What might the soul’s window tell You?

What might the soul’s window tell You?

Green, blue, hazel, brown, black… You may see the clear sky or the fury of the storm in them. You may read the truth or a hidden lie. Eyes are parts of the human body, and they all are beautiful. We look into peoples eyes because we can communicate with them. Named as “the window of the soul”, they reveal your inner emotions, no matter what you say.

The tongue may hide the truth, but the eyes—never!

― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

Yet, many times we are scared to look into peoples eyes. Sometimes, we do not look into ours, so why should we do it with others? 

Looking for Yourself

One of my people who inspired me was Louise Hay. I always read and re-read with much pleasure her books. One step in my growing I made it when I started looking into my eyes. I saw a world I was scared of, a world I did not like. Peeling the layers one by one, I started loving myself and loving people around me. I started believing in what eyes keep telling you.

“The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

You see your world through someone else’s world. It could be a loving world or a fear world. It could be a world that inspires you and others or one that keeps you away from people and your desires.


Maybe, what you see in someone else’s eyes resonates with what you feel

Maybe, you do not resonate with what you see and prefer not looking into them. You do not like what you might find there, and that makes you feel scared, horrified, and you only want to feel good.

At times, you try looking into people’s eyes for giving them the impression that you are a good listener, but your mind is miles away. It is because your thoughts are more important to you than people’s words. You like people listening to you, but do you do it? Or you prefer lying to others and betraying yourself. 

Why betraying?

Usually, people we talk to are trying to send us a message. Their words might seems uninterested, but maybe, they are the tool the universe uses to send us a message. It could be an answer, a sign for something we look for. It could be a piece of the puzzle in your life. Missing the words, you miss your message. Moreover, what you do not like in others is what you do not like about yourself.

Truth and lies

Being sad, the light inside you seem to turn down, and your eyes reflect the darkness you feel. When being happy, your eyes become twinkling stars in the sky.


When people are telling you the truth, their eyes reflect a light that is one with their words. You may feel the beautiful flow of their energy, the beauty of their soul.

Photo by Aravind kumar from Pixabay

Sometimes, paying attention to people’s eyes, you can see how hard they try to convince you in a matter they discuss. They have a different sparkle coming from the lies they tell you. Are you listening to them for you are scared of them, of what you see in their eyes or you are only polite?

There are cases when people you are talking to, smile and tell you how well they are. You will be intrigued by the sadness within their eyes. In this way, their eyes tell you a different story. They tell the truth of how “well” they feel. 

Some of “the lies” we are listening to, make people avoiding your sight or trying to make different jokes to escape our eyes. They try not making eye contact.

Others will make the effort of looking in our eyes to show you nonchalance. However, there will be low energy if they are sad or are lying you. Their eyes colour fades or sparks a fire. When they are well, as they say, their eyes colour is bright and beautiful.

Fear and shame

There will be a slight glance, avoidance or a deep-frozen stare when coming from fear or shame.

Horrified or not, your eyes become big and dark. They reflect the fear you feel. The bigger the fear, the bigger your eyes, but the light fades slowly into the darkness of fear. …

Trust and mistrust, faith and hate, love and hope, respect and happiness, the soul power, a whole world.

Photo by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

All goes straight to your Soul

Your eyes show your real emotions, your true feelings.  

Louise Hay used to say “look straight into your eyes in a mirror”. Tell yourself that you love yourself, that you are great. All those words go straight to your Soul.

It is the way your words go straight to others Soul, too. The answer comes back through your eyes before opening your mouth. 

Thinking about age or makeup?… Eyes light does not know them. You can apply as much makeup as you want. It will never cover your eyes sparkle or make them seem happy when you feel sad. Also, your face with wrinkles might show your “age” yet, your eyes may be bright. No matter what age you are, one thing keeps being the same for your entire life: your eyes

They are the window to YOUR Soul! As a house window, they can be clean and sparkling or “dirty” of fears and lies. You can find your world or another one in this small part of the body, in eyes.

They might tell you thousands of stories about you and others!

With Love,

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Sun Enters Taurus

Sun Enters Taurus

April 19, 2020

Bill Attride

The Spiral Journey – Spirit-Life-Consciousness

After any beginning, after each moment of emergence, after each step you take into the next moment, having moved by your “Power of Presence” in the energy-form we call “Aries”, after that first will come the second, critical moment in your journey.

In each first step you are asked (and you will answer):

“Who are you?”

The question now, and perhaps it is even more mystical and more mysterious than “who” is this challenge:

What are you?

Many wise ones consider this question of life as more profound than the first. Yes, after you consider the “who” of you, there comes the “what”. But that begs the question:

“What is the what?”

Today we move into the realm of Taurus, this is the next step in your journey which is equally your awakening, and you should take some time to consider this essential question:

What is my true self-worth; what is the value of me?

It is a most challenging question. Perhaps more than being aware that you are aware, or experiencing your pure subjectivity, here you are trying to understand the substance of you. You are forming your first relationship, which is to your own true self. What are you are formed of really; what are your “bodies” or vehicles of being; what makes you “you”?

In Taurus, whether it is in terms of your entire being, or more specifically posed in that realm of your chart where Taurus is found, you will need to answer the question, “What is the Value of me?” Which will lead, inevitably, to a series of questions until you reach the “heart question”, which is, “what makes anything have value?”

If you follow this path to its true root source, (and you certainly will someday), you will come to the heart and soul of the question which is, “What makes any of this? What is behind Creation?”

The answer is found by both listening to your higher or intuitive self, and by finding confirmation in the teachings that have been passed down from long, long ago. According to the Ancient Wisdom, all of Creation is the manifestation of the ONE.

The One is the ineffable, known by many names which are but “placeholders” given our limited understanding. The experience of this, of the One, is truly unknowable or beyond our comprehension in our limited human form. But if you stretch your imagination, if you listen to the still, quiet, gentle and loving voice that is there within you, you will feel the truth within and see it all around you too.

You will know it because you see all the patterns and correspondences in the world around you. You will smile as you find the similarities between realms that are infinitely small and immeasurably large. You will know beyond knowing, you will apprehend, that there is something that is ordering and arranging this thing you call the Universe.

What do the teachings, these “Gifts of the Wise Ones” offer? Here is what they have preserved and passed down to help you remember:

There is but One Spirit, and all of Creation is formed by the infinite sparks of this One Divine Light. At the core of the most infinitesimal of things on up to the greatest of Hosts, there at the center of everything is the Monad, the Divine Spark. The One is like a Infinite Sphere, whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.

All of Creation is the Light of the One.

All the Cardinal Signs partake of this quality, forming the Essence of Spiritual Identity.

From this One, the Second Aspect of Creation comes into being, and that is LIFE. The One became the many, and Life began. Again, from the most infinitesimal to the planets, from the dust of the earth to the fullness that is space, in all the stars and galaxies, this Plenitude of Creation is also ALIVE.

All of Creation is the Life of the One.

All the Fixed Signs embody this quality, the Essence of Spiritual Life.

And, as Spirit now manifested as Life unfolded from the One, it was ever formed and informed by the Third Aspect of Creation, and that is CONSCIOUSNESS. Once again, from the smallest aspect of Creation to the whole of Creation itself, all of this is the Consciousness of the One.

All of Creation is the Mind of the One.

All the Mutable Signs move in this quality, which is the Essence of Spiritual Consciousness.

Here in Taurus you make your first attempt to understand the question of embodiment, the movement of spirit into forms. Spirit and Matter are the two fundamental aspects of life. Spirit is the highest form of Matter; Matter is the least degree of Spirit. Though “separate”, they are really part of the all-encompassing reality of the “One”.

Spirit “animates” Matter; Matter provides the vehicles or bodies of Spirit. These bodies or forms are “Ensouled Matter”, of Matter that is ensouled by Spirit. There are many forms, and many dimensions and realms of forms, but there is only One Spirit.

The hierarchy of forms in the human kingdom (which is much the same as all other kingdoms), can be very simply divided into three: Body, Mind and Spirit. But when you begin to examine more deeply, the forms of being become ever more differentiated.

One ordering would be into Seven: Physical Body or material body, Etheric Body or vital body, Emotional Body divided into lower and higher, Lower Mental Body or mortal mind, Higher Mental Body or divine mind, Buddhic Body or vehicle of illumination, Atmic or Causal Body. But there are even more esoteric teachings that finally understand the division of Creation into a Hierarchy of Spirit-Forms that number Ten, and ultimately are held as Twelve. (Which is quite interesting given that Astrology is one of the keys to the Ancient Wisdom and is also based upon the division of reality into twelve).

For you, these teachings may or may not hold much importance at this time. But what is most important for you is answer the question posed by Taurus, “what is the value of you?”

Throughout your life, you may find that your own hierarchy of value will shift and rearrange, with certain attributes, strengths and talents being more valued in one period, only to find that quite a different set and arrangement prevails at another.

Even day to day, you may feel yourself to be “on top of the world” at one moment only to find yourself shortly later to be quite not “yourself”, with a corresponding loss of value. Materially, this variation of your experience of your value or self-worth is real.

But you must know, or you will know one day, that this is also one of the great illusions that you are here to rise above. In your “holy of holies”, in the innermost sanctum of you, (and in all your cells and bodies too), at the center of you is the everlasting spirit that is the One.

From the beginning, unto the very end of this cosmic cycle, you are quite simply beyond any measurement. Yes, you are priceless, a spark of the divine who shines with the light of the Sun of all the suns, a light that will not fade, and will never diminish.

And wise ones have many names for this Light of the One; but truly and most wonderfully you will know it and feel it as Pure and Unconditional Love.

You are loved because you were made by unconditional love. You are made of love and that is why the value of you is immeasurable and perennial.

But then you will know, and you will smile, and you will turn to whomever is before you because you understand this fundamental truth about the nature of value; that all are made of this, all of Creation is the manifestation of Unconditional and Divine Love.

That is why we are here; we are here to be that love that we are.

We only need to act with this truth and wisdom, to feel the warmth in our hearts.

We turn to one another and bow to whomever is before us.

We greet them as our dearly loved ones.

That is why we say, in our thoughts and by our hearts,

“Namaste” (I bow to the Divine in you)

Bill Attride


The Path of Light

Saturn Enters Aquarius

Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

With Love,

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the virus of consciousness

The Virus of Consciousness (2)

(Part I)

Eric Raines and Vera Ingeborg
Apr 11, 2017

Implants and the Geomagnetic Storm

Now, after having understood all of this, let’s go back to the geomagnetic storm that took place from March 27 to March 31. That storm was different from storms we have experienced in the past. It actually caused a drop of the planetary frequency over several days back onto a third dimensional level. This was intentional to push more people still caught up in 3D into their awakening and provide activating energetic codes. This drop had a side effect though: It caused an intermediary adaptation of the auric fields of people that had already been in higher frequencies to this lower frequency. And with that, it granted access to the auric field for low frequency energy implant technology and low frequency entities / parasites.

An entity is a negatively oriented consciousness (intelligent, sentient, able to communicate, feels emotions, has an agenda) that is strong enough to influence the energetic/physical body and field of a human or animal, without needing the victim’s field to survive. A parasite is the same exact thing as an entity, a complete, sentient consciousness with thoughts and feelings (100% of them being negative), but this consciousness needs the host to survive. It has not yet become big or strong enough to not need a host and graduate to the actual entity status.

“These entities use devices constructed on the etheric levels to affect the people they are attached to directly.”

These entities use devices constructed on the etheric levels to affect the people they are attached to directly. With the rising frequencies on the planet, the negative agenda of the Matrix controllers has been losing effectiveness, strength and range of influence, and in retaliation to the ground lost, they are pulling out all the stops and using the highest levels of etheric technology at 100% capacity.

Shackles, chains, and other anchoring devices: Found most often connected to one or both ankles, this type of etheric device causes fear of success, travel, the unknown, new things, etc… The etheric metal is extremely dense and heavy, and drags down with “invisible” weight. People who feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders do not feel that way because there is much on their mind, they feel that way because of devices such as this that can add weight and drag down the energy body. They are found most often on people who have brilliant ideas and can not make themselves actually implement them, want to move and experience new things, yet cant leave their hometown, want to leave an abusive or draining relationship but cant seem to actually get the motivation to go, or any type of holding back types of behavior that do not allow people to grow despite wanting to.

Spinal column control rod: This device is found in most cases of entity attachment. The central channel has multiple energetic points up the spine and down the front of the body where entities prefer to tap into people’s energetic field. Once the energetic center is penetrated, the entity burrows its way into the spine, where it then connects into the spinal column and spinal cord. Using this neural pathway, it coats the physicals and energetic flow up the spine with dark, organic material. Stretching from the pelvis to the head, the entity can then reach into any area of the body and implant devices in the areas described further below in this article. More importantly, this control rod allows the entity control over multiple implants at one time. If the entity is trying to shut the host down, it can activate the solar plexus implant to attack the confidence and self worth, at the same time sending the chatterbrain implant into overdrive with negative self talk, or any other type of combination. Removing this control rod is key in unblocking the central channel flow, as well as making it much easier to remove anything else found in the body. Often times, when removing this device, the energetic connection leading directly to the entity can be felt, allowing for removal and extraction of the actual entity fairly simply.

Head octopus parasite: This parasite attaches to the top of the head, siphoning off multiple meridians in the head. Most of the organs in the abdomen correspond to meridians beginning or ending in the face and head. This parasite attacks all of the functions in the head, from blocking the 3rd eye, blocking Source connection activating the “chatterbrain” function, blocking central meridian flow, and in some cases, hijacking the optic nerves to force visions into the brain, almost like projecting onto a movie screen, but the retina instead. It will wrap around the head and face, sinking into the astral body with tendrils or tentacles of dark, organic energy, anchoring in anywhere it can find purchase. More often than not, this type of parasite attacks the vagus nerve, which handles many parasympathetic nervous system responses, most notably, the fight-or-flight response. People who suffer crippling anxiety, non-stop chatter in the head, severe panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and violent migraines often times have this type of parasite attaching to their head.

Gallbladder meridian/temple chatter-brain: Coming in multiple shapes, forms and modalities from AI wires, chips and automation to black metal framework with organic “feelers” to full blown organic parasite infestation, these devices in the temple always have one job: to study the frequencies and brain patterns of the host, and begin to replicate the frequencies of the hosts “inner voice”. We have three different voices in our reality. We have the voice that we hear coming from our voice boxes while speaking, the voice everyone else hears from outside of our body, and the internal voice we speak in our heads with. This device isolates the internal voice algorithms and begins to ingeniously mimic them to the point that unless awareness of the device is already in place, the host will simply mistake the chatter-brain/monkey mind implant for their own internal voice. The purpose this device is to simply distract and confuse. If the host begins to ask the important questions such as, “Why are we here?” and “What is my purpose, why do I exist?”, the device is programmed to lead them away from the path those esoteric questions would lead them down. It will constantly bombard the host with distractions that pull them out of the present, constantly having them remember the past, or putting them in fear or apprehension of the future. Of all the devices and implants used in these systems, this is most often the most easily recognizable. Once this device is gone, complete silence becomes the natural state of being in the mind. In a completely clear body, the only noise in the head is what is actively being thought, i.e., a “Hello!!” would not be heard unless an active, “Hello!!” was “yelled” into the head by the internal voice, or a song would not be playing in the background unless it was actively being “played” in the head. The physical symptoms of these devices are cloudy/dazed perception, lack of perception (i.e. it takes longer than it should to pick up on happenings around you), and headaches most often in the temples and front of the head, but can be found anywhere. More often than not, the headache symptoms are not an all over blanket pain, but a small point where it feels like something is pressing, poking or pushing through and the pain level can become quite high.

Voice box constrictor/frequency modulator: This device has two functions that I have run into. The first is a shutting down of the lines of communication from the brain to the words being spoken through a closing off of the throat in a physical constriction, or a deconstruction of the language into nonsensical run-on sentences or complete gibberish. This symptom is most often activated when the host begins to step into and vibrate in their truth. For example, someone who is constantly struggling with self esteem and confidence issues begins to start stepping into a place of strength and speaking up for themselves, they will notice the throat closes up, making speech difficult, or the words just completely fly out of their head. This causes the voice breaking tenor or extremely shaky speech, almost like they are speaking through a body suffering hypothermia. Another example would be when the host begins to recognize the deeper nature of the universe, and when trying to speak of these concepts, and along with a constriction, they find themselves completely butchering the concepts they are reveling in, or just not being able to physically talk because every time it is like they have a mouth full of mush. This often leads people attacked on this level to be shy when it comes to speaking to people they do not know, and regular neural flow between the brain and lines of verbal communication are not exercised, and the situation often becomes much worse until the host begins to actively work and focus on making these neural connections a priority again.

The other function found here is what I have called a frequency modulator. This device goes over top of the voice box, and what it does is shift the frequency that the host is speaking on. More often than not this is used against someone who has already re-connected the neural lines of communication that were attacked, and is now speaking deeply from their resonance of truth. Since communication can not be stifled from the source, what ends up happening is that the device makes it so that it seems people never even recognize that the host is speaking. They will hear them talk, but the level of communication that their brain is picking up is relegated to background noise. An example would be that traffic in the background is definitely a noise that can be heard and tuned into, but why would you ever recognize the sequence of revving engines, squealing brakes and tires rolling on the asphalt? This is the level of frequency that the host ends up speaking on with this device implanted on top of the voice box.

Solar plexus clamps/cages/constrictors/etc..: Anything found in the pit of the stomach where the rib cage meets in the front of the body, is always going after the confidence, anxiety and self-esteem of the host. This is one of the most common implants almost everyone recognizes simply for the fact that it is recognized every time that aching, burning ball in the pit of the stomach related to anger, shame, depression, sadness or hopelessness is felt. The other physical sensation of this device is a torsion, or constriction in the area almost like something is being physically twisted or wrenched in the solar plexus/lower heart. The devices here range in shape, size, construction and strength depending on the level of attention going into shutting down the confidence, and can be found as metal clamps, cages wrapping around the energetic center, tentacles burrowing into and around the area, and all the way to miniature black holes or singularities that connect negative space with 3D reality. The energetic and emotional symptoms will include varying ranges of shyness, lack of self-esteem, constant negative self talk, aversion to interaction, lack of confidence in personal ability, anxiety, paranoia, inability to release trauma, PTSD-like symptoms, apathy and depression. These symptoms can range from minor annoyances all the way to crippling phobias depending on the intensity of energy placed into the implantation and monitoring. These devices are constantly on alert and scanning for any positive feelings of self worth, confidence, excitement or self love to hijack them into repeating emotional trauma loops and thought cycles, thus making the cycle of recurring issues pop up whenever self improvement moves into the conscious focus.

Basically all of these implants are causing this feeling of replaying the past for people that had already moved up in frequency. It is like a program loop repeating itself. Causing thought spirals that are not possible to be dissolved in the regular way through an emotional release – because it is fake and it is not yours! It is just a software running, giving you this impression, all with the intention to freak you out and keep you in fear. Therefore, there is no emotion attached to it that could dissolve it. The same counts for the emotional loops. These are like a constant trigger plugging into your lower chakras to simulate this replay. On a sidenote – people who do not have chakras anymore as their frequency was already completely anchored in 5D did not experience the emotional part. No chakras? What?

When we break apart a beam of sunlight with a prism, we are bending the light spectrum into slightly separate frequencies, and we can then see the visible light arrayed as the familiar red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet rainbow spectrum. What is not seen with our eyes, is that when we do this, we are only seeing about 5% of the entirety of the light frequency, such as infrared, x-ray, gamma ray, ultraviolet, etc…

Doing the math, if we were to take that 5% of visible light, and then break it into 7 different pieces respective to each color in the spectrum, every color holds .714% of the full spectrum of light. What this means is that each of the 7 chakras in the body from root to head are limited into only .714% of the energy that should be accessible. The natural state of humanity and the energy our body uses is brilliant white/gold, just like the sun.

“The natural state of humanity and the energy our body uses is brilliant white/gold, just like the sun.”

The Golden Frequency is not exclusionary, it is not saying, “I will not use the Violet Flame, or the Blue light of healing.”. What the brilliant golden chi/energy does is use the entire frequency of the light spectrum, but more importantly, the energy that we are not able to “see”, where these entities reside. By attuning your chi to this frequency, you begin to be able to clean your body out of energy that was unaccessible before, and more importantly, begin priming your energetic centers to make the jump out of the 7 layer color systems of chakras, into the 3 point golden stars of the Dan Tien system that the ancient Chinese had mapped out thousands of years ago, one in the head, one in the heart, one the lower abdomen. These are also often referred to as your three brains.

A simple sensory meditation of truly feeling the color and vibration of the 7 layer chakra systems for an extended period of time until they are very obvious, and then allowing these points to float on a golden/white background will allow you to prime yourself into this activation. When the body is ready, the intent to release these colors back into the whole will allow Source energy to ignite inside these 3 Dan Tien centers. If the energy body is not ready for this transition, more work is needed to buffer the pathways needed to facilitate this integration and nothing will be felt out of the normal when doing this meditation, but each time it is done, it will open up the energetic, physical and neural pathways needed, simply because the body responds in the language that the body speaks….sensation, emotion, impulse, visualization and image. When successful, there will be no doubt. Energy in a magnitude and scope completely unfelt before will explode out of these three points, hypertuning you into the immediate lower etheric realms. It feels very different from the energetic flow through the chakras. Instead of spinning energy the flow is now like a golden pillar through your whole body. The key is consistency and practice. Think of a rusted shut door that needs to be kicked in order to actually open. Each kick primes the one that finally allows the door to fly open, but without each one before there would be no moment of the door flying open.

How to remove these Implants quickly

So what we are experiencing right now is far more than the effects of solar activity. We are actually dealing with a collective implant plague right now. Again – this is nothing to freak out or be upset/angry about or afraid of.

Always remember: That is EXACTLY the frequency, that the matrix and its operators want you to be in. Instead, follow this simple process to establish your true self again.

The most important part of this process is to connect to your heart. That is where you are connected to Source. And that means to stop thinking and start feeling. As said – the old system will do anything to keep you distracted from discovering your ability to feel – because that would mean you would discover the key to true ascension!

“The old system will do anything to keep you distracted from discovering your ability to feel – because that would mean you would discover the key to true ascension!”

We find it very important, that you learn how to do that yourself to make sure you keep your power and do not give it away to others. It is always fine to ask for assistance, but you should always stay in charge of your own energy field. Hypnosis, spiritual drugs and a lot of alleged energetic healing methods are quick ways to give your power away and open yourself up to energetic manipulation – taking you into the illusionary astral realm of the false light matrix.

How to remove implants and entities from your system:

  • Go into that thought spiral, emotional loop or physical issue and feel the energy of it. Follow the energy of it to its anchor point / origin in your system. Where does it make you feel uncomfortable? Where does the energy not flow but feels blocked? You will be able to spot exactly where the implant / entity sits. It is enough to feel it – you do not have to see it.
  • Imagine yourself in your most favourite spot on this planet or somewhere else. It is a place that provides you with everything that makes you feel good, powerful and at ease, brings you into the NOW and is giving you a strong energetic support.
  • Now think of all the traits that you would love to incorporate if you had the magic wand and could create the best and powerful version of you. How would you like to be perceived, look like, feel like, act like etc. Feel all of these traits and speak them out loud while staying in your power place. Feel the energy of these words and how they are expanding within you with the support of your powerful surroundings. Feel how this power in your heart and see it as a golden, glowing energy ball that is growing and expanding into your whole body. You will notice immediately how the spiralling stops and you come into a feeling of inner peace and balance when you are in your heart space.
  • Now imagine that golden energy flowing through your hands. Take your hands to the place where you spotted the implant. Hold your hands over it and imagine how this golden energy is flowing all around the implant. Send all the love coming from your heart to this implant and form a golden, energy love ball around it. This has the effect to raise the frequency in this place intensely, so the hooks of the implant have no chance to stay plugged in: The particles are vibrating, too high and the density gets too low for that.
  • Now imagine that you have completely enclosed that entity or implant in this golden stream – kind of like an insect enclosed in amber. When you feel this is completely done, then start pulling that ball out of your auric field. You can even use your hands to actively support that. Keep the implant enclosed in that ball once you have it removed. It might happen that you feel a bit emotional when pulling it out, and the physical body might even react with dry purging / puking reflexes. Shortly after, you should feel the place where the implant was filling up with love, feeling very light, warm and comfortable.
  • Go back into your heart space again while holding the ball outside of your aura. Connect to your heart and imagine a golden pillar of light coming down directly from source / the central sun. When this pillar is complete, take the ball, put it into the pillar and say out loud: “I release you back to the Central Sun”.
  • Say out loud: “I, in accordance with my free will, do not allow any energetic implant in my field anymore”.
  • Sit back, feel into your heart space again and enjoy the smooth flow of energy through your system.

We hope that this helps you to feel better again immediately. Never forget: These are the last desperate attempts of the matrix and the old system to keep the fear frequency alive. The less we fight them and the more we wrap them into our true light and love, coming from the heart, the more we embrace them, the quicker they dissolve into the light.

Please note that this process of implant removal does not represent a short cut / spiritual bypassing in your spiritual journey. There is no way around your own inner work dealing with your own emotional traumas, belief systems and patterns. Implant removal only helps to take off additional burden and energetic draining from you that was programmed into you.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you.

With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

Photo by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay 

With Love,

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Saturn Aquarius

Saturn Enters Aquarius

(March 21–22, 2020)

Bill Attride

The Test of Responsibility, to the Test of Social Consciousness

The Lord of Reality is moving from Capricorn into Aquarius this year. Saturn will make the first transition on March 21–22, it will retrograde back into Capricorn on July 1, and re-enter Aquarius on December 17 where it will remain until March 2023.

For more than two years with Saturn in Capricorn, we were given the opportunity, by encountering various challenges, to understand how we must strive to improve the fulfillment of our responsibilities. It is by these “Hierarchies of Obligations” that we meet and fulfill one another’s needs which are rooted in the various positions we hold in our lives. Whether as a parent or child, as a teacher or student, as an employer or worker, we were being tested to reexamine our understanding and exercise of our roles and duties towards one another.

But for the next couple of years, you will face the next step in your spiritual evolution as held in the Sign of Aquarius. Whereas Capricorn concerns the fulfillment you achieve by maintaining the “World that Is”, (what your ancestors passed on to you), Saturn in Aquarius demands that you turn around; it shines a light upon the path so that you will consider what comes next, to imagine what your future will be, and most importantly and lovingly, to do this with careful and selfless regard as to what will you pass on to your children, and to their children, and for all who come after you.

Saturn in Aquarius reminds you that it is not enough to preserve and maintain what has been; Aquarius is about the future that you are making for you and for those who come after you. We humans are dreamers; we are the “Imagineers of Earth”. We are here to constantly remake ourselves and our world. And now you must ask, what kind of world shall it be?

Your challenge will always be to lift your vision higher, and you must strive to be ever more conscious and considerate, as you make a better you. But Saturn in Aquarius will remind you of this: That what you dream, and what you will make, must be framed and formed by all with whom you journey, by the truth that you are part of a host of souls who must make a better world together, and so you will remake one another and your world in such a way that it is better for one another, and for all of life on Earth too.

We humans dream of fulfillment, to be happy and live a life that is good; and, Saturn in Aquarius will remind you that your fulfillment and your happiness can only become a reality when it is also makes possible the fulfillment and happiness for one and for all.

This is the challenge of Saturn in Aquarius; it is the test of your Social Consciousness. And it challenges you to overcome one of your greatest illusions, your experience of being separate and apart from one another. In truth, from the beginning of your journey, and through life after life, you are formed by all who accompany you. Your experiences, your thoughts, your love and your wisdom, they are all formed by the countless moments you have shared with one another. You are all mixed up in one another, you are all made of one another; and your happiness and your fulfillment are made with one another too.

Saturn in Aquarius calls on all of us now; we must consider what kind of future we wish to make, what will be the legacy that we will pass down to those who come after.

Our challenge is to choose wisely. We must cherish and protect one another, but we can only do this if we make this possible for all life on this beautiful planet. This is our responsibility now, for we made this world as it is, and we are reaping what we have sown.

If we wish for a better world, for us and for those who come after, we must do what we have always done. We must come together, we Imagineers of Earth, and be the seeds of a better world for many, many years to come.

Bill Attride

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