You Are Sending a Message

Heavenletter #1722

Published on: August 7, 2005

God said:

You encircle the world. You are not this little dot you seem to think you are. You hold the world in your hand — or, rather, in your thoughts. The world is in thrall to you. It is an extension of your thought. The world plays out the timbre of your thoughts. The world is a mime that mimics you.

When you complain about the world and anyone or any condition in it, you are complaining about yourself. You may say that those in power have not done enough or did the wrong things or did nothing at all. Yet you have power. You have the power of your thoughts.

Your thoughts are like laser beams. Focus your thoughts. Reconfigure them. Notice what you may have been thinking and how much good did they ever do anyone.

Beloveds, your thoughts have passed their prime, if, indeed, they ever had a prime. Your thoughts have been like winter coats in summer. They have not been of use to you. Thoughts have mulled around, vague, uncertain as to their role. You have been unwilling to send them away. Perhaps you have wanted to keep them for next winter. You have been possessive of your thoughts, as though they were special and no one else had ever thought of them before.

But your thoughts have been a dime a dozen. Your thoughts have been canned. You picked up the thoughts of those around you and thought they were yours. You forget half the thoughts you’ve had, and yet you have stored them somewhere. Start a new slate with your thoughts. No need to be loyal to your old thinking, for if you want life in the world to rise to new heights, your thoughts will lead.

Thoughts get worn out and are not worth keeping. They are like clothes that no longer fit. Have you noticed this? And have you given your thoughts notice that you are evicting them in favor of more original ones? No longer will you read from a script. You will read from blank paper. You will stare yourself in the face and begin anew. You will be spontaneous. You will think a thought you never thought before, never heard before. You will become your thought.

Because you have so many thoughts, do not minimize their importance. One good thought is all you need. From one good thought, horizons will appear. Horizons will appear before you because you created them. Thoughts are your servants, and all you have to do is to call them to you.

Thoughts are wireless energy. Through thought you broadcast your vibration to the world. Tap, tap, tap go the wireless keys. You tap your message to the world. Your thoughts never belong just to you. Even if they are never spoken, you are still broadcasting them to the world. Because they are not sounded does not mean they are not heard. Even in the furthermost corners of the world, they are heard. They are picked up and they echo themselves from mountain to mountain and from sea to shining sea.

The world picks up your thoughts, and it complies with them.

See a ticker tape of your thoughts being sent everywhere. See your thoughts as a banner following a blimp in the blue sky. Never mind what message will be written on your gravestone. What message are you sending today? It is inevitable that you are sending a message. There is no choice about that. But what message you send is fully your thought. All thoughts are given equal importance as they resound to the world. All thoughts are sent out, and they compile themselves into the visible world.

Your thoughts paint a picture. They make a movie. You are the director of it. What kind of movie would you like to direct? How about an idyll? How about making a movie about peace on Earth and good will to all?