Diamond Crystalline Light Activations Daily: Your Divine Soul Essence is Growing With Every Breath…

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Aloha magical love family!

Radiating out beams of soft divine powerful amazing exquisite happy joy light to you!

You’ve not seen me as much, as myself and the team have been slamming it out this whole month with the launch of new programs and courses, the new Mastery School site and more. They have taken the weekend off, beyond much deserved, to have a bit of relax time and hopefully tons of fun too! I’ll be doing the same once we complete these launches soon and this weekends live events too!

Today is pristinely peaceful energies, soft Crystalline Light Frequencies weaving quietly these last few hours. Diamond Light Frequencies now dominate the activations daily, oscillating between razors (cutting through the veils of amnesia for those exiting the old matrix programs, cutting deep to the core of everything that needs to be healed/resolved back into love/wholeness inside) and purity frequencies which cleanse the body’s cellular programming and when huge waves of cosmic/galactic light come through, hearts open even more huge! New programs and new realities arriving continually now! More activating their holographic capabilities and learning how to maneuver walking in multiple dimensions too. This part is the tricky part for awhile as Heaven opens up for each to integrate inside and merge with the external Earthly plane (NEW Earth). ☼ ∞

The amount of high charging voltage of electrical activity in the physical Plasma Crystalline LightBody is beyond anything we’ve experienced thus far. For those clearing separation/density from the physical body, this can get quite intense when huge upgrades commence. The “build up of light” not integrated can make it more intense. So if you find your body needing more attention, more love, more nurturing, more sleep… honor this above all. Your human aspect will have issues, yet all will get sooooooooooooooo much easier when you do. You do not “need to know” everything up front…. you just need to KNOW INSIDE and trust….. any resistance in your body will cause you more stress/suffering… listen to your body… as your soul/higher self speaks to you through this vessel that works hard to integrate the light of your entire BEing into it.

Your Divine Soul Essence is growing with every breath. Your power, your innate/natural gifts, your brilliance and higher light intelligence, your ability to walk in multiple dimensions simultaneously, as a magnificent LIGHT BEING here. Every moment is an OPPORTUNITY….. everything is a GIFT when your heart is open and you are seeing through the eyes of your higher-self/soul aspects from within.

Returning to purity, returning to existences forgotten, returning to love, divinity, sovereignty, magical bliss beyond, full abundance and the most exquisite Sacred Realities await all who are truly ready, embracing and bringing it forth now.

Choose which dimension/timeline you WANT TO EXIST IN… focus your energy on that and keep your heart & mind wide open. Believe believe believe and know with all of your heart. The moment you go unconscious, you re-experience the old… until you don’t go unconscious anymore.. because you are present and observing yourself and everything around you…. in your own field of super consciousness…. Close your eyes and expand your energy out. Your reality, your choice, your vibration, your transmission materialized into physical form.

Intentionally re-tune constantly to a higher vibration than before. Your presence is required. Let the judgment and struggle go. You don’t need it anymore. You are free when you allow yourself to be.

Maintain SOURCE CONNECTION all of the time to experience higher-lighter-density realities continually now. I love you!

Sharing a magical sunrise with pinks and purple NEW Earth skies with you! Make today magical and have a blast playing while you reach others through the magic of REMEMBERED love too!

Lisa Transcendence Brown