Your Time

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

Charles Darwin

Time is too long, when you wait for others to do something for you. When waiting for others to do what you don’t like doing. Time becomes your enemy, when you are waiting for a future that you do not know if you will live it.

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.

Coco Chanel

Time is too short when you live every moment, you do what you love. Time becomes your friend when you offer what you have with all your heart.

Therefore, when loving, time can be short and still represents eternity.

Time is too short for those waiting,
Too fast for those who are afraid,
Too long for those who wail,
Too short for those who praise him.
But for those who love, time is eternity.

Henry van Dyke

You choose how to live your time here and now! Too long or too short? Is time your friend or your enemy?

How is your time?

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Take the chance

Some take a chance because they believe that life gives them what is the best.

Others take the second chance because they already missed the first one. Some people never get second chances.

Most do not take any chance because they are scared of mistakes, hurt or embarrassed.

However, behind your mistakes, there are steps outside of your comfort zone. They are steps to take your new chances.

Look around you to any flower. They all take the chance of growing and following the light. They do not know how long they will live, how soon a person will pick them up. Yet, they take the chance they have: to live as they know.

Take the chance of living your life as you wish!

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Whose mission is important?

Whose mission is important?

We live in a society where you are “worthy” if you will have a diploma, a pile of documents or a large amount of money. A value that can be seen and experienced daily through the way we treat each other. I call it a false value…. Besides, do we have a mission? How important is that?

Why false value?

Most of us say that we are created in the image and likeness of a god, that we come from the same source and return when we leave this life. However, you may consider yourself better or worse than others. You think that you know more than others, and you are smarter than others. Your education is to look at the clothes, at work, at home, at the bank account. It is a false worth, and a hierarchy ruled by money and ego.

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Is it difficult to see that we all are different beings carrying other life experiences and our perception? That we all have other beliefs, another religion, a different skin colour. We all are worthy in another form.…

Where is our worth?

The worth is in each of us. First of all, we all are born being worthy because we are all created the same. Then, we are valuable in what we put into “fighting” for the good of all. That is, what we do with pleasure, passion and offer to those around us.

We are all born naked, and when we leave this world, we do it without a job, without money, without anything material for which we have strived on this earth. The only fortune will be the traces left in everyone’s hearts because of the mission we all have in this life.  Each occupies a place in the lives of those around him. Directly or indirectly, everyone has a mission to “teach” something to those around them.

Each is the keystone for the others;

– Emerald Tablet

A world with or without you?

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Could you imagine what the world would have been like without you? To think that you would not have been a part of the lives of those you love. In my opinion, it is like an element of a whole is missing, and then that whole would have had a completely different shape or size.

You can balance the beautiful moments and the ugly moments you went through. You will see that every time, some people have entered your life for a short time, and you have had others for longer or for a lifetime. That’s because everyone has a mission in each other’s lives, as long as they need to be with them.

You, man, are your brother’s helper.

– Emerald Tablet

For example, think of an actor or a great singer. Each one got to where he is primarily because of his work, but we cannot deny that someone else came into his/ her life to “discover” him/her. That “someone” entered his life to guide him on the path he wanted to walk, to help him open the gates to achieve his dream. That dream was his mission in this world because he gave a state of joyfulness to many. 

At the same time, you can think that the process of filming a movie means so many people, costumes, screenwriters, image, sound, many details that make up a whole – the film. To exist, it needed all the people who contributed with their time and talent. You might think that in the absence of a category, that movie will not exist, it would not become a whole. A missing element in a whole deforms it, makes it seek its balance in another form, but it will never have it as it should be when all the parts are in place.

The example of nature

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Each flower beautifies the place where it is. It does so by height, colour, smell. Despite that, it doesn’t mean that only one or only a few are valuable. Each of them is worthy and has a role in a garden or a field. Each one is offering its dose of beauty and colour on this earth. The same, each tree gives its fruit or shade to everyone, wherever he is.

Likewise, you man, you can give to everyone, everything you know or can do, without thinking about who deserves and who does not. To do it without making a difference.

You are a jigsaw puzzle

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A puzzle is complete when all its parts are in place in their entirety. If one piece is missing or you put a block from another one, the whole thing is no longer what it should be. Moreover, little things make a big difference. We are all “little things” of our humanity, like puzzle pieces. We are different pieces in shape, size, colour but we have a place of our own in this life. Without your mission, the world becomes a puzzle with a missing piece.

With or without a diploma, you are important in someone’s life. You make him pass a test of life. Think of a chair with legs. It will not have balance if one of them is missing. 

A house does not stand if a wall crushes. Every construction needs all its elements equally because all of them have their mission to support its balance. By the absence of any part, it loses its balance, falls, collapses.

Whose mission is important?

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There is no balance where some take everything and many nothing. A nation cannot exist through those who put personal interests above the interests of many.

A country cannot be on its feet as long as we don’t put our shoulders for making things work.  And that doesn’t mean I’m better than you or you’re better than me. It means that everyone has the responsibility for what they know and can do for the good of all.

A pyramid exists due to the bottom base made it of the many who support it. When some seek to destroy it, they do with the base that supports the peak where they stay and consider themselves powerful and invincible.

Everyone has his mission in this world, and there are not small or large roles. No one and nothing should have the right to decide whether or not a person has an unworthy mission, because we each have our role for each other. Each one has its value in the existence of the whole that we call humanity, and each mission is considerable for building a balance of the world. We all have our worth mission and contribute to the worth mission of the others. 

I am made for a purpose. And it is worth expending everything that I have to find it, for I will waste everything that I have if I do not.

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

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What might the soul’s window tell You?

What might the soul’s window tell You?

Green, blue, hazel, brown, black… You may see the clear sky or the fury of the storm in them. You may read the truth or a hidden lie. Eyes are parts of the human body, and they all are beautiful. We look into peoples eyes because we can communicate with them. Named as “the window of the soul”, they reveal your inner emotions, no matter what you say.

The tongue may hide the truth, but the eyes—never!

― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

Yet, many times we are scared to look into peoples eyes. Sometimes, we do not look into ours, so why should we do it with others? 

Looking for Yourself

One of my people who inspired me was Louise Hay. I always read and re-read with much pleasure her books. One step in my growing I made it when I started looking into my eyes. I saw a world I was scared of, a world I did not like. Peeling the layers one by one, I started loving myself and loving people around me. I started believing in what eyes keep telling you.

“The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

You see your world through someone else’s world. It could be a loving world or a fear world. It could be a world that inspires you and others or one that keeps you away from people and your desires.


Maybe, what you see in someone else’s eyes resonates with what you feel

Maybe, you do not resonate with what you see and prefer not looking into them. You do not like what you might find there, and that makes you feel scared, horrified, and you only want to feel good.

At times, you try looking into people’s eyes for giving them the impression that you are a good listener, but your mind is miles away. It is because your thoughts are more important to you than people’s words. You like people listening to you, but do you do it? Or you prefer lying to others and betraying yourself. 

Why betraying?

Usually, people we talk to are trying to send us a message. Their words might seems uninterested, but maybe, they are the tool the universe uses to send us a message. It could be an answer, a sign for something we look for. It could be a piece of the puzzle in your life. Missing the words, you miss your message. Moreover, what you do not like in others is what you do not like about yourself.

Truth and lies

Being sad, the light inside you seem to turn down, and your eyes reflect the darkness you feel. When being happy, your eyes become twinkling stars in the sky.

When people are telling you the truth, their eyes reflect a light that is one with their words. You may feel the beautiful flow of their energy, the beauty of their soul.

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Sometimes, paying attention to people’s eyes, you can see how hard they try to convince you in a matter they discuss. They have a different sparkle coming from the lies they tell you. Are you listening to them for you are scared of them, of what you see in their eyes or you are only polite?

There are cases when people you are talking to, smile and tell you how well they are. You will be intrigued by the sadness within their eyes. In this way, their eyes tell you a different story. They tell the truth of how “well” they feel. 

Some of “the lies” we are listening to, make people avoiding your sight or trying to make different jokes to escape our eyes. They try not making eye contact.

Others will make the effort of looking in our eyes to show you nonchalance. However, there will be low energy if they are sad or are lying you. Their eyes colour fades or sparks a fire. When they are well, as they say, their eyes colour is bright and beautiful.

Fear and shame

There will be a slight glance, avoidance or a deep-frozen stare when coming from fear or shame.

Horrified or not, your eyes become big and dark. They reflect the fear you feel. The bigger the fear, the bigger your eyes, but the light fades slowly into the darkness of fear. …

Trust and mistrust, faith and hate, love and hope, respect and happiness, the soul power, a whole world.

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All goes straight to your Soul

Your eyes show your real emotions, your true feelings.  

Louise Hay used to say “look straight into your eyes in a mirror”. Tell yourself that you love yourself, that you are great. All those words go straight to your Soul.

It is the way your words go straight to others Soul, too. The answer comes back through your eyes before opening your mouth. 

Thinking about age or makeup?… Eyes light does not know them. You can apply as much makeup as you want. It will never cover your eyes sparkle or make them seem happy when you feel sad. Also, your face with wrinkles might show your “age” yet, your eyes may be bright. No matter what age you are, one thing keeps being the same for your entire life: your eyes

They are the window to YOUR Soul! As a house window, they can be clean and sparkling or “dirty” of fears and lies. You can find your world or another one in this small part of the body, in eyes.

They might tell you thousands of stories about you and others!

With Love,

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