Motivational and Inspirational Movies (38)

El Greco (2007)

El Greco is a biographical film of a great Greek artist life, Domenicos Theotokopoulos, known worldwide as El Greco.

Fighting for freedom and searching for love, he has to leave his homeland Crete and go to Venice, then Toledo, Spain.

At the time, Crete was part of the Republic of Venice. Domenicos falls in love with Francesca, the daughter of the Venetian governor of Crete. On top of that, his father is planning a political rebellion. As a result, Domenicos has to leave Crete away from Francesca and move to Venice.

I paint because I want everything to become light, because only light vanquishes dark.

El Greco

He meets the famous painter Titian and the Spanish priest Fernando Niño de Guevara there. After a while, following his advice, Domenicos leaves Venice and go to Toledo. He becomes known and meets his life love in the person of Jeronima.


People may ask us for the truth. But do they want it? 


Fighting his own demons and becoming the Great Inquisitor, Guevara calls Domenicos before the Inquisition, where he must defend himself against charges of heresy. He uses his truth as defending tool in overcoming barbarity and ignorance.

A movie about love and passion, art and inquisition, betrayal and heroism, and light and darkness. It is a movie about standing up for your work, beliefs and truth.

How can god speak to you when instead of loving you burn, ruin and spread hate and death all around?

But you cannot burn me. Shall I tell you why? Because I have been burning all my life … my entire life… not in the fire… in the light. I threw myself in the blaze of it. You like fires because you are afraid to burn. You are afraid of the light! 

You are not wrong to be afraid, for every flame you light I see you deep to darkness. No matter how many people you burn …you will never escape it.”

El Greco

Love, Manuela

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