Learning about people, you love dogs

Learning about people, You like dogs

Ever since I moved to the village, I have seen people crossing the road with a stick in their hands. I asked someone, why he carries it with him. The answer was “to protect me if a dog attacks”. There is the lesson “fight or flight” because of fear but even using a stick to hurt a dog, that will still be there. The lesson I learned from my father is that unless you run or hit the dog, he does nothing to you. This thing made me love dogs even more.

It happened to me that some people coming to my gate, tried hitting my dog over the gate, in my yard, with the whip or the fist. Although, he only does his “job”. He barks because he defends his yard and owner.

That is why I agree with Mark Twain’s words:

The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog. 

– M. Twain

Learning about people you like or hate them

Unfortunately, in the society we live in, you can be easily fooled. Especially if you do not listen to your instinct, do not know the body language, or do not look into people’s eyes.

Many times we are afraid to look into people’s eyes. We don’t look into ourselves, so how can we do it with others? We’re afraid of what we might find there. Maybe, what we see resonates with what we feel. And we just want to feel good. Thus, we prefer lying than to think beyond the barriers we live in. However, the wrong part is still part of our life and by not accepting it, we do not accept the whole. It destroys our comfort for we do not like change.

In addition, we are taught to listen only to the voice of rationality and to ignore our instinct. Then, many times we cry or are sorry for we did not.

Moreover, the man lies to you and can do it with much nonchalance. Some do not think they can hurt through lies or their actions. Maybe, they don’t care.

Learning about dogs, you like them

Instead, the dog will look you in the eye. He communicates with you in this way. He feels what you feel. He knows if he can trust you or not. It is because he is just his feelings. I said he just loves or tries to defend himself. When he loves you, his gestures make you feel loved because he offers you his unconditional love.

If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.

― Woodrow Wilson

The dog doesn’t lie to you. He eats what you give him because he trusts you. I saw a dog beaten, with his teeth broken, another one with one eye removed and yet they returned to their owners. It is because they know loyalty, respect, and unconditional love.

you like dogs

I posted again because it is very dear to me. On the one hand, because I love the beings in it. On the other hand, for me, it is the bond formed between two beings who do not belong to the same category but share respect and love.

How do we treat dogs?

We are those who are trying to humanize them, using clothes and accessories. Also, we are those who hurt, starve or kill them. At the same time, there are people living in the canals or on the streets. They do not afford clothes that others allow for a dog. Where is our humanity?

I said that I moved to the village and the first impediment I reached was waking up with uninvited guests in the yard. I actually found one in the house and he was an unknown person. It was the first time that happened to me (and the last). I was shocked at that time.

Also, here in the village, I discovered that some people can keep a dog but do not love it. In addition, if they come to your door they take care to have a stick in their hand and to hit your dog if he barks.

A dog’s life

We are talking about a man who lives badly as he lives a dog life. If he is sick, we say he suffers like a dog.

Actually, a dog suffers because the man makes him suffer. We keep him tied, beat him, starve him or kill his puppies. He is a free-born being that adapts to the conditions in which he lives. If he has no food, he looks for it, if he has no shelter, he looks for. If he meets a man who offers him little food, he loves him.

They teach us about friendship, selflessness, and loyalty. They also teach us the way to communicate without words, to listen more than hear, and accept death with grace.

Difference between a person and a dog?

It is not our rationality. It is his loyalty:

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.

– Mark Twain

It is also his love:

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

– Josh Billings

Athena (my dog in the pictures) does not bark at some people who pass my threshold, although she is “a bad dog”. So, I believe my dog ​​when she barks because she listens to her instinct, and that is not a lie.

Learning about people, I respect the man, but I love my bad dog.

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person. 

– Bill Murray

Photos by me

With Love,

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Appreciation brings you joy

Appreciation brings You joy

In life, we all like it when receiving appreciation. Everyone likes to receive a “heartily thank you”. In my way, I feel when a thank you comes from the soul or it is a fake one. Probably, you do, too. There it is, for you know it in your heart. Moreover, appreciation brings you joy and smiles on your face.

Yesterday, I lived something special. Early in the morning, I received a phone call from one of my neighbors, who had a small accident in the garden. Due to her health condition, that little accident had unexpected consequences. It turned into sudden profuse bleeding at one foot. I took her to the hospital. After she was given first aid, the ambulance took her to a bigger hospital for wound stitching. I brought her luggage and, because my help was not needed anymore, greeting the on-call staff, I decided to leave. The doctor asked me “are you her daughter?” I said, “no, just a neighbor”. He looked up at me and said: “thank you for bringing her here.”

That thank you, made me feel a sincere appreciation of my action. Unfortunately, despite the joy of appreciation, many times, we use flattery as fake appreciation.

Flattery brings you fake joy

We use flattery because of fear:

Fear of being worthless.

It is fear that you are not good enough, you are not worthy. You use flattery as a fake appreciation when saying thank you through your teeth. You do it, for your ego suffers. It does not want someone else to be better, richer, worthier than you.

It means that people without a job or a lower position use fake appreciation for their boss because they are afraid of him. Why? It is because, in our way of thinking, his job means power/ authority. In our society, those who have “power” are those doing what they want. The laws are available for the crowd and not for the”chosen” ones. Thus, it is a way of making you feel you are worthless.

Fear of losing

We are also using flattery because of the fear of not losing something, from the fear of lack in which we are taught to live.

Going back to what I said above, a boss can become “milk and honey” when he talks to somebody else in a higher position. They live in fear that they will lose their job and the rights coming from that. Actually, they are too scared to see themselves somewhere below, or equally to you. The ego likes to be someone. It does not want them to see they are just like you and me, common people.

Flattery can be used between partners. It comes from the fear of losing the one you think you love or fear of being lonely.

What brings flattery? Frustration and anxiety for those who use it.

What about appreciation?

Appreciation brings you joy

Think of the smile on your loved face, when receiving a flower, or looking at a sunrise or sunset. Think of spending time with your loved ones. You can think of appreciation when the cat purrs and a puppy is waving its tail. Also, you can appreciate the warmth of the soul that comes from the lines of a poem or the experiences lived or imagined from a short story. Thus, appreciation does not come from fear or selfishness. Appreciation comes from everything you enjoy. It comes from what resonates with you.

Actually, appreciation is part of you, because it comes from your soul. It is a reason that giving appreciation is difficult for your ego and it is not for your soul. A smile, a touch, a kind word come from your soul for another one. In that way, the real appreciation brings joy to the giver and receiver.

Flattery or appreciation?

“The difference between appreciation and flattery? It’s simple. One is sincere, the other is sincere. One comes from the heart, the other from the teeth. One is selfish, the other is selfish. One is universally appreciated, the other is universally condemned. ”- Dale Carnegie

If appreciation is simply a part of us, we can learn or re-learn it.

How can you learn to appreciate?

  • By doing what you feel. Thereby, you are satisfied. Thus, you do not depend on anyone else’s appreciation. I mean you respect yourself.
  • By respecting yourself as a human being. In that way, you can respect others. In fact, you respect people as being born worthy, and not the value of their things.
  • Change what you don’t like to do!
  • Change what you don’t like you have. Don’t expect anyone to do what you don’t do.
  • Say thank you, sorry or forgive me.
  • Be grateful for what you have.
  • Enjoy the magic of a smile, a touch, a nice word.
  • Enjoy the “now”.

In fact, appreciation does not come from fear and need. It cannot be imposed, for it is within you. That is why you feel when a simple thank you comes from the soul or is made through the teeth. It is the reason a simple thank you makes you feel happy. Actually, as I said, appreciation brings you joy and smiles on your face.

In conclusion, you can

“Thank the earth for all that it offers you, thank heaven for the rain that nourishes your earth, thank the sun for the warmth and light of your home and hearth, thank the moon for the peace of your sleep, thank the stars for watching over your sleep, thank you the mountain for the tales and iron you take from it, thank the forest for everything you get from there, thank the spring for the water you drink, thank the tree for the works that show you, thank the good man who brings you joy and smile on your face.” (The Laws of Zamolxis)

How will our world be with real appreciation?

With Love,

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