Story of Love

Venus Turns Retrograde in Aries (March 4, 2017 – April 15, 2017)

Bill Attride

Your Avatar of Value is turning around; your planet of love is going retrograde once again.

Of course, what is really happening is that, like on a circular race track, Venus is passing Earth on its “inside track”. Whereas Mercury will turn retrograde every 3.8 months for about 21 days, Venus turns retrograde every 19.2 months for about 40 days. (The last two times it turned were July 2015 and December 2013, and the next time will be in October 2018).

The gift of Venus retrograde is to take you on a journey within yourself so that you may reconsider your experience of value. You are offered a wonderful opportunity to refresh-renew-restore your relationship to beauty in the world, and to lovingly reaffirm your affections for one another. But this is all because the principle gift of Venus retrograde is to bring you back to the fundamental truth that that the true foundation-source of value is to be found in Spirit, in that spark of the divine shining there in all that surrounds you and equally within you. It is this, this divine love, that is source of the immeasurable value within yourself and your world too.

Venus retrograde’s gift will be modulated by whatever Sign Venus is moving through. In this turning, Venus moves from Aries back into Pisces, and so there will really be two distinct offerings of Venus for you this time.

While Venus loops back through Aries you are offered an opportunity to re-consider how well you have formed your nature or value into your “persona”, into your “presence”. Aries rules the way in which you meet and greet your world, it is your bearing, your demeanor and your attitude. All these ways you are you, all of it is ultimately formed by what lies beneath, there in your heart of hearts, all made by your love. How you love (and what you love) flows outward to be revealed in the ways in which you move through time and space.

The fundamental question of Venus in Aries is this: Do you understand that first you must love yourself. Or more exactly, do you understand that you are loved, and that you are always loved by your own higher self, who is your ever-present beloved in life after life?

If you can move a little closer to this, then this will be reflected in how you hold and conduct yourself as you move through your world and how you treat one another. And how will you know?

Do you move with grace and ease? Do you encounter others with a loving warmth and graciousness? Do you shine with what is within you, a loving character and kindly presence? Or, does your countenance reveal a soul that is more troubled, more insecure, in lacking true healthy self-love?

For you should know this by now, it is how you meet the world, and how you treat one another, it is by this that you sow the seeds of karma, and of what will come back to you one day. The reality you encounter tomorrow you made today, by how you held yourself and by how you treated one another. You and only you can make a better you.

Then on April 2nd, Venus will retrograde back into Pisces for her second gift of spirit. Here again the particular experience of Venus-value will be focused through the principal sensibility that Pisces encompasses. As much as the experience of Aries is about yourself, about knowing that the source of love must first to be found and held within yourself, and that it comes from your Higher Self loving you…the experience of Pisces is the perfect complement to this.

For it is here in Pisces that you understand that the entirety of Creation, from the smallest forms up to the grandest stellar expanses, you experience the feeling-knowing that all of this is because of Love. You see that this Creation is Love, and that it is resplendent with the Light of Love.

You feel exalted and humbled by a Living Faith, knowing that in the end there is but One Spirit holding one and all together, and that behind and throughout every part of Creation, there is the One from whom all came, and whose true Nature is Pure Love.

And from this you understand that as much as you are here to love yourself, you are here to love one another too…for there is no difference. If you truly understand, and know why and how you love yourself, then you will inevitably turn around and feel and live this unconditional love towards one another, and for all of Creation too.

True Self-Love begets Selfless Love; the many return to the One.
The First Sign and the Last Sign of the Zodiac are truly the Alpha and Omega of Life. You begin your journey of self-discovery, of being a one among many other ones.

And you end your journey being one of many who are held together by the One.
But through it all, from Sign to Sign and from Life to Life, you are a precious spark in this Luminous Journey of Spirit.

You are in this greatest story ever told, the story of Love.

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