I am That

Sun Enters Taurus (April 19, 2017)

Bill Attride

The Circle of Living Ones has turned once more; the first way of Fire must yield to the first forms of Earth. Taurus is here and your visions, ideals, aspirations and desires that were fashioned in the Fires of Aries must be drawn down and made real and substantial. For you are a unique spark of the one Divine Light, and your journey of self-becoming will take you through many, many worlds, forms and lives.

If you are to truly know and become what you are destined to be, (a conscious co-creator of Creation), then you must partake in all these realms of Life-Consciousness-Spirit. For you to be fully human, you must become a master-builder of you.

The Way of Aries is, “I am”.
It is the first step of life; it is here that you experience the wonder of being self-aware.
In Aries, you must answer the question, “Who are you?”

The Way of Taurus is, “I am that”.
This is the second step in life; it is here that you experience you are some-thing.
In Taurus, you must answer the question, “What are you?”

In some way, you can see these two signs forming in their unity one of the fundamental truths of your journey in consciousness, your dualistic experience of reality. There is subjectivity, of being aware of yourself, or self-awareness. And, there is objectivity too, as you experience yourself, (and everything and everyone else), as being formed into bodies or vehicles of manifestation.

But, of course in terms of the Greater Reality (or Truth), you see the world split into Spirit and Matter as you attempt to understand your oneness of being or “Life”. Life is Spirit and Matter together; they are inseparable. Yet they are the two fundamental aspects of Life. Matter forms the lesser realms of Spirit; as Spirit forms the highest realms of Matter. The Great Truth is that there is but One Life, there is the One Spirit which manifests through innumerable forms from the lowest to the most sublime. Spirit is the one eternal life; and Matter the countless vessels into which all life flows.

The great mystery is that in all these countless forms or vessels, in each atom, mineral, plant, animal, human, deva, planet and star, through them all what is contained or held there is the One Spirit. There are countless forms; and there is one Life. There is only One spirit flowing through the hierarchies of the Universe, whether those realms be Divine, Human, Animal or Mineral.

The Sign of Taurus is not merely some month, marking some as “a Taurus”. Taurus is found everywhere, in each moment and most certainly in you, and some significant portion of you (and of course your astrological chart) is formed by this primal experience of Spirit/Matter. When you look at the part of your chart that is ruled by Taurus, you can find the answer to what you value in you, of how you experience your gifts of spirit, and you can discover by this what you have and what you want.

What you are to experience in Taurus is the Value of You…The mystery you seek to unveil in Taurus is how to understand what you have, to experience what can you do, and discover what are you worth. The value of you at any one time is made of a range of factors: physical powers, emotional depths, intellectual prowess and spiritual integrity. Throughout any day, week, year or life, these valuations of you will wax and wane. The gifts of youth may shine forth in physical strengths and emotional enthusiasms; but maturity will bring both a modulation and eventual waning of these as you age. Likewise, the tempering of your emotional nature, seasoned by the growing depths of your judgement and wisdom, will lift your spirits as other faculties fade.

But if you become too attached to one or another gift or strength you possess, you will find your experience of value to swing wildly up and down, and that is really not “the way” to be or become what you really are. You are Spirit living by and through these wonderful forms or bodies that you have created for yourself. Your life (and lives) are made in these vehicles that are physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual. But they are all held together and bound to one another by the spark of the Divine which is your highest Spirit/Form, your Higher Self. You are in your essence this One Spirit; you are here to grow and move beyond any one world, form or life.

In your heart of hearts, in your highest vehicle of Spirit, you are a spark of the One Divine Light. Quite simply, wonderfully and forever and ever your true measure is beyond measure. In your Higher Self, and throughout all your forms too, there is the one true Light of Spirit shining through, so that filling and informing all of you is quite simply Divine Love.

Know this: the value of you is beyond question, you are quite simply unconditional Love.

You are precious. Yesterday, today and for all your tomorrows, you are a shining jewel.

From the beginning, as it will be in the end, you are a Divinity.

You began as an unself-conscious spark of the Divine.

You unfold yourself, become yourself, through innumerable worlds, forms and lives.

You will become a fully conscious co-creator of Creation someday.

Look within yourself, and “bow” to that divinity that is the core and true essence of you.

Now turn, to your brothers and sisters, and to all creatures, plants, mountains and stars…

Acknowledge the Blessings of Truth and Beauty, the Oneness of Creation.

Bow your head in most joyful acknowledgement, and say…

“Namaste” (“I bow to the Divine within you”).



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