet as long as we don’t put our shoulders for making things work.  And that doesn’t mean I’m better than you or you’re better than me. It means that everyone has the responsibility for what they know and can do for the good of all.

A pyramid exists due to the bottom base made it of the many who support it. When some seek to destroy it, they do with the base that supports the peak where they stay and consider themselves powerful and invincible.

Everyone has his mission in this world, and there are not small or large roles. No one and nothing should have the right to decide whether or not a person has an unworthy mission, because we each have our role for each other. Each one has its value in the existence of the whole that we call humanity, and each mission is considerable for building a balance of the world. We all have our worth mission and contribute to the worth mission of the others. 

I am made for a purpose. And it is worth expending everything that I have to find it, for I will waste everything that I have if I do not.

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

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With Love,

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LOVE letter to my soul

A LOVE Letter

Love letter to my soul

To my Soul,

I love YOU. I do not know if I will ever say those three words enough. Unfortunately, I think you have not heard of them at all for a long time, and I am sorry about that.

You and I have been through so much together. You know me with mascara running across my face, and my nose running. You know me crying and screaming out my lungs. You know me smiling and laughing until my stomach hurts. All are because you are the only one allowed to see my true self. Therefore you know me better than anyone in the world. You are the most valuable piece of “I”.

I have been overwhelmed with my ego, and I always said I do not have enough time to give you much attention. Now, I can say that I hated being apart from you, and I almost waited a lifetime to remember that I love YOU. That has changed. Do you know why? Because I love YOU!

With Love,


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How expensive is a moment of LOVE?

We live in a society full of selfishness, pride, fight for power and money. Yet, we have access to so much knowledge and can have and get everything we want. Why can not we share love instead of hate and anger? I have found my own answer, and a little story from my life confirmed my thoughts. The story has an answer that comes from the innocence of a child’s soul.

A real story

One day, my friend, a little girl dear to me said:

“I know a poem; do you want to listen to it?”

“Do you mean now?” (We had scheduled to work together on a project for school).

“Yes, please, because no one has time for me. Mommy is always tired, nervous and says she has no time. My father is also tired or he does not have the patience to listen to me.“

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Looking for explanations

I was quiet. The explanations continued and flowed one after the other. I understood that she wanted to give me as many explanations as she can. It was her way of trying to hide her fear that I could offer her a reason, for not listening to her.

Thus, listening, to her, I remembered myself and others asking for a moment of attention from parents. That was coming later or maybe … never.

Have you lived those moments as a child? How many of you have not seen your parents running to work, to provide food and everything we believe we need for living. … Yet, they could not find a moment for comforting their child or to play with. They consider they do not have enough time. Everything became more important than comforting a little soul. Everything is more important than a moment of love …

You can ask “How many people did not receive their moment of love?” The answer is:

We live in an angry society, where people always seek to achieve something material and to get rich. A society where violence always seeks to reign in every street corner and frustration is powerful. Communities where kindness and love mean stupidity and is treated that way. We did not receive our moments of love and we do not know how to give it.

How good is it for a child?

Those repetitive moments in a child’s life do nothing good for them. They only strengthen a false understanding – that he is not good enough to be loved. The lack of time from his parents is an explanation he receives and grows up with. A parent could be tired from work. Yet, he finds time for phone, for gossip, for a movie. What about for a hug or a game with his child? They are the moments of love a child want.

How many people have not given their child that a moment of love that he was longing for? How many have thought that if he has money, clothes and food, or a new phone or a new game, he should know he is loved.

It is true that the child does not know that there is a need for work and money. He knows he wants a hug, a smile from his mother, and encouragement from his father.

A child feels LOVE.

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A drop of love can be considered vital by the soul of a child. It can be insignificant for an adult who knows he has no time for or has something better to do. Tired from work, from spending time to make a “good life” is more important than spending time reading or listening to a story, a poem, or playing a game with his child.

The child lives a negative emotion of the rejection, that there is no time for him. He may think that he probably did something wrong and he is punished for. That negative emotion becomes frustration over time. It becomes deeper as an adolescent. He can live it the whole life. As an adult he will know that “I can not be loved, I am not worthy, I’m not good, I can not do something by myself, and I have to look for someone or something to be mine to know I can be loved.” Lifeless relationships are born. Toxic love, rivers of tears, seek of love in other forms only to please others will be the proof that he can be … loved.

A drop and an ocean

A drop of love can be an ocean of happiness, and it can be the whole world if you receive it when the soul demands it. It also can be an ocean of pain in which to swim a life if you are refused.

Somewhere deep in my soul I know that listening to that poetry, I offered a happy ocean to that little girl. How do I know? Because her smile was like a summer day, and it was painted on her bright face. Moreover, I know it for the little girl gave me back an ocean of happiness when she smiled back to me.

How expensive is a moment of love?

It does not cost a dime, for it is FREE!

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With Love,

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What does faith mean to you?

What does Faith mean to you?

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I have often heard the expression “you are not doing well because you do not have faith or because you do not believe in something or someone” outside you. We all come from the same Source and return to it, a source driven by Unconditional Love. What does faith mean to you?

None of us knows what might happen in the next minute, but we are still moving forward. It is because we have confidence. We have faith.

– Paulo Coelho

What is faith?

There are a lot of synonyms of the term faith such: trust, conviction, confidence, help, dependence towards something or someone. The term is defined as “strong trust or confidence in something or someone”. Something or someone outside of you. Yet, do you have faith in you?

Faith is at home in a child who is drawing, singing and dancing. Appreciated and encouraged, he will become an adult with confidence in himself, in his strength. He will become a man with self-confidence and self-love.

Without encouraging, he will lose the confidence he has, becoming an anxious adult. Thus, he will continually seek confirmation in something or someone around him. He will look for confidence and faith outside of himself.

Where is faith?

You can not know, you can only believe – or not.

– C.S. Lewis

When I say the words I believe, I can not see, hear, touch anything, I only feel. It is something that makes me feel good and know that everything is fine.

Usually, people with a particular faith blame those who do not have the same faith. But how do you know if your faith is correct? If so, why do you blame and judge others for their faith? It means that your faith is also limited. It makes conditions. True faith does not do it nor punish anyone.

For me, true faith is in what I feel, in the message of my intuition. We all are part of that Source from which we all come. Your soul knows it for it is part of the Source and of its unconditional love.

And then you need something or someone to believe in?

Do you need a guru to make you believe in yourself?

Have Faith in Your Instincts. They will escort You for your best

– Shivali Sarawagi

When you believe in someone or something else only, you live life according to the concepts formulated by those. You do not think about how you feel.

Every guru like every person walks his path, and his life defines him who he is. It does not mean that his way is good or bad for you. It is the best path for he who walked on it. And you can only walk on your path.

Also, Every person you meet on your way leaves their energy footprint in one way or another on your path. You decide how much you take from that imprint, but you will not be able to copy it, because you are YOU.

You are the only guru you need to have faith in.

The way to believe

Neville Goddard says in “The Power of Awareness,” that all transformations begin with a strong, burning desire to be transformed. The first step in changing the way you think is desire. To want and intend to be different before you start to change.

That desire is something that only you feel because it comes from within you. Only you can believe in your heart and intuition. Trusting them, you do not need confirmation to do what you feel. And this life is to understand that we all need to love, for life means love.

As Bill Attride says: We are here to forge a New Path; we are here to preserve, protect and love all creatures great and small. For Love is Life, and Life is Love. We, humans, are here to love and be loved. We are here to be ones of the One.

Where is your faith?

I have worked abroad and returned to my mother country. I did this because I listened to my intuition. I believed in what I was feeling.

When I put the apartment up for sale because I wanted a house and a garden, I have been told that I will not succeed. I succeeded because I believed in what I was feeling. If I had listened to those around me, I would have been in the same place and just dreaming.

No matter how many people you listen to, you can agree with everyone, but none of them will feel what you feel. What your heart tells you, it will not tell others, because only you are YOU.

Your faith in your intuition/ soul is what makes you see steps where others see nothing. Also, it gives you the courage to walk your path and overcome your fears.

What does faith mean for you?

Man is what he thinks he is, a brother of darkness or a child of Light.

– Emerald Tablets

Each piece of advice comes through someone’s perception and experience. Follow them if you like doing it, but let your heart guide you. Listen to your inner voice and believe in it! A voice that does not urge you to do wrong, but only to do what you want. If your mind finds lots of obstacles, your heart sees none for it guides with love. It knows that anything is possible.

It believes in your way. Your heart knows that your path is for your highest good and contains your truth: the love from which we all come.

You are the only one who can find your faith. Search within you, in your heart. You will find the love you may have been looking for for a long time.

For me, real faith means love. What about you?

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With Love,

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