Secrets, drops of water, and… love

Secrets, tears and yet… love. It may seem hard to believe or understand, but we all hide secrets, sometimes cry when lying in bed and hide our heads in pillows, and yet, we return to love.


I learned that we all are entitled to our own secrets.

Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

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The secret seems to be something that is not declared or confessed, is kept hidden, not to be told to anyone. Finding out or divulging a secret brings pain on one side or the other of those involved, and pain brings tears.

The secret is like a door waiting to be opened. We do not decide whether to do it or not because beyond, there is a dark forest waiting for us, through which we do not want to pass. Thus, we prefer approaching the gate, sometimes opening it a little bit but closing it back. We try a lot until we dare to open it, pass that forest, and tell others about its existence. It may be a long time before we venture through it. Sometimes it takes our whole life to understand that beyond that forest, there is something we long for… peace of mind and love.

We are entitled to keep secrets, not to open that gate, not to cross the forest, but with what consequences for us?

When you hide certain things and keep them secret, they have a… power. They are stealing your life,

Kristin Hannah – Fall of the Angel

Secrets can be accompanied by silence because we believe that silence is good for us and others. Other times, we begin to share the secret or share bits and pieces of it. If we don’t, we feel its burden weighing us down. Its weight seems to feed off the pain of carrying it. It becomes a straw fire, burning your soul. It feeds on us, on the inside. Thus, if that secret was shared, would it save us, and perhaps others, from experiencing pain at different levels or in varied forms?

Pain will also be experienced either with disclosure or with keeping the secret. It is part of our life. It puts out inner fires and leaves traces, creating the scars of life. The decision to live the pain or not, to keep or say what we hold in our hearts, is ours.


Tears are the noble language of eyes even when true love of words is missing. The eye speaks through tears, while the tongue is mute.

Robert Herrick

Image: Joe from Pixabay 

Being taught to keep secrets, we are not taught what a burden it is to our souls to carry them. We are not taught that silence can harm us, that we come to know its every nook, crack, shadow, shape and stain it leaves inside us. We hear its voice and always listen to… because it is always there in us.

Nor are we taught that there is no shame in crying. Being a man or a woman, crying is a way of expressing and releasing pain. That when tears are suppressed, we sicken our souls. Only when those splashes of water flow, they can turn into the river that washes the bed of the soul.

Thus, even if tears do not heal you, they are splashes of water that wash away pieces of pain that we let go of us.


Everything comes and goes, Love is eternal.

Manuela Timofte

Image: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

The secrets that burn us and their pain leave ashes behind. From it, we are reborn as the phoenix bird.

At the end of the dark forest, there is light. It is the feeling that needs to come to light, and it is neither in others nor outside of us. It is in us, inside us. It is like a treasure that has been hidden for a long time and is waiting for us to (re) discover it.

Secrets, pain and tears together will lead us to love if we venture through the dark forest.

Love is not a huge fire of straw, which burns your soul and turns you into a fire until you become unrecognizable. It’s the fact of being there, that’s all.

Kristin Hannah – The Fall of the Angel

Image: Joe from Pixabay


5 thoughts on “Secrets, drops of water, and… love

  1. These are noble thoughts that do you credit, dear Manuela🌹. It’s not easy to get rid of secrets, especially when we confide our secret, with enormous effort, to another person, but this person doesn’t understand our effort and laughs at us. her indifference makes us feel weak and ridiculous. But maybe it’s for the best, because this gives us the measure of how useless it was to keep that secret.

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    1. I agree with you, Marcello! Firstly, (in my opinion) a person who cares about you keeps your secrets. Secondly, everything that happens to us has a reason. As you said, it is for the best. However, any secret hurts someone in a way or another.
      Thank you for taking your time to read and add your thoughts!

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  2. The essential elements of life. Wonderfully written, Manuela. It takes courage, experience, and wisdom to put such wonderful thoughts together. The cyclic nature of life continues… 🙂

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