Motivational and Inspirational Movies (36)

Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave) (1971)

Michael the Brave was a Wallachian ruler Prince who lived and reigned at the end of the 16th century. He had succeeded to overcome the adversity of the Ottoman and Austrian Empires and unite Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania into one country. He is one of the greatest Romanians heroes, and “his reign marked the first time unification of all principalities inhabited by Romanians under the same ruler.”

The film Michael the Brave is a historical film, in two parts: 1. “Calugareni”; 2. “Unification”.

Using an intelligent script, great battle scenes, political intrigues, betrayals, and the great acting of some great Romanian actors, the film evokes the main moments of the ruler’s reign:

  • negotiating the throne with Sultan in Constantinople;
  • refusal to pay tribute;
  • the coronation from Alba Iulia;
  • the battle of Miraslau;
  • the betrayal of General Basta;
  • refuge in Prague;
  • the battle of Goraslau;
  • the killing of Mihai.

Even with all the restrictions counting that the film was shot during the communism in 1971, after three years, this movie entered the international circuit, impressing people from different countries.


  • the battle scenes were filmed with the Army’s support;
  • the director of the movie, Sergiu Nicolaescu as a History lover, stated that all important moments in his historical movies are covered by documents from those periods;
  • “In Steven Spielberg‘s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), a scene from Michael the Brave (1971) can be seen on TV”./
  • Steven Spielberg was asked by Sergiu Nicolaescu why he chose a sequence from his movie and not from other directors. Spielberg’s answer was he admired Sergiu Nicolaescu’s work, especially the battle scenes.

The movie is about the courage to follow a big dream – the unification of Romanians under one ruler. A movie about courage, power and betrayal, punishment, sacrifice and love for the motherland.

Love, Manuela

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