The Awakener of Love

Heavenletter #5844

November 24, 2016 

God said: 
There is one thought, and the thought is God. From the one Breath of God, sounds were dispersed. Language was born. From within the sound of God’s Name, language was born. The thought of God multiplied and multiplies itself still into expression. We come back again to God, the Alpha and the Omega, and so the alphabet was born.

Language planted itself on Earth. Language became like a funnel. God thought, and sounds combined themselves. Thoughts burst into song. Notes reverberated. Thoughts became music. Music filled the Earth. Music displayed itself and shared itself. The Name of the Language was Love. Love was evident, and Love Prevailed. There was naught but Love.

If language is not a miracle, what is then? Love discovered Itself.

Babies practice making sounds. Babies understand words without a dictionary. They play around with sounds, and their little mouths form gurgling sounds which manifest as language and can only be recognized as Love.

Life is made of sounds vibrating. Sound the drums. Awaken the world to hear the pulse-beats. Hang out with the Language of Love. Swirl language around the Universe. Language meets. Language beats its gong. Trees bow down to language. Language is a different kind of flute that plays itself.

Birds sing. Even Silence speaks. There is nothing that is not meaningful. Meaning is declared. There is a truce among disparate languages. There is a language beyond language. A bell is tolled. And a nightingale sings.

Night and day are a matter of tone.

What was that you said? And what was that you meant to say? Listening is part of speech. Love must be heard.

Somewhere somehow Life and Love were seemingly turned off, and business was declared as an excuse for shattering Love. Lights petered out. Loneliness and indifference were born. Echoes became staccato. Hearts were disabled.

It mattered not what you yelped. Language became indecipherable even if it were heard. There was pretense it was not heard. The judge pounded his gavel and ravaged Truth, tossed humanity aside and cried wolf.

Life became a matter of decision. Love was forgotten. Somewhere an archer took aim. Truth was discounted. The triumph of Inhumanity blew a horn. Hearts were sent adrift to fend for themselves.

That was the end of the matter, so it seemed. Hearts were put aside as if not viable. There was no peace. War was not declared. Lo, there was indifference to behold. Indifference was waved around like a ragged flag. Over and under were declared. What was a body to do?

I tell you.

Love had to crawl over rocks in order to reach the well. Love had to come out of hiding. The unloved had to Love, for the very Existence of Life depends upon Love.

Heartlessness has to be undeclared. Heartlessness is a charade that the world seemingly gets away with and yet which cannot prevail.

As for your Heart of Love, let no one destroy your Beloved Heart for even one minute. You and I have the say of your heart. No blusterer or horn-blower is to undeclare Love. No nonentity that considers love off-bounds or saved for special occasions is to give speeches on parade or in stealth.

Your heart can be attacked, yet your love is not to be quelled. Your heart is above all. Your heart is not for vanquishing. Let love peal like church-bells. Let love be sounded. Let love be cheered. Let you be of good cheer and see beyond the manufactured limits. Declare love. Do not dally. Declare love. Sing Love from the housetops. Be a Singer of Love. Be a Footnote of Love. Be Love. Wash away tears.

Who is to declare Love but you? You are to declare Love. Sound the gong. Turn off the alarm clock. Erase non-Love. Do not even give absence of Love a toehold. Maintain your God-given Love, and don’t complain.

At the emergence of bureaucracy, pull Me down to you and your heart up to Heaven. No bemoaning. No ill-will, do you hear? No complaining about heartlessness. Fill your heart with Love from the reservoir I fill for you. Fill Love from the Source of Love, and even a drop of Love will rejuvenate the world that may momentarily seem to have forgotten Love.

You will not forget. You will water the world with Love. You will pull Love up by your bootstraps. You will mine Love from within your heart. Love cannot be swept away. There will be a Resurgence of Love. Love will say its Name for all time. You will be naught but Love, so I have said, and so I attest, and so you are. Love is your birthright. I chose you to be the Reawakener of Love. You do not let the candle burn out.

Even if you are the Only One who remembers.

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