A New Ancient Love

Twin Flame Message ~ Healing Led to Forgiveness, which Led to a New Ancient Love

By Sophie Gregoire

Healing led to Forgiveness, which led to a New Ancient Love, which led to Giving Freely. 

Now Chasers are about to see that love is given yes — BUT LOVE SHOULD BE RECEIVED.

Love should be given yes, but not all of their Hearts. There is still Balance to find and implement there, again, now, as you’ll see.

Actually this is a new imbalance but it could be one of the last.

The Twin Souls energies have gotten closer and almost merged in the higher realms. They’ve danced and danced, over and over, in the brightest lights of all and the darkest nights that the Universe had seen — but those dances were simply, behind all that we saw, all the different games of each couples, the million possibilities, AN ORGANIZED PLAY OF FINDING BALANCE, OF REACHING THE BALANCED HARMONICS BETWEEN DIVINE MASCULINE AND FEMININE.

Now the Chaser is about to stop giving that much, if nothing is settling (yet).

They won’t pull back all of their love — that would be going backwards, that would be what we used to do – “you don’t love me as I want to, so I’ll run away, hate you or stop loving you”. That’s the old You.

Now you’re simply going to find the right amount of love to give — you’ll give yes, but without waiting for them, doing things for them, changing your lives for them. You’ll just live your life, and love in a way and amount that feel right, not draining, not depleting.

No, you understand there are no Runners and Chasers anymore — simply two energy frequencies that are trying to align.

You see, it’s like two yellow butterflies — first they met and melt in love but after that, the Universe showed them why that couldn’t be at that time and showed them, step after step and dark night after dark night, the blocks that lied within both of them and that were interfering in their love.

The yellow butterflies met again, and again and again, destroyed everything that they once had from an outside perspective but in truth their energies were just trying to find a common ground and align.

Now they’re flying together again, sometimes, and each time their energies interfere they do come slightly closer. More and more, the two butterflies are trying to dance together and fly hand in hand over the same golden beautiful Spiring ground.

Now, it’s not about pulling ALL the love back anymore or say “never again”.  It’s about finding balance, day after day.

Sending love yes who knows what could unfold?, but only when they feel that it will be given back. Not because it’s not free anymore, not because Twin Flames can’t love without expectations or aren’t strong enough to give without receiving — but simply because love happens when we are two, simply because in love we need to be Two to Tango.

Because, let me ask you something. What about your own balance, and the balance of this whole thing, if YOU are imbalanced yourself?

You see that it’s the balance of you two, taken as distinct energies, that leads to the Balance of the whole… but yes and as you saw, you are learning to reach Balance within through this interesting mirror thing.

You see, as long as YOU are imbalanced because of this or through this — there is no Balance, union or whatever, for the Whole Soul.

As long as you give too much, or loose your joy for this or through this, you loose your Inner Harmony as well and the Harmony of the whole thing can’t be.

As you see and as this Libra Moon in teaching you, there is no outside success when success like for this interesting Twin thing is about Harmony — if you loose your Inner Harmony, Balance and Joy.

As within, so without.


Sophie Gregoire



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